7 Image Compressor Tools To Speed Up Your Website

Whenever you think of improving website speed for better SEO rankings, Image compression comes into the picture, we use a lot of images  and screenshots on our blog posts, without screenshots we can not explain things well in our text article.
Visual medium is more powerful than text, everyone knows about this fact, our blog post featured images brings us traffic from social media platforms and we do have so many other benefits with images.
High-quality images occupy a lot of space in our web page which ultimately increases page load time, so we have to find a solution which allows us to incorporate quality images in our blog posts which occupy less space on our web page.
So many of us are using “Wp Smush it” or other image compressor WordPress plugins to reduce the image size, but those plugins may not give us 100% results which we are expecting.
So today I am going to share 7 image compressor tools which will help us to compress the images without losing the quality of the image.

Image Compressor Tools To Speed Up Your Website

1. Optimizilla

Optimizilla is an online image compressor tool which is getting very popular these days, at present I am using this tool to reduce the size of my pictures before uploading it to the WordPress.
It uses lossy compression and optimization algorithms to compress the images, all we need to do is just upload the image it automatically reduces image size without losing its quality.
We can further reduce the size if we are not satisfied with the automatic compression by using the slider which is available beside the image.
Optimizilla allows 20 images at a time to upload, at present it is supporting only JPED and PNG formats.

2. TinyPNG

TinyPNG is another best tool to compress the image size, I have taken a screenshot of above panda picture from their website which is 262 KB size after dropping this image on TinyPNG it reduced image size to 80 KB without losing its quality.
We don’t have the option to reduce the size further in this tool like Optimizilla, but it reduces the size of the image up to 70% with good quality.
At present, it supports only JPG and PNG formats, we can upload 20 images at a time maximum of 5mb after compression it allows us to download the image PNG format.

3. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG optimizer is an age old online image compressor where we have to upload our image to reduce the size of the image by default it takes compression level 65%, we can select the compression level based on our interest, lower the percentage we select the compression level we get the lower size and low-quality image.
If we compare this “JPEG optimizer” tool with Optimizilla and TinyPNG we get very fewer options but finally it does the job of image compression.

4. Compressnow

Compressnow is another good online image uploader compression tool which works same like TinyPNG but here we can upload an image up to 9MB.
We have to option to select the compression level based on our interest, it shows the compressed image size and image quality preview in the second window so that we can decide whether we have to reduce the size further or not.
After completing the compression it allows us to download the image, I find it very useful if you have a large image which has more than 5MB because other tools allowing us to upload up to 5mb only.

5. ImageOptimizer

ImageOptimizer works same like JPEG optimizer, but here we can select the screen resolution size (width and height) based on our interest, there are 6 types of optimization options available in this tool like, high quality, best quality, normal, minimum file size, small file size and very small file size.
We don’t have preview option to see the quality of the compressed image, but it does the job what we require, they do allow to download this image optimizer software to our computer to work offline.

6. ShrinkPictures

ShrinkPictures is developed by a forum website admin who doesn’t have a graphical knowledge to make it look like professional, it works same like JPEG optimizer, we have the option to select the pixels and percentage of compression level to reduce the size of the picture.
It supports JPG, PNG, and GIF formats we can upload up to 6mb size image.

7. Compress JPEG

Compress JPEG another famous image compression tool used by a lot of publishers, it looks and functions same like Optimizilla when we look at the interface, but we can able to see the preview in Optimizilla, here in CompressJPEG there is no preview window to check the image quality.
It automatically compresses the image at 69% compression level, we have the option to download the image after compression to cross check the quality of the image.


There are so many other tools available online to reduce the size of the image, but here I shared top 7 image compressor tools which are very popular among bloggers and publishers.
I request you to kindly share your favourite tool which you are using to compress the images for your blog and why in the comments section so that other reader will get complete knowledge about this topic, if you have any doubts about these tools please be in touch through contact form, I will try to help you in this regard.

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