100+ Creative Instagram Post Ideas to Engage Your Followers

Before we discuss the creative Instagram post ideas, we discuss some aspects related to the post. So, before posting on Instagram we should know about the post that we want to share on Instagram for our audience to engage them. If the post you want to share is informative and the audience wanted then the post is valuable for engaging them and also valuable to increase the Instagram followers.

What to post?

Whether you’re new to the network or have been using it for a while, coming up with Instagram post ideas can be difficult.

However, building a following doesn’t have to be tough; all you need to know is where to begin and what to post on Instagram to captivate your followers.

What constitutes a good Instagram post, then? 

What are the characteristics of the most popular Instagram photos?

How do you post on Instagram in a unique way?

On Instagram, being creative involves creating your own material. You should invest in the correct tools to create amazing content.

The following are essential for any small business or aspiring influencer:

• High-quality camera: I am using a Sony a6500 mirrorless camera

• Photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom 

• Certain photographic accessories for product shooting and lay shots

• Tripod – I have a Joby GorillaPod and a very simple

• step stool – I use one like this to shoot flat lays most of the time I could have easily shot this photograph with a tripod and camera remote, but because my mother was present, I asked her to point and 

Should you post on Instagram every day? Absolutely!

I posted once to three times a day when I first established my Instagram account to go from 0 to 1,000 followers in 28 days.

There was, however, some strategy involved, which included:

• commenting on Instagram friends’ photographs (set on notifications for friends who reply!)

• using trending and relevant hashtags

• uploading at the opportune times

• write captions to engage followers• developing a memorable Instagram feed aesthetic

Alternatively, if you want to grow an organic Instagram following, you should avoid a few time-consuming actions. These are some of them:

• Instagram engagement groups

• Following and unfollowing 

Instagram engagement groups can take up a lot of time and are against Instagram’s Community Guidelines (see Foster meaningful and genuine connections) – which means your account could be terminated if you use them.  

Following and unfollowing is inconvenient and will get you blocked by a lot of people — consider how angry you feel when you’re the one doing the reciprocating.

On Instagram, what should you avoid posting?

The answer varies depending on the influencer and small business, but as a general rule, avoid the following while seeking to expand your brand:

• Low-resolution photographs 

• Images that don’t match the look of your feed 

• Content that isn’t directly relevant to your company 

• Reposts – keep these for stories and always acknowledge the original creator

What do you put on your Instagram stories? 

What is the difference between Instagram Stories and Instagram Posts?

Instagram stories are a little more flexible because they’re not static postings; unless you want to put them on your profile, they’ll be archived after 24 hours, allowing you to see if they resonated with your followers.  

Remember that shorter is better as a rule of thumb, which also applies to IGTV. 

So how long Instagram Stories should and TV Videos last?

According to HubSpot, the most popular Instagram videos are 26 seconds long on average, so stick to short movies for your posts and two 15-second slides for your Instagram stories.  

Because Instagram TV is similar to YouTube in structure, HubSpot recommends aiming for the 2-minute mark.

So, grab a pen and paper, or simply pin this page for future reference. 

The large collection of Instagram post ideas below contains ideas for: 

