The Ultimate Guide to Writing Blog Posts That Rank in Google's Top 10

We all create blogs and write many posts for our blog but not all of us get many readers for our blog posts and not all of us get more likes or more shares from social networks. So inorder to get that amount of visitors or readership it is mandatory to improve our blog post structure. And also a good blogpost structure will reduce your blog bounce rate. We all write informative articles of about 500 to 800 word length but still writing alone does not enough to get more organic visits from search engines we need to structure our blog in a such a way to attract search engines especially google.
As far as blogging is concerned there are many other things other than writing. Of Course writing is the first and foremost step in blogging but other than that we must make sure that our blog post structure is proper. Below I have discussed some proven ways to Improve your Blogpost structure so by implementing the below tricks you can definetely improve your blogpost structure and can derive good results for your blog post.

How to Improve your Blog post structure?


When you plan to write a blog post you should definetely give importance to title of your blogpost as title is one of the most important important factor for your blogpost. You should try to include your keywords in the title so that your readers can get a brief overview about your blogpost.


Try to split your blog posts into shorter paragraphs. Don’t write long paragraphs keep your paragraph simple and short. Nothing wrong in writing a long paragraph but  still most of the readers will like to read only short paragraphs. Also short paragraphs makes the readers to continue with reading for a long time. Also nowadays more people are reading blog contents and website content in mobile devices too. So long paragraphs will be bit uncomfortable to read in those types of devices. So whenever you write your content just split them into shorter paragraphs.

3)Headings and Subheadings

It is very necesary to use headings and subheading tags. Using suitable heading and subheading tags for your blogpost can help your readers to determine if they like it to read or not.  Also usage of H1 , H2 and H3 tags are beneficial  for SEO results. Its because when a user type a search keyword in google search box Google robots scan through our content and they give more impotance for keywords in heading and subheading tags.

4)Bullets and Numbered lists

Bullets and numbered lists also provide  some SEO benefits as same as that of Headings and Subheadings. Apart from this Bullets and Numbered lists  attract visitors eyes and they love to read your blogpost.  So Bullets and Numbered lists is also one of the important elements when you structure  your blogpost.

5)Internal Linking

Whenever a reader comes to your blog thay need to stay long in your blog. So just try to interlink your blogpost with some of your older posts. Interlinking your blogpost provide many SEO advantage as Google gives importance to bloposts which was interconnected with one another and thereby the chance of indexing your blogpost is higher in search engines .

6)Call To Action

You need to provide proper call to action at the end of every blogposts. Call To Action is like a instruction to a reader on what to do next. You can instruct your readers to like your blogpost in facebook or share your post in their social media profile or ask your readers to leave a comment etc., you can incorporate CTA easily to your blogpost by adding a social sharing plugin at the end or top of your blogpost.
Concluding Words
Hope you enjoyed reading this post about proven ways to improve your blogpost structure now its time to let me know your thoughts through comments. Also feel free to like and share this article on your social networks.

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