Top 10 FREE Horror Games on Steam

Online games have been one of the best ways to pass the time, especially for young minds. There are countless games that you can play on online platforms like Steam. This is the right article for you if you are a fan of FREE horror games. Here you will find the collection of the best free horror games on steam

Life can get boring sometimes, so what are you waiting for? Just play these horror games and make out the most of your leisure time.

Here’s the list of 10 BEST free horror games on Steam

1. Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm is one of the best free horror games available online, even though it is more than a decade old game. This game doesn’t contain any jumpscares.

The imagery isn’t really scary. However, once the aliens start coming closer, it does get scary. 


  • The game does an excellent job of making the ambiance scary and rewarding the players when they score. 
  • This is a shooting horror game, therefore, a perfect fit for people who like shooting games. 
  • Being absolutely FREE, it still offers the multiplayer option and is one of the best Free horror multiplayer games on steam. Therefore, you can enjoy it with your friends and family as well.

2. After Hours Free Horror Game

After Hours is a game that you can refer to as scary. It offers some jumpscares and the music adds to the spookiness.

The game takes place in an abandoned hospital where the players have to escape the facility while being stalked by a mysterious creature.


  • This game is for players who can use their brains to stay silent and alert at all times.
  • Nothing is certain in this game and that’s what makes it even more terrifying.
  • There is enough attention given to the detail for adding the extra scary element to the game. 

3. Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Game

Alpha Polaris is a slow-burn game that gives an early 2000s vibe. This is a perfect point-and-click game for people who love to kill virtually.

The storyline is captivating, and the puzzles are amazing too. The overall look of the game is pleasing as well.


  • The game has a backstory and gives a nice context to the game. 
  • Falling in the genre of the point-and-click game, Alpha Polaris’s USP is its atmosphere, immersion, and suspense.
  • This is set in the polar region, so if you are scared of Polar Bears, you might want to rule this out.

4. Cry of Fear-Best Free Horror Game on Steam

As the name sounds, Cry of Fear is one of the most popular free horror games online.

One round of the game lasts 8 hours, filled with campaigns and scenarios with multiple endings.

As a result, plays end up wanting more, therefore, only play the game if you have a lot of time.


  • The game is based on the point of view of a shooter, much like the Silent Hill game. 
  • Cry of Fear has an arsenal of weapons but it still manages to make the player feel scared and helpless at times.

5. At Home Alone Final

At Home Alone Final is based on a movie of the same name. Its latest version was released in early 2022. This game is more on the spooky end.

The imagery of the game is artistic, as well as creepy. Don’t get fooled by the cute cartoons as they might as well scare you later. 


  • This game is one of the handfuls of free horror games that you can still play online. 
  • At home alone final is for people who want to experience the fear one can experience from animated things.

6. Dagon: by H.P Lovecraft

This is the only game on the list that can also be played in VR mode. The tagline of the game is, ‘A 3-D narrative experience in madness,’ which pretty much explains everything. 


  • You can play this game with or without the VR set. 
  • The game lasts about half an hour, therefore, if you want some quick spooky adventure, try this game. 

7. Dark Fracture: Prologue

The actual version of the game hasn’t been released yet. Nevertheless, Dark Fracture is the game you should play if you are exploring free horror games on Steam


  • This game is filled with dark adventures and mind-boggling puzzles.
  • It is based on the main character, Edward’s tortured mind, and is a standalone game in itself. 

8. Dark Deception

Dark Deception is full of pink shards and horrifying monkeys. Players have to navigate a giant maze that can leave anyone dazed and confused. 


  • The game is quite scary, play it carefully. 
  • It makes it mandatory for players to remain focused the whole time. 

9. Doki Doki Literature Club

This game might sound cute and childish but the real horror starts when you actually play the game.

The whole game is a facade for first-timers and things escalate pretty fast. This is a perfect free horror game for Japanese horror cinema lovers. 


  • It doesn’t have jumpscares or terrifying music that might scare you.
  • It takes on themes like love, friend-zone, suicide, depression, etc.
  • This game might not be suitable for children or people suffering from depression. 

10. Deceit

Deceit is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that runs around themes like survival, death, paranoia, etc. The game has an overall sinister vibe. 


  • This is a quick game for people looking for adventure in a short time. Perfect for gamers and office people to spice up their life amidst long work hours. 
  • It has blackout periods and really tests the reflex action of players. 

Are you ready to test your guts with these horror games?

Life can get pretty boring sometimes, especially when you enter adulthood.

Luckily, in this era of the internet, there are free horror games that you can count on to feel better and live an exciting life.

What are you waiting for? Try out all the above-mentioned games and add a dash of zing to your life. 


1. What is the scariest free online game?

Some of the scariest games online are

  • After hours
  • Cry of Fear
  • Shutter
  • White day
  • Dagon, etc.

2. What are some of the scariest games online?

Some of the best free online horror games are-

  • Swat vs Zombies
  • Stupid Zombies
  • Scary Granny house
  • After Hours
  • Masked Forces Zombie Survival

3. What horror games are free on the PC?

Here are some of the Best Free Scary Games on the PC-

  • Cry of Fear
  • September 1999
  • Spooky Jump Scare Mansion
  • Minds Eyes
  • House of Dead

4. Is there any free horror games?

Yes, there are plenty of free horror games online. You can play any of these games on gaming platforms like Steam and more.

5. Are Outlast and Phasmophobia free?

Yes, you can try a free version of Outlast. Phasmophobia is available on Steam but isn’t free. You have to pay $14 for a single user.

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