15 of the Best International Travel Bloggers

Travel is best when inspired. When planning vacations, it’s useful to have advice from experienced travelers so you can create the ultimate travel plan for your travel destination. Vacation planning is particularly challenging when you’re traveling to a whole different continent or unfamiliar territory. Travel apps help by curating vacation stays that offer experiences on their premises, so it’s easier for you to plan your travel. In addition to using such travel apps, you could follow travel bloggers to solicit their ideas on where to stay and what to experience during your stay at any place.

Here are 17 intercontinental travel bloggers that you could follow for vacation planning tips and ideas.

1. Brooke Saward – World of Wanderlust

From the best hiking trails in Vancouver to desolate, dainty cottages in Joshua Tree, Brooke Saward has explored them all and has compelling stories to tell her readers. A 26-year-old avid traveler, Brooke particularly enjoys off the grid experiences that allow her to reconnect with nature. If you’re similar in terms of preferred experiences, you can follow Brooke for information about less-known wonders like Bubble hotels, icefields and small winding trails on Patagonian mountains.

Brooke can be best described as an adventurer who has experienced everything from snowboarding to safaris and can tell you where best to indulge in them.

2. Caz and Craig Makepeace – Y Travel Blog

Australian couple Caz and Craig Makepeace refer to the world as their home. If you’re a family with kids and need travel ideas such as what to do within cities like Boston or how to make the best of your time at Universal Studios, you can find them on Caz and Craig’s Y Travel blog. This blog covers everything travel, from must-visit destinations to must-have experiences and reviews of travel gear and accessories.

Caz and Craig typically travel by road so you can find information about travel routes and tips on how to make the most of your road-trips.

3. Sarah Shrapnel – Love Swah

Sarah Shrapnel is passionate about travel, food, and design, all of which she talks about on her blog, Love Swah. From what to do with 48 hours in Prague to where to find the most delicious desserts in Barcelona, Sarah Shrapnel dols out travel advice on activities to try and cuisines to taste in different travel destinations. If you’re a foodie who travels often, then you can discover the best places to eat by reading Sarah’s blog.

Sarah not only reviews food but also villas and resorts that she stays at when traveling. Some of the travel destinations that she has covered are Australia, Bali, Barcelona, and Prague.

4. Anita Hendrieka – Anita Hendrieka blog 

If you’re a fan of offbeat places hidden from plain view, follow Anita Hendrieka for inspiration. Having traveled to and lived in Canada, Albania, Macau, and more, she shares information about less-known places that you can visit for unique experiences. In addition to the best places to visit in each travel destination, Anita also covers topics such as the cost of being a tourist in a city and cuisine and drinks to try in different parts of the world.

Anita’s blog is diverse; she not only focuses on stays, food, and activities but also on travel photography tips and unique sightings of wildlife.

5. Jenny Freedman – A Taste of Travel 

If walking tours and culinary walks catch your fancy, Jenny Freedman’s blog has interesting stories for you. Jenny covers itinerary and ideas that you can use in places such as Bristol, Lisbon, Prague, and Florence. She also covers cultures and traditions that people celebrate in different geographies such as Africa, Australia, and Europe. The specialty of her blog is how she focuses on local markets and industries such as Siracusa market in Ortigia.

If you want to travel like a local and experience travel destinations for everything they have to offer, follow Jenny Freedman’s writing for inspiration and ideas.

6. Sharon – Where’s Sharon 

Focused on traveling with kids, Sharon’s blog Where’s Sharon is a storehouse of travel tips, accommodation and product reviews, and discussions. If you have a family, you’re probably worried about issues like traveling when pregnant or flying with kids. On Where’s Sharon, you can find information to address these issues while also obtaining tips on how to choose accommodation and travel gear such as duffel bags, carry on luggage, baby strollers and fanny packs.

If you’re looking for advice on which monuments to visit or which activities to experience on any continent, you can find it on Where’s Sharon.

7. Mark Wyld – Wyld Family Travel

Mark Wyld and his family of travelers hail from East Gippsland Victoria, Australia. Having dedicatedly traveled for close to two decades, Mark has document affordable travel destinations, accommodation, and activities for families like his own. What’s most impressive about Mark Wyld’s blog, however, is the large number of travel destinations for which he has stories, travel tips, and must-have experiences. In his candid and forthcoming tone, you can discover places in the manner in which he and his family have.

If family travel is on your travel plan, you can follow Mark Wyld for travel planning tips.

8. Matt Kyhnn – Backpacking Matt

Founder of Planit NZ, New Zealand’s largest travel planning website, Matt Kyhnn is a passionate backpacker and travel bug himself. On his blog, BackPackerMatt, Matt writes about his adventures in Queenstown, South Island, and Oamaru. Apart from dealing travel advice, Matt also educates readers about unique experiences such as an overnight at Lake Marian and hiking and flying at Mount Mcintosh.

If you’re looking for experiences to have at Australia, New Zealand or countries around them, you can follow Matt Kyhnn’s blog for travel advice.

