Top 10 Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools to Increase Your Reach

Are you a blogger or an influencer and tired of trying to get a better reach on your Instagram posts? It’s hard to get engagement on your posts when there are tons of posts getting uploaded every minute, but you can transform your reach with the help of Hashtag Generator Tools.

Getting more likes, shares and views on your Instagram post is easier when you use popular hashtags. Post which has relevant and popular hashtags has more chances of floating in the feed and getting more interaction from the users.

Here we have provided you with 10 free Instagram hashtag generator tools to increase your reach.

10 Best Instagram Generator Tools on the Internet

There are a lot of websites which provide hashtags but not all of them perform up to the expectations. Here we have selected the 10 best Instagram Generator tools and websites available on the internet.

1. MetaHashtags

MetaHashtags is a free web tool that gives the users hundreds of relevant hashtags based on their niche and industry.

  • It gives a lot of hashtags and lets you pick your favourite ones.
  • It also lets you get an insight of what hashtags your rival account is using.
  • After getting your desired hashtags, all you need to do is copy them and paste it in your post caption.

2. Inflact

Inflact is a hashtags generator that was built by ingramer which is an AI powered Instagram bot. It provides hashtags with their analysis when post URL, photo or some keywords are given as input.

  • Inflact provides hashtags browsing in many languages.
  • A single click on the hashtag gives an analysis of its performance.
  • Along with hashtags, inflact also provides other tools for growing your Instagram account quickly.

3. Kicksta

Kicksta generates the most relevant and top performing hashtags based on the inputs given to it. It’s a powerful growth tool and claims to get you real Instagram followers.

  • It filters out which tags have been banned by Instagram helping you in preserving your brand value.
  • While sharing personal information they give their users local proxies to enhance their online security.
  • It doesn’t monitor or track the searches made by the user.

4. All Hashtag

All hashtag is a website that provides top, random and live hashtags based on the keyword provided. It gives chart analysis of the hashtags as well so that you can choose the one you feel most confident with.

  • It provides random tags which increases the post reach due to its versatility.
  • Quick and smooth interface lets you switch from random to top or live hashtags easily and swiftly.
  • It allows you to copy all the suggestions in one click saving you time for better productivity.

5. Ask Lisa

Ask Lisa has an AI photo recognizer that helps in generating the best possible tags for your post. It’s one of the best tools as it does most of the work itself.

  • It can pick the right photo as well as the best tags for it.
  • The tags enable you to reach a larger audience.
  • The hashtags provided by Ask Lisa promise continuous growth

6. Preview App

Preview is a great tool to use if you are confused about how, what and with which tags to post. It has a lot of features and works as an all-rounder for all your growth needs.

  • It finds the most popular tags and also gives their progress report.
  • It also helps in editing the images.
  • It monitors the growth of your account which can help in making changes.

7. Command

The command doesn’t only provide hashtags to boost your account engagement, it does everything you need to do to grow your Instagram account.

  • It provides relevant and beautiful captions to catch the attention of the audience.
  • It recommends hashtags that guarantee more reach and interaction.
  • It has many other features like demographics, profile analytics, scheduling and many more.

8. Bigbangram

Bigbangram is an Instagram growth tool that is very popular among bloggers and influencers. It generates hashtags in very specific ways that help in reaching the target audience.

  • The hashtags can be generated using pictures, URL or you can search them manually as well.
  • It allows the generation of hashtags in many languages.
  • It helps to reach the audience of a specific location as well.

9. Hashme

Hashme helps in generating tags which are safe, unique and stimulating. The app finds popular tags for users to use in their post and get much better reach than ordinary posts.

  • It is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Hashtags generated by Hashme are said to make the content pop in the feed of the people who haven’t seen your posts before.
  • It generates less popular but unique hashtags, which helps post to trend but also makes sure that it doesn’t get lost in the tons of posts.

10. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool looks like an app that can only be used for SEO optimization but it is versatile and can help the users to boost their Instagram growth.

  • It is a user-friendly tool with a smooth interface and finds top tags to use for improving the reach.
  • You can choose the social site on which you are going to post and can find relevant tags.
  • Keyword tool also allows hashtags search in multiple languages.


These are the 10 best tools for searching hashtags for any Instagram account. These apps help in the growth of the account gradually. The apps and web tools mentioned are totally or partially free to use and can help you in getting more followers and engagement on your posts. For better performance and analysis, you can use their paid versions as well.  


1. What are the top 3 Instagram hashtags generators on the internet?

The top 3 Instagram hashtags generator on the internet are:

  • MetaHashtags
  • Inflact 
  • Kicksta
  • Hashme and Keyword tool

2. What does an Instagram hashtags generator do?

An Instagram hashtags generator finds the best possible hashtags to use for your posts which brings more engagement and followers for your profile.

3. Is there an Instagram hashtags generator that does analysis as well?

There are a lot of Instagram hashtags generators which do analysis along with recommending captions and hashtags for the post.

4. Are most Instagram hashtags generators free?

There are web tools and apps which are free and some are paid as well. Users can either take the free trial or use the unpaid versions. The generators mentioned in this article are free to use.

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