How To Improve Alexa Site Ranking Quickly

Whenever I meet some new blogger online the first question he asks me is what is your site’s Alexa rank, I know there is not much importance to that rank when it comes to SEO ranking, but still people will judge a site by its Alexa rank.
So many advertisers and webmasters do consider your Alexa rank to estimate the traffic and popularity of your blog, my initial days of blogging I never concentrated on improving this rank because I don’t know the value of that, as days passed everyone started asking my rank in Alexa.
To gain the reputation and improve brand recognition among bloggers I started focusing on this, now my world rank is 90K( which changes regularly based on our website’s content creation, backlinks, and traffic) and I am planning to improve it below 5ok.
If we want to increase our Alexa rank then we have to take some steps to improve it, today I am going to share some of the best ways to improve Alexa site ranking.
Before jumping into our topic, first we should know

What Is Alexa Rank? is a website traffic data and analytics information provider company which is owned by Amazon, it ranks websites based on the traffic they are getting to their site with Alexa toolbar and Alexa widgets installed on the browsers and websites.
This means if your blog visitor does not have Alexa toolbar on his browser then that traffic will not be considered to improve the rank, because of this reason so many people don’t rely on this data completely.

Is It Important To Improve Alexa Rank?

As I said before it doesn’t have any impact on your SEO ranking, but advertisers, publishers, bloggers everybody looks at your rank.
We have some indirect benefits if we improve our rank below 50K.
Here is the list of benefits

  • Recognition among bloggers
  • Brand value
  • Backlinks( if we have good Alexa rank, people don’t hesitate to link to our blog)
  • Direct Advertising opportunities
  • Builds trust

How To Boost & Improve Alexa Site Ranking?

Now we know what is Alexa rank and its importance in blogger communities, so let’s jump into our main topic to boost our rank in Alexa.

Create Content Frequently

Blog traffic improves whenever we publish a new post on our website when we create useful and shareable content more frequently we get more traffic to our blog.
I am not saying to publish a post every day but try to stick to your editorial calendar and plan to publish content weekly 3 times, optimize your content for SEO to get organic traffic because Alexa has organic search analytics tabs which show us ranking keywords and percentage of search traffic we are getting to our website.
As per my experience whenever I publish a new post on my blog next day my rank improves, I don’t know the exact reason behind it but if you create more content frequently you will get better Alexa rank quickly.

Build Referring Domains

Alexa looks at linking sites information on our website which is one of the Alexa ranking factor, most of us are closely monitoring and building backlinks to our blog to improve the SEO rankings for better organic traffic if we have a good strategy in building backlinks it even help us to improve Alexa rank.
Do consider commenting on other blogs related to your niche, increase the number of domains you are commenting to increase the linking sites to your blog, a simple way is to find out one or two new blogs related to your niche and start commenting on those blogs.
Guest posts are another way to build backlinks, select some authoritative blogs which accepts guest posts and write for them to get the backlink.

Build Internal links

So many bloggers are not using the internal links strategy on their own websites, which improves SEO link juice and visitors will stay for a longer period on your website.
It doesn’t have any direct effect on the Alexa rank improvement still I am recommending you to implement this strategy to build trust from your new visitors.

Download Alexa Toolbar

As I shared before, you know Alexa ranks websites by taking the information from Alexa toolbar, leaving our website visitor aside we do visit our blog every day so many times, if we install Alexa toolbar on our browsers those visits also help us to improve our ranking in Alexa.
Now All popular web browsers have Alexa toolbar extensions if you don’t know how to install it, just go to Google search for Alexa Toolbar + your browser name and install it.

Install Alexa Widget On Your Website

Installing Alexa widget on our own website gives us peace of mind in improving Alexa site ranking because this widgets collects every single traffic information on our website without depending on Alexa toolbar and sends the data information to Alexa.
For Example,
Some “X” person visits our blog through some browser which doesn’t installed Alexa toolbar, but still that traffic will be counted because of Alexa widget.

Verify Your Site With Alexa

Alexa captures new domains information automatically when it finds new domain traffic information through Alexa toolbar, still verifying our website to claim our ownership with Alexa is better to improve our rank quickly.
Alexa verification is simple process if you follow these steps, go to Alexa website here is the link
Create a free account, get Alexa verification code or ID and add it to your website by following their instructions, if you are using Yoast SEO plugin adding Alexa verification ID is very easy.
Go to > Yoast SEO > General > Webmasters and paste the Alexa ID
Here you can check about how to configure Yoast SEO plugin step by step.

Increase Referral  & Social Traffic

This referral and social traffic don’t have any direct impact on Alexa ranking, but these are easy ways to get traffic to our blog, be active on blogger communities and social media which give us not only traffic it gets some quality backlinks too.


In this article I shared some methods which I used to improve Alexa site ranking on my blog, If you follow these tips strategically then you can see a lot of change in your ranking within a short period of time.
I request you to share your experiences and methods you are using for Alexa ranking in comments sections so that it adds value to this article.

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