9. Jayney – Girl Tweets World

On GirlTweetsWorld, Jayney describes her travels through Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. However, Jayney’s writing is focused not only on vacation traveling, but also staying at a location or moving from one to another. For instance, one of her latest posts compares the experience of living in Melbourne to living in Sydney. Alongside sharing travel guides, Jayney also shared her wisdom on how to travel on a budget and how you can travel while experiencing pregnancy and motherhood.

If you’re a female traveler, a traveler with a family or a solo traveler, you can find relevant travel advice and ideas on Jayney’s GirlTweetsWorld.

10. Steph – Big World Small Pockets 

A passionate backpacker, Steph is rarely home and mostly on the move. To support her nomadic lifestyle, Steph travels light and on a budget, sharing her travel practices with readers. On Big World Small Pockets, you can find backpacking itineraries, resources to find the right accommodation, travel gear, guidebooks, transport, and insurance. In addition to all of this, Steph also shares hacks such as how you can save your travel memories, how to sleep well when traveling and how to find the best travel packages.

Having traveled extensively, Steph covers many travel destinations within Asia, Australia, and Europe.

11. Vicki Louise – Make Time to See the World

Once a lawyer, Vicki Louise abandoned her corporate career to pursue her passion for traveling. An adventure-loving soul, Vicki has experienced Bungee jumping, kayaking, parapenting, helicopter rides, and scuba diving. Describing her experience with these activities, Vicki shares insights into how you can make the best of these activities irrespective of where you choose to enjoy them. Having extensively traveled across all continents, Vicki has information on must-see landmarks, best times to visit and healthcare to consider when traveling around the world.

If you are looking for short but comprehensive information on traveling to Asia, Africa, the Middle East or Americas, you can find it on Vicki’s travel blog.

12. Samantha – Travelling King

A full-time finance consultant, Samantha has always had the heart for travel. Having traveled since she was a kid, Samantha has traveled all around the world. With the aim to provide detailed accounts of her travel, Sam has built the website TavellingKing with spots dedicated to different vacation destinations. If you have questions about where to stay, what to do or what to eat while traveling, you can find your answers on Samantha’s blog.

Born in Zimbabwe and having moved to Australia, Samantha has lived in diverse locations and offers a diverse insight into traveling experiences.

13. Aleney de Winter – Boy Eats World

If you’re a responsible traveler who’s passionate about conservation and ecotourism, follow Aleney’s blog for inspiration. From interviews with important people in the animal conservation world like Ben Pearson to ethical attractions in travel destinations such as Sri Lanka, Aleney’s blog Boy Eats world covers a wide range of interesting stories. Additionally, Aleney also covers travel experiences in the charming voices of her children.

If you have kids, you’ll appreciate Aleney’s posts on experiences you could have in destinations such as Houston and Great Britain when traveling with kids.

14. Jon Algie – Jon is Travelling

Specializing in long-term travel, hiking, history and satire travel, Jon Algie writes about everything from road trips in New Zealand to day trips in Bali. Under history, Jon covers the ancient temples and ruins in Peru, Ayutthaya in Thailand and Khajuraho in India. Having traveled extensively in Asia and the Americas, Jon describes the experience of hiking through exotic destinations such as Yubeng, Poonhill, and Mount Batur.

Interestingly, Jon also teaches English while traveling, and has shared his experience of teaching in Taiwan and Singapore.

15. Petra and Shaun – The Global Couple

Petra and Shaun are travel bloggers who have traveled through Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. They’re also passionate photographers who give great advice on where to take the best Instagram photos and what travel photography gear is best to use. They also cater to traveling foodies by suggesting food tours and cuisines experience when traveling to destinations such as Singapore, Vietnam, and Ireland.

If you’re a photography and foodie who’s traveling through Asia, Petra and Shaun have great advice to offer. Plus, you’ll also find some great suggestions for travel gear on their blog.

16. Leah – The Kid Bucketlist

A travel blog with a twist, Leah’s The Bucket List is her bucket list in the process. With items like “hold a crocodile”, “find a fossil” and “climb a lighthouse”, Leah’s bucket list is exciting and worth following for fun stuff to put on your own. Each time Leah fulfills one of her travel goals, her experiences are put down in writing so her readers can experience it with her and plan to do the same for themselves. Finally, Lead is a kid, and that makes the blog particularly charming to read.

Additionally, the blog has categories based on destinations such as New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, and South Australia.

17. Drew and Toni – 2 Aussie Travelers

Drew and Toni are two Australian travelers who have traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands. Covering travel tips and must-have food, their blog, 2AussieTravellers has advice on how you can make the most of your travel to these places, with advice on the best seasons to visit and popular attractions to visit in these places such as Devonport, Ambury Park, Muriwai beach and Auckland zoo in New Zealand.

Drew and Toni also have hotel reviews on their blog, giving readers a list of potential places to stay at when they’re traveling.


Instead of traveling blind, it makes sense to follow travel bloggers who have experienced traveling to the places that you wish to visit. Using their advice and itinerary, you can plan the perfect vacations for yourself.

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