Top 20 Most Popular Travel Bloggers: Best Travel Blogs in India

Full time jobs used to have a time bracket that started and ended the same day. But not anymore! As travel bloggers everywhere are defying the norm.

 If there’s passion and you love what you do, you can make an exceptional living with it. Living as per your terms and doing what you love is just the mantra of travelling. Taking chances and never giving up. That’s how you make it big.

In this article we would like to give a shoutout to 20 such amazing bloggers who have touched many people across the globe with their travel experiences. We get to see all of it through their blogs, and that reminds us that a full time job can also be limitless. 

But starting as a travel blogger can be expensive. Especially when you plan on visiting different countries, the spending can be very hard on your wallets. But let that not stop you from doing your thing. You can save on your travel bookings in many ways. Look online for coupons on flights and bang, that’s where you make your first saving. You can save even more by carrying only the essentials. That way you won’t end up shopping for travelling. Look for budget hotels on your way, and use public transport as much as you can. 

Blogging is a source of information and education for the viewers as much as it is for the blogger. Everyone has a travel blogger inside of us who wants to get out there. But it may not be that easy, just like everything else in life. We could definitely use some inspiration though. And this list of travel bloggers is everything you need to feel that rush inside you for hitting the road. 

1. Archana Singh

Archana owns her own travel blog named TravelSeeWrite. She has visited over 60 countries and we can also get a glimpse of it from behind the lenses in her Instagram profile. Along with being a travel ninja, Archana has a professional expertise in Brand management. On her website she shares her views on topics that she cares about and shows us that traveling is not just visiting places, but a way of living.  Follow her on: Travelseewrite

2. Shivya Nath

Such a list is incomplete without Shivya – a verified Instagram rockstar and owner of A shooting star. Shivya is also a bestseller author and an animal rights enthusiast. Started with a backpack at the age of 25, she has covered 50 countries and is still counting. Shivya likes to travel solo and emphasises on the importance of slow-travelling as she believed that it helps enjoy every minute that the local environment has to offer. Shivya has been doing this for 7 years, and now her posts easily attract thousands of likes. With more than 90K followers and an active feed, Shivya Nath is definitely someone you must follow.

In a world where we all chase our dreams, it can certainly be said that Shivya is living hers as a free soul. 

3. Nivedith

Nivedith is a blogger with a YouTube account, Macro Traveller, and an Instagram Live series called Travel with Macro Traveller. Nivedith  has been blogging since 2008 and has given us a glimpse of everything from the interiors of the ancient pyramids to marvellous scenic beauties around the world. He is a content creator and also a fitness freak. His journey to weight loss is captured in videos on his YouTube channel where he uploads video content in Tamil. 

4. Siddhartha Joshi

Curiosity takes you places. Just like our next favorite blogger, Siddhartha who says that his keen interest to study people led to his journey as a travel blogger. He is featured in TEDx, CNN, Shutterstock and platforms alike. With over 100K Instagram followers, Siddhartha has more content to share with his viewers in his blogger website Sid-The Wanderer where he writes about his travel experiences and learnings along the way.

5. Neelima Vallangi

When you want to achieve extraordinary things, the ordinary doesn’t charm you anymore. This is well proven by Neelima Vallangi who turned into a travel writer and photographer from a software engineer at a high paying profile. Her love for travelling was fueled with her first trip to the Himalayas with her family and from there, there was no going back for her. She became a full time traveller in 2015 and since then has been blessing us with stories around the world. Her solo travel journey is truly inspiring and is a must follow.

6. Revati and Charles

Revati and Charles are a couple from Mumbai who are showing it to the world that it is not only possible but better to travel when you have other full time jobs. The couple has visited more than 35 countries over the last 9 years and almost every travel destination in India that you can think of. Follow them for a glance in their lives.

7. Savi and Vid

Travelling the world with your loved one is probably something that all of us dream about. Here’s another couple travelling the world together. Savi and Vid, high school sweethearts, made this come true for them when they started to explore the world after getting married in 2008. They have travelled 8 countries so far and charmed over 400K Instagram followers with their stories. This writer-photographer duo has spoken at TEDx several times on how to make the life that you dream of by working hard for it.

8. Yash Rane

If you want to see someone taking over the world with a Go Pro, Yash Rane is your guy. Yash posts amazing stills changing the world the way it looks over Instagram where he has about 120K followers. Follow his Photographer cum traveler journey for your daily dose of travel content.

9. Radhika Nomllers

Radhika has built a world of beautiful views, huge farms and stunning waterfalls for herself. And we get to see all of it in her Instagram profile. Stepping out of the house a few years back, there was only rolling forwards for Radhika. As her personal goals she has quit her job now and is a certified skier and she plans to learn a bunch of cool new stuff while she’s out there.

10. Kamakshi Pal

Kamakshi Pal is a solo traveller who you’d find trekking on mountains all the time. She believes that the love in the world can be increased if people accept travel as a part of the religion. If you follow her on Instagram, which you should if you don’t, you will be enthralled with photos of mountainous ranges, and her inspirational writing.

11. Srishti Tehri

Srishti Tehri is the co founder of petpippers, an indoor service for grooming and training of pets. Srishti is also an enthusiastic traveller who believes in giving back and that every little step we take towards improvement can make a difference. 

12. Indrani Ghose

Indrani is  Bengaluru based graduate who after taking many occasional trips with friends, family and alone, finally realised what he was meant to do. Indrani prefers to travel solo to lesser known places. She says that when you are at a place, live like a local. Use the local transport, eat the local food and so on. What better way to learn about a place!

13. Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi has a website that talks about her love for travel, blogging and food. Lakshmi likes to travel when there is no much hustle, preferably during the weekdays and off seasons. She is also a freelance writer and content creator. Follow Lakshmi on Instagram and Facebook, you will surely appreciate the travel tips that you’ll receive. 

14. Ami Bhat

Ami Bhat has visited 16 countries as she remembers it and likes to keep her travel plans flexible. Traveling for her should be a means of enjoyment and  beautiful memories. Ami Bhat also known as the ‘Restless ball of energy’ finds that every destination displaces the other ones. She treasures her experiences on her website Apart from being a travel blogger, Ami is also a marketing consultant, photographer and a sports player. Follow her on Instagram, to keep up with her works of places, people and pictures. 

15. Ashutosh Bhatt

Ashutosh Bhatt is a traveler of the Himalayas. He is an IT Project manager by profession but also an avid traveller. If you are looking for tips on safe and responsible traveling to the Himalayas, Ashutosh could be your guy. Visit his website to learn about Ladakh travel tips and survival guide where he mentions transportation, budget, accommodation, sightseeing, food and more. 

Ashutosh has about 20K Instagram followers and his account dedicated to Himalayan traveling. If you have ever thought of planning a road trip to Ladakh or just exploring the snow clad Himalayan ranges, Ashutosh’s experience can help you answer many questions and prep for one of the coolest trips ever.

16. Swati Jain

Swati Jain has been on the road solo since 2013, it literally says so in her Instagram bio. She describes herself as a nomad and is taken aback since forever by what the country has to offer she has travelled 140 cities across 20 Indian states. When asked about her touring internationally, she says that she can’t get enough of the beautiful country she lives in and hence will always give preference to travelling nationally before over the seas. She has learnt a lot from her traveling experience that clearly forms the content on her website. She also does many other things like Hath Yoga, and is a Mental Health Advocate. & Naturopathist. 

17. Shramona Poddar

Writer and admirer, Shramona Poddar takes pride in her 100k + followed Instagram account, one that gleams with the mesmerising aesthetic of india. She also co-runs Amrapali Boutique, models for the sarees, and also is behind the lens during jewelry shoots. She travels solo and anyone looking for travel inspiration, especially females across the country, must look into her profile.

18. Abhinav Chandel

Abhinav puts himself out there through immaculate scenic pictures and masterpieces of writing from his Instagram profile. He left his well paying corporate job to travel which got him in many publications online, and inside the feeds of many Instagrammers. Abhinav now has a decent 132K Instagram followers who get wooed over and over again by the beautiful clicks and inspirational pieces of writing. 

19. Mridula Dwivedi

Mridula Dwivedi is a PHD who travels in India and abroad. She started in 2005, got a couple of big mentions and continues till today. In her blog Travel Tales from India and Abroad she writes everything about her close experiences with the beauty of nature, wildlife, places and how much she loves being an outdoor person. With almost 10K followers on Instagram, she has greatness to offer and there was no way we could have missed her from this list. She is an inspiration to women travellers all around the country and abroad too. For people who think they can’t achieve their dreams, Mridula teaches us that the great time to start doing what you love doing is now. With her outdoorsy and curious personality she has travelled over 26 countries. She was sponsored for many of her trips by biggies like Makemytrip. Google Maps, Fly Dubai, Nokia and more. Mridula Dwivedi is the author of ‘100 Things To Know About India: Before You Travel’ which is available on Amazon. After knowing Mridula from her Instagram and her blogging website, all we have is 3 words for her – ‘Don;t stop travelling’.

20. Vandana Yadav

Vandana Yadav is an MBA graduate, now in Singapore. She realised her passion for travelling and exploring on a Goa trip during her college days. After picking many short trips to Indians destinations, she finally made it full time as she had imagined. Vandana has almost a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Her motto is to inspire others to take the chance and get out of their comfort zone to do what they want to with their lives. She proves that there are no boundaries if you really want something. She is an inspiration to all the young women of India.

These were our top 20 travel bloggers and we have had the greatest time bringing them for you. Have you had an amazing time reading about them too? 

Travelling is an experience we all need in our lives. We can escape for a day or two to see the beauty in the neighbourhood of the city or take a full 2 month vacay. We can start from little. Can do what we can achieve. Because it all starts from the smaller steps. 

Make plans that are realistic. Or don’t make plans at all. As the most fun and enjoyable travel experiences happen unplanned. It’s important to let that idea hop on our brains before we hop on that vehicle and get started to where we want to go. It is not that difficult as we think it is. We just need to start. Just explore and you can taste the beauty around us. Like some of the travel bloggers have said, this is a beautiful planet and we ought to see it. 

FAQs – Indian Travel Bloggers

1. How can I become a travel blogger in India?

To be a travel blogger in India, all you really need is the spark of adventure and the passion to discover new places across the world. Start by writing about where you live, and moving on to bigger prospects!

2. How much money do travel bloggers make in India, and how?

Indian travel bloggers make money depending on how much following they have on their platforms, while also earning from sponsored articles and paid partnerships.

3. How do I start a travel blog in India?

The first step to becoming a travel blogger in India is to start generating tourism-based content on hotspots in the country. Find your own style and build your following through the blogs you write!

4. Where are the best places to visit in India?

India is home to many sightseeing hubs, as any Indian travel blogger would tell you. Some of the most famous places to visit in India are the Taj Mahal, the Western Ghats and the various temples across the country.

5. When is the best time to visit India?

Ideally, as per the advice of the best travel blogs in India, the best time to visit India would be around October to November, just after the monsoon season when the weather is pleasant.

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