• Personal use and lifestyle bloggers 

• Moms 

• Fashion 

• Fitness 

• Photographers 

• Realtors 

• Small businesses 

• Writers

Personal Instagram post ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

1. Mark your anniversary

2. Commemorate your birthday 

3. Display your workspace 

4. Seek help

5. Make a video post 

6. Work with a brand

7. Work with a pal 

8. Share your most recent blog post

9. Make a lesson; 

10. Share a holiday-themed post

11. Make a flat lay with printed photos

12. A brief description of your morning routine

13. Describe your nighttime routine

14. Share your most recent shopping spree; 

15. Show off an outfit

16. Promote a product you adore

Moms’ Instagram post ideas

1. A snapshot of two families twinning

2. Give some tips to working and stay-at-home moms

3. Upload a photo of you and your significant other in your favorite mom tee and speak about how you make things work

4. Put a spotlight on a place in your house

5. A significant achievement one of your children has made 

6. A difficult experience you’ve had as a mother

7. Tell us about one of your proudest parenting achievements.

8. Include a photo of you and your children.

9. Something you wish you had known before you became a mother

Fashion-related Instagram posts

1. Your outfit of the day

2. Show off a flat lay of seasonal things that are in style.

3. Create a circle using a top-down shot of your favorite shoes.

4. Take a picture of your closet and describe how you organize it.

5. Offer advice on how to look after your clothes and accessories.

6. Write a review of a hot new accessory or cosmetic

7. Share some of your go-to outfits.

8. Are you a follower of the capsule wardrobe trend? 9. a photo of a piece of clothes you’ve had for a long time that you adore

10. At home or at work, upload a photo of yourself in fashionable clothing.

Fitness Instagram post ideas

1. Create a tutorial for a workout plan.

2. Provide a photo of your favorite training spot 

3. Highlight a favorite supplement

4. A flat lay of the contents of your workout bag

5. Share your workout playlist – on your website, including a link to your Spotify playlist.

7. Mention one of your go-to meals 

6. Offer a list of workout ideas for when you’re very busy

8. Put out your workout clothing flat

9. Make a training graphic highlighting the advantages of a certain technique.

10. Share a photo of yourself doing your favorite workout — I adore my Peloton!

11. Show before and after pictures of yourself or your fitness clientele

12. Include a healthy snack or a meal suggestion 

Instagram post ideas for writers  

1. A-flat lie with a book you’ve authored open on your tablet (hard copy or eBook).

2. A stack of hard copy books you’ve authored or appeared in 

3. one-piece sample outlet 

4. Use your author headshot to introduce or reintroduce yourself

5. Include a photograph of your work environment.

6. A photograph of a workstation that inspires you outside of your house

7. A photo of your laptop and what you drink 

8. A graphic with a phrase from one of your most well-known or favorite works

9. Discuss how to get rid of writer’s block.

10. Using your technology in the field brings out your favorites 

11. A story of your beginnings as a writer/in the business world 

Photographers’ Instagram post ideas

1. A photo from your most recent shoot

2. One of the best photographs you’ve ever taken

3. A photograph was taken during a spectacular photoshoot

4. A photograph from a magazine or other media

5. Include a photo of the press release — for example, a flat lay of a magazine open to that page.

6. Try out a different style of photography and get some feedback.

7. A before and after a shot or a photo you altered

8. A photo of your equipment

9. Try shooting from a different perspective.

10. Photographer selfie – a photo of you shooting a photo in front of a mirror with your setup

Instagram Posts Ideas for Realtors

1. A new listing; 

2. A suggestion on how to make a home more appealing to potential buyers

3. Suggestions for presenting a home for sale 

4. Suggestions for selling a home that has been renovated

5. Make a list of qualities to search for in a house.

6. Make a list of current trends.

7. Share some ideas for building a lovely outdoor space;

8. Share a tip for organizing the kitchen;  

9. Share some energy-saving tips. 

10. Collaborate with a local contractor or home improvement store.

Instagram post ideas for small business

Here are some business-related Instagram post ideas.

1. Introduce a new product

2. Host a giveaway

3. Provide a discount

4. Promote a referral program

5. Put on a sale

6. Team up with an influencer

7. A photograph of your storage facility

8. Post a photo of your workplace.

9. Introduce the proprietors of the company

10. Showcase a coworker

Instagram post ideas for the holidays

In the United States and Canada, popular special occasions and holidays include:

1. Christmas, 

2. New Year’s Day,  

3. Valentine’s Day

4. Family Day

5. Easter

6. Cinco de Mayo

7. Canada Day!

8. Memorial Day

9. July 4th

10. Labor Day

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