10 Best E-Commerce Sites (Online Shopping) in India

Online shopping sites entirely changed the way we shop but in India it is quite creepy. As of now, number of people are increasing in large amount which have started buying groceries to clothes online. Public in India was quite wary about theft and fraud but not any more. To increase online trade in India, amazing delivery service has been started which is known as COD (Cash on Delivery) where person can pay for specific product when it is delivered at home.
Here are the 10 Best & Trusted Online Shopping Websites in India and all over, These are best online shopping sites that are so much good that you may love them in India or anywhere else.
If you are an online shopping lover then this is for you, here are the best and to 10 online shopping sites in India.
Online shopping is slowly creeping into India. From now on, a large number of people who prefer to buy everything from food to clothes online for buying you can easily do that. Not long ago, the Indian public was wary of online shopping due to theft, etc.
However, that has changed now. Last year during Diwali, online portals make more profit compared to retail stores. Therefore, India has come a long way from being a country of online shoppers cautious to a country of millions of online shoppers happy.
There are large numbers of online shopping portals in India but it is confusing in selecting best one. Today in this article you will come to know about top online shopping sites In India.

List of Top Online Shopping Sites In India

1. Flipkart

This is the best choice for Indians. The whole country is completely dependent on Flipkart for almost all  shopping needs.
Flipkart sells everything from coupons to electronics to home appliances, gift. In fact, statistics say that there are more points in Flipkart than in a mall.
Therefore, Indians are very dependent on Flipkart for all the shopping needs. I have trusted this as I have ordered the items they are of high quality and delivered very fast. This tops the list of Top 10 online shopping sites.

2. Amazon

A large number of people from India are served by Amazon services. Amazon and Flipkart are always at war with each other and are always have close heels.
Amazon has an equally large number of products such as Flipkart. In fact, apparently, Amazon sells more than Flipkart.
Since Amazon is an American company, which lacks the desi flavor that is preferred by an Indian. It would be advisable to launch his Indian domain.
Then it would be an instant hit among the masses. I have also ordered from this domain too and the results are as good as like Flipkart. But the quality is very good. This is second in Top 10 online shopping sites.

3. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is a completely Indian website and often is preferred by the Indian masses for their cheap rates. It sells products at very low prices and, therefore, is the favorite of the masses.
It is a good idea to buy Snapdeal if you’re looking for quite cheap prices.
However, there have been times when consumers have complained about Snapdeal products and therefore some of them stay away from Snapdeal.
I have ordered from this website too and I got good results. The delivery rate is less than the Flipkart and amazon.This is third in Top 10 online shopping sites.

4. Jabong

Jabong is again an American brand, but seems to be doing very well in India. It has a lot of clothes and accessories for sale and it is a paradise for lovers of buying clothes.
It has all kinds of products of western wear DESI Kurtis and it would fun to sit at home and a clothing store in Jabong. Jabong is excessively women preferred by buyers.
I have also ordered and I can bet on his delivery time.

6. Myntra

An equally large number of women for Myntra on Jabong. Myntra also has a large number of accessories and clothing on their online portal.
It has a large number of categories and you can buy a category of your options. West to ethnic to traditional, all kinds of clothes are sold in Myntra. I have ordered oce from this site and this is quite good in their quality.

6. Localbanya.com

This is a website designed to grocery shopping and is a boon for working women. It is also a blessing for the woman who is busy all the time.
All food items are available here and can be purchased according to your needs. Organic of inorganic elements, everything is available here.
Therefore, localbanya.com is indeed one of the main food shopping sites in India.

7. HomeShoppe18

This is a very popular website also among online shoppers.
Those who do not mind waiting a little longer for delivery in the reward of a lower price, order from here. Often, the cheapest of the issues and the most remote of the items are easily found in homeshop18.com.
Therefore, this site also has an equally large number of buyers who are loyal. However, homeshop18 can not be trusted when you are in an emergency situation.
You prefer to buy from one of the websites where they give urgent deliveries. This is seventh Top 10 online shopping sites.

8. Infibeam

Infibeam.com is a place where you can find things that are not found anywhere else.
The rarest of things, the rarest of books and the rarest of electronics and many other similar items are easily found in infibeam.com. Infibeam.com has a long way to go before it gets higher in the ranks, but definitely is not doing badly so far.

9. Shopclues

ShopClues is famous for its best shopping with great discounts.
ShopClues is one of the best online stores offering a wide variety of cameras, computer accessories, mobile, gift, jewelry, cosmetics, toys, clothing, books and bag.
I have also ordered from this website to and you do not believe it is so cheap than as I expected especially on sundays.

10. Firstcry

the largest store in India Firstcry.com for children selling items 70000+ more than 400 top international brands and India.
Indeed, the options available to the consumer are quite limited and will be a while before the consumer is difficult to choose between a large number of online shopping portal.

Multi Products Websites

11. eBay

12. Pepperfry

13. Voonik

14. Lenskart

15. Yebhi

16. AJIO

17. Paytm

18. Naaptol

19. Limeroad

20. Fabindia

What are your favorite shopping sites in India, let us know in the comments below.
This is the list of top 10 online shopping sites in India and best shopping sites in India

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