Top 10 Link Building Tools & Software to ROCK UP Your SEO

In today’s competitive world, becoming digital and remaining on the top of the search results have become a necessity for companies. Whether for generating new leads, getting traffic, or even promoting your campaigns/products, search engine optimization has become a vital aspect for businesses to gain better visibility and results in terms of global exposure. But, have you ever wondered how you rank your website on the very first page of Google? No doubt, content, and visuals are the key, but there’s more to it!

Yes, we are talking about link building. Link building is a trendy and critical term in SEO, which deals with getting your site’s links from other third-party websites. Link building not just helps you get the quality traffic on your site but even improves the overall DA (Domain Authority) and ranks of your site on the search platform. However, all these perks could only be gained from the quality and relevant link-building practices. 

And analyzing hundreds and thousands of websites online and then performing link-building activities is a tedious task, especially for the firms that are starting new! That’s where link-building tools and software come to play! So, if you are looking to generate links for your company and not sure where to start, you are at the right place. 

In today’s blog, we will be covering the top ten most successful link-building tools and software that will elevate your ranking on the search platforms!

10 Best Link Building Tools and Software


The most popular and effective link-building tool for companies today is Buzzstream. This SEO link-building tool fastens up your research process by enabling you to gather key contact details for the outreach process automatically. With Buzzstream, you can add contacts, add metrics, and can even send outreach emails to your prospects easily with one click. Sending personalized and relationship-based outreach emails to your prospects not just improves the customer experience but even increases the chances of conversions.

Besides all that, Buzzstream also offers an excellent management module for link-building activities. Meaning, you can manage and monitor all your SEO link-building campaigns from start to end with this phenomenal tool. Right from sending personalized emails to getting alerts on follow-ups and responses, everything could be automated and managed with Buzzstream. Its pricing plan starts from $24/month and is used by companies of all sizes.    

Majestic SEO

Another excellent and reliable SEO link-building tool is Majestic SEO. As its name suggests, this tool is really majestic in helping companies in SEO link-building activities. Majestic SEO tool claims itself as “The planet’s largest Link Index database” and offers many metrics for link building. 

For instance, when you type any URL in the search box, then the tool will provide you a detailed backlink profile of that site within seconds. Everything could be accessed on the same screen from external links and referring domains to backlink history and anchor text. Thus, the tool will give you an idea of what strategy to be adopted, and where to send mails for getting quality links for your site. 


Ahrefs is one of the largest and most popular tools used by companies for getting SEO backlinks. With a comprehensive set of valuable tools offered by Ahrefs like site explorer, positions explorer, content explorer, position tracker, crawl report, and more, you would get all the details needed for accurately analyzing any site and its backlink strategy.  

As soon as you add any site address to the search bar, it gives you a detailed view of the backlink profile for that site. You can get to know all the third-party websites linked to it, the anchor text used, and the backlink strength. Apart from that, if any of the world’s websites mentions your brand anywhere in their work, you can get notified through Ahrefs. All in all, monitoring your competitors and building SEO backlinks for your site is just a piece of cake with Ahrefs! 

Senuke XCR

If you are someone who is looking for quick and successful link-building results just after launching a few ad campaigns, then Senuke XCR is a perfect tool for you! With its incredible link-building capabilities, this tool offers more than a backlink profile. For instance, you can simulate that thousands of people actively search your dedicated keywords on Google, which further brings you to the top of search results. You can also manage your blogs from the same platform and even set up complex SEO ad campaigns without any prior knowledge. 

Right from citations to promotion strategy, everything can be achieved with this powerful link-building software. Besides all that, Senuke XCR also offers a macro recorder that automates getting links from any website without any human interference. 

Screaming Frog

When it comes to site audit, Screaming Frog is the perfect software for that. This platform scans the website for its backlink profile and scraps all the vital information needed to examine the complete website and its health care. Right from fixing 404 errors to redirecting the links correctly and even generating sitemaps, everything can be achieved with this phenomenal SEO link-building software. 

Apart from all that, you can even check the meta tags and descriptions of your pages with Screaming Frog software. This tool is specifically used by people to find the broken links of any site and then reach them with that information for link building for their site. 

Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools is one perfect link-building software that does not require any prior knowledge of advanced tools and computer operations. You write an article, submit it to the software, and you are done. Link Research Tools will then submit your content to multiple other websites of the same niche and get backlinks with no hassle. You don’t even need to look for the website’s niche before submitting your article; the tool will handle all those tasks for you.

Apart from all that, this tool also enhances your SEO link-building activities by enabling you to add multiple websites on the platform. You can search and add multiple sites of different niches for your content submission and even modify the scripts for each website to make your SEO link-building task successful and diversified. 

Moz Link Explorer

Moz, a prevalent and interactive tool, is the first choice of businesses for SEO link-building activities. The tool is somewhat similar to Majestic SEO, which provides a detailed view of the backlink profile when the user enters any website URL. Moz Link Explorer offers many interactive and reliable tools to the users like page link metrics, domain authority, and much more. 

You can check all the broken links and view the third-party sites that linked the content with your name or competitor’s name. Besides that, you can also discover the strategy that your competitors use for their link-building activities and eliminate the damaging or irrelevant links that may lower your domain authority. Moz Link Explorer is free to use for users and has been applauded many times by its target audience.   


Another unique and most promising SEO link-building tool that has been very popular in these digital times is Pitchbox. With its unique and result-oriented capabilities of finding and connecting you to the relevant bloggers and influencers, Pitchbox has been in-trend amongst businesses of all sizes and niches.

This SEO link-building platform increases your chances of getting better and quality links for your site by connecting you with the right type of audience and influencers. That means you can promote your services/products to the right audience at the right time and with the right strategies. Plus, you can even customize the outreach emails for each influencer as per your need and better results. Pitchbox tracks each of your mails and sends you alerts for follow-ups or replies in real-time. 


SEMRush is yet another top-rated SEO link-building tool amongst large enterprises and medium businesses. Whether the issue is regarding the blog section or any other page, or even your complete website, this tool never fails to address all your concerns effectively. User-friendliness and a detailed approach make SEMRush a favorable link-building tool for companies that want a simplified approach to link-building activities.

Technical audits, SEO analysis, keyword finder, social media management, and more; almost everything could be easily monitored and managed by this interactive SEO link-building tool. You can find details about all your backlink or links that your competitors have used to increase their domain authority. 


Finally, we have Linkody as our last popular and result-oriented SEO link-building tool. For any company that only wants to look at the links that they own or their competitors own, then Linkody is a perfect source for that. The tool pulls every big and small data linked to your website or your competitor’s website and gives you a clear picture of your links. 

You can discover the sites that your competitors have used for link building and approach them with targeted keywords. Besides that, all the links lost are also notified to you via this amazing SEO link-building tool. Hence, everything you want could be accessed from the same place easily.   

Final Takeaway!

Those were the top ten most promising SEO link-building tools for small and large enterprises. To conclude, we can say that ranking your blogs and reaching the masses is the foremost necessity for businesses these days. Also, hundreds of websites in the same domain have been working towards this link-building aspect. In such a competitive scenario, SEO link building is one of the vital activities that could help you in the long run for achieving initial ranks on the search engine and making your brand popular amongst your target audiences. Hence, do try these fantastic link-building tools and let us know which one is your favorite!

Author – Pooja Choudhary is an experienced digital marketer at Matellio with love and passion for digital marketing. She enjoys implementing various writing styles and techniques. She is a graduate in Information Technology which gives her a broad spectrum of understanding various tech tools and platforms. 

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