The Important Benefits of AMP in 2022 & Beyond

Accelerated Mobile Pages Google Algorithm (AMP) is used to code websites to create mobile version sites. Mobile version sites are specifically designed for cell phone devices. These stripped down versions of websites ensure web pages load faster on mobile devices and the ranking of the sites improve in the Google search engine. AMP is actually a website developing technology which improves the performance of the content published on a website.
AMP was launched by Google on October 7, 2015. Almost three years have passed but some website users are still in dilemma whether they should go for an AMP website or not. If you are one of those who still seems confused about accelerated mobile pages, then read this write-up, it will hopefully clear your doubts and alleviate your stress. Then you will be in a better position to decide whether you should go for an AMP website or not.

Why Is AMP Important For Your Website

When AMP was launched by Google way back in October 2015, it stated that AMP version of the websites will improve the ranking of the main websites in the Google search engine and it will load files fast on the internet which used to take time to load on mobile devices due to the bigger size of the files. Over the years, it has benefited millions of websites.

Some of the obvious pros of having AMP websites are as follows

1. Mobile pages load Faster

One of the most obvious benefits of coding websites with AMP is your website pages will load faster on the mobile devices. It is one of the main and the most obvious benefits of AMP websites. Website pages load on mobile devices at a lightning speed. AMP update was actually released by Google for this very purpose. According to research, mobile users abandon websites which take more than 3 seconds to load. Hence it is important for a business in today’s age to have an AMP website to increase its online presence and increase traffic.

2. It Helps In Boosting the Ranking of Websites

There are approximately 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world. Though AMP is not originally meant to alter the ranking of websites, it helps in boosting the ranking of websites indirectly.
AMP coding improves the visibility of websites on search engines. It makes your website mobile friendly and decreases page loading time. Google rewards websites with a user-friendly interface, less loading time, and quality content with a good ranking.

3. It Increases the Visibility of Websites

When a website is coded with AMP, the visibility of the site increases and search results clearly display AMP symbol in green colour. The green symbol improves the click rate. Since users are aware that sites with the green symbol are AMP coded and they display quicker results, they always hunt for AMP websites on Google.
Nowadays Google displays AMP content within visually dominating carousels. It attracts the attention of the users. So content that displays in carousels gets significant reach in the Google.

4. Support a Range Of Technologies

One of the most vital benefits of AMP websites is it they support a range of technologies, formats and ad networks. They deliver fast ads and make content look good to grab attention. So AMP websites are a real asset for advertising companies to improve their influence and the Revenue on investment in the advertisement.

5. Make It Easy To Track Visitor Behaviour

In the age of digitalization when almost every business has an e-commerce to promote and sell products and services, tracking visitor behaviour has become an essentiality. AMP websites make it easy to track visitor behaviour. They will get actual visitor data such as clicks & conversions, visitor counting, new visitors, and old visitors.

6. It Optimizes Websites

AMP coding will boost the SEO of websites. It increases the visibility of the sites which is also the motive behind {Search Engine Optimization} SEO services. So it takes fewer efforts and resources to boost the AMP sites than non-AMP sites. AMP will benefit publishing websites more than the regular websites. Hence websites like BBC, New York Times, and Washington Post etc. are AMP coded sites.


16k web pages coded with AMP are being created on a daily basis and the number is constantly increasing. Some of the bigger websites which have AMP websites include the New York Times, Sankei, BBC, Washington Post, News Corp and more. Technology providing AMP coded sites are Linkedin,, Adobe, Twitter, Pinterest,, and Chartbeat.
If you are still confused and unable to take a decision on whether you should go for An AMP or not, then analyze websites which are coded with AMP algorithm. There are ample chances that AMP will become a major indicator of the authenticity of websites in the future. So it is better to go for an AMP site and start reaping its benefits from today.

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