8 Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

Every single financial blog says it over and over again: increasing your income is the best way to increase your wealth, and creating a second source of income (or several sources of income) is a great first step towards true financial freedom. There are literally thousands of ways you can make that side income, but there are just as many online scams making false promises. So how do you make a legitimate income on the side?

Well, here are best legitimate income earning ideas

1. Test Websites

As online marketing becomes more and more important to businesses in all industries, more business owners are having their websites beta tested in much the same way their products are. You can sign up to become one of these website testers at UserTesting.com. Each test usually takes around 20 minutes and you can earn $10-15 per test.

2. Sell your photography

Do you have a massive collection of old photographs collecting virtual dust on your hard drive? If they’re high resolution images of interesting places or things, you can upload them to a site like iStockPhoto. You will then receive a small royalty every time one of your images is purchased. You’ll have to upload hundreds of good pictures to make a good second income but the income you do make will be entirely passive.

3. Participate in free trials

It might sound insane but there are many companies willing to give you a small amount of cash for participating in a free trial if you go through a site like Swagbucks. These are usually for subscription services as the companies expect you to become a long term customer. Remember to carefully note what date each offer expires so you don’t end up paying for it instead.

4. Review music

Slicethepie is a site where you can earn money for reviewing songs and albums by unsigned bands. You build reputation as you post more reviews. A better reputation means a higher pay rate for every review. You’ll never make a serious income from Slicethepie but you can fairly easily make a night out here and there—and have fun doing it.
If you are a singer and does have interest to make money online with your singing skills, check this tutorial about how singers can make money online.

5. Sell your old books

You’ll make the most money off of this if you have old textbooks you can sell, but you can make a profit selling pretty much any book on Amazon or Ebay. You can also write an ebook and make money online selling it.

6. Do paid surveys

Companies are always looking for more information to help them market their products properly and decide what to create next. There are quite a few different websites where you can earn some extra money (as much as $80 per month) from doing paid surveys such as Opinion Outpost and Ipsos i-Say. How much you can make depends on your demographic and which site you sign up for. You can make a solid $300-500 per month by signing up for several different survey sites.

7. Network Marketing

Network marketing, otherwise known as MLM or Multi-Level Marketing, has proven itself to be a viable way to earn extra money from home. In short, you partner with an existing company that offers products or services that you are able to sell and make a commission on. You can also make money by introducing others into the business opportunity and when they sell the products or services, you also stand to make a commission on their sales volume. If this is of interest, a website such as NetworkMarketingWatch.com is a great place to search for suitable opportunities.

8. Become a virtual assistant

More and more companies are run entirely online. This means they need virtual assistants—people who can take phone calls, answer emails and do other administrative work remotely. You can find virtual assistant jobs on regular job boards or on sites for freelancers like Elance.
There are literally dozens of different ways to make money online. With a little bit of creativity, you can have a decent second income—or several new income sources—in no time at all.

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