How To Increase More Blog Traffic Using Quora

Each blogger out there should use Q&A websites within their content marketing strategy. This is a nice way to develop authority in your niche industry and generate backlinks to boost your blog ranking. Today, besides ‘Yahoo Answers,’ another great traffic-driver you can use to promote your blog is ‘Quora.’ Quora is a website established in the year 2009 by two ex-Facebook employees.
It is a simple Q&A platform where any person can put up a question and get answers from authorities within the community. It helps to increase more blog traffic by carrying out Q&A content marketing. As per Alexa, Quora is positioned among the 150 top websites in the world. The writers on Quora get more than 30,000 views every month and more than 350,000 annual views on an average.
Quora is similar to ‘Yahoo Answers’ but with less spam, better-integrated interface and mechanisms for producing quality content. All that you require is to follow certain discovery tactics. Quality content, image insertion, top relevancy, SEO friendly approaches, etc., and several things help drive Quora traffic. As such, you will be able to receive direct traffic towards your blog if your answers provide people with valuable insights.

Advantages of Quora

Is A Source Of Long-Term Traffic

As mentioned above, Quora has already come with high and valuable traffic potential. But an additional benefit is that the answers uploaded on it can help get traffic months even after being produced. For instance, you will still receive vital traffic from a post that you wrote back in July 2018.
What’s the outcome? You will get more traffic to your along with a numerous new sign-ups for your email list. Remember that as a blogger, you would want to address the problems of your readers. As such, a Q&A type of format is the best way to help readers with their issues and bring traffic.

Helps Establish Yourself As An Authority:

It is natural to think that posting content regularly will help maintain your ranking, which is somewhat true. However, rankings tend to last longer than you think. For instance, you may have been ranked as the top writer for a topic even if you post content on it occasionally.  Moreover, the platform also offers topic badgers to its top writers.
The badges appear next to the name of the writer for each person to see. When you appear among the most viewed writer’s list and earn badges, you will discover that people will start asking you questions on the topic you have been featured for. As such, Quora helps you establish yourself as an authority when people start appreciating your expertise.

Helps You Get Noticed By Major Publications:

By writing continuously on Quora, you will get a good chance of getting featured on a huge website such as Forbes. This is because major publication house source content now directly from Quora and publish selected answers on their sites. Such a thing has happened to nearly all the topmost writers on Quora. One of the lucky writers is Nicolas Cole, who has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, TIME, Business Insider, etc.
Thus, it is these advantages that Quora makes an ideal platform to increase more traffic to your website.

How Can You Use Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

Now you may be wondering how you can tap all the above mentioned Quora goodness. Luckily, below mentioned are some simple ways you can follow to increase more blog traffic using Quora:

  1. Create An Optimized Quora Profile

You should create an optimized Quora profile by including all the social media, business data and your website. This will help your profile get a professional and eye-catching attention. Quora will show your profile as well as questions bio in the answers right next to your name. Having the perfect profile will let people know that you are there to address their questions about particular topic/niche.
It will also show reflect your professional aim, vision, and value over the Quora drive. However, do not ever write something which prevents you establish yourself as an authority. Some bloggers might skip this step, but it is very important to improve your credibility. The points that you have to take care of while making your Quora profile are:

  • Remember to add a relevant profile bio.
  • Write down short and apt profile description.
  • Mention relevant topics in the ‘Knows About’ segment.
  • Mention relevant topic in the ‘Feed’ section.

Hence, pick the words wisely as there is just a limited space to fill in the details. You just get 80 characters to portray yourself.

  1. Seek For Relevant Topics

Before you start writing answers, you should get the desired solutions which attract the most viewers within your specific topic. As such, you should start by searching for relevant topics. You can go through the most followed topics list on Quora and select a popular topic which is getting higher traffic as well as views. There are several other methods you can use to look for the topics and frame answers for them. So, let’s look at each of the methods:

  • Search On Quora:

You can conduct a ‘Quora Search Bar’ in order to get the correct question.

  • Ask To Answer (A2A):

Quora comprises of a feature called ‘Ask to Answer’ where a questioner can post queries. When a person asks a question, it will reflect in the A2A section, which is right below a question on the site. Initially, you will not be able to find any queries in this part. However, gradually as your Quora Reputation improves, several questions will pop up in the A2A section.

  • Check The “Questions For You’ Section:

A question which is recently posted, re-asked or followed is more likely to get several views. These questions feature in the ‘Questions For You’ section placed just below the ‘Answer’ tab of the Quora dashboard.

  • Questions Present In Your Feeds:

These are basically the questions which are meant just for you to read. If you have selected the correct topics for your feed, then you will see certain related questions in this segment.
Using these methods, pick the best topic which is keyword rich for your upcoming blog post. Write a great blog post choosing the best points and terms.

  1. Draft The Answers Carefully

There is no specific recipe which exists for writing an accurate Quora answer. However, there exist a few tactics which will considerably improve your chances of success:

  • Write meaningful and helpful answers.
  • Tell stories.
  • Frame long but precise answers.
  • Include bullet points.
  • Insert appropriate images.
  • Lastly, be completely honest to the readers.

It is also important to offer the readers with additional information to qualify as an outstanding writer.

  1. Insert Links To Your Blog

Quora goes through those personalities who answer the questions to promote their blog sites. As such, it is very vital that you set-up your links properly, without actually conducting a sales pitch. Always make it a point to draft apt answers within which you can add links to your blog. Besides this, you can also add a phrase in your answer to link viewers to your blog. For instance, you can include the phrase, “If you find my answer useful, you can check the detailed post on it here’ in your Quora answer.

  1. Analyze The Quora Statistics To Know Your Progress

Quora comes with an analytics feature that displays the monthly views, downvote, and upvote of your posts. You should always check the stats which show your achieved views, upvotes, etc. This will help you to estimate your Quora operations and improve your answers. These stats also help to know how you can use Quora best to boost your traffic potential. This feature also allows you to follow other popular profiles on Quora which can help you create a network of people.

  1. Appreciate The Other’s Best Answers With Comments

You should be unbiased and never wait to appreciate helpful answers by adding a comment. This sort of appreciation will help you form a healthy bond with your reader, who may end up rewarding you by upvoting your answer in return. This will help and contribute you in attaining more Quora traffic to your blog.

  1. Create A Quora Blog

Quora offers you the chance to create a separate blog on its platform such as This can prove to be valuable in your social media marketing strategy. As per Quora, its blog platform is great for bloggers who have readers, but still wish to approach more audience and for those writers who do not have any audience.
The fact today is that each blogger looks forward to gaining more traffic. However, just a few looks for it on Quora. That is just a bag full of opportunities, waiting for you to tap on it. The best part is that the skills you have derived as a blogger will help you make your Quora answers stand out from the crowd. So, create a Quora account, create a great profile and begin your hunt for the top-searched questions using which you will establish your Quora reputation.

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