Top 20 Best Home Decor Blogs You Should Read

Every family needs a comfortable and relaxing space in their household. Aside from house cleaning, home decors are a part of keeping our house clean and neat. Women are most fond of initiating home decors. 

There are several reasons we want to read home decor blogs– it’s either you need inspiration for your home renovations or create your blog. Either of the purposes,  home decor blogs help us express ourselves. 

Best Home Decor Blogs for All Your Interior Needs

  1. Apartment Therapy

We can’t agree enough with the title. Home decoration is genuinely a therapy. They are an inspiring home decor blog for homeowners and aspiring web owners.

Their content gives a unique, pleasant, and joyful vibe to their readers. Visitors are welcomed with a highly-organized homepage that could impress their target audience and inspire fellow bloggers. Their tips and design solutions are targeted for home bloggers and apartments and homeowners as well. They do not give out solutions for home problems and renovations but also includes real-life situations.

If you are looking for some downsizing or minimalist home improvements, then Apartment Therapy is the right blog for you. 

  1. Houzz

Houzz is a great home decor blog where you can browse and save aesthetically beautiful home photos. You could easily find the perfect inspiration you will have for your home. Moreover, Houzz has built a community where interior designers and home improvement enthusiasts can discuss and share some of their ideas.

Take a few minutes of your time to browse on Houzz. You will locate the best products and collaborate with professionals. 

  1. Elle Decor

Who hasn’t heard about Elle Decor? Everyone loves them! They are one of the renowned interior designs and decorating experts in the world.

Moreover, they do not limit their contents to home decors. Elle Decor touches celebrity styles, renovations, and house remodels. Not to mention, they open the door for life and cultural components to shopping and designers. 

  1. Coco Cozy

Coco Cozy began in 2008, covering aesthetic home decors. When the blog’s popularity came to rise, the blog owner, Coco, started her own Coco Cozy textile collections. She features several aesthetically beautiful throw pillows, beddings, rugs, and drapery. If you want to style the spaces of your home with textiles– this blog is the must-read!

  1. The Inspired Room

The blog owner and creator of The Inspired Room has one goal, to help home enthusiasts love your home more through home decors. She posts home remodels with tips and strategies to help her readers incorporate the looks inside their home.

  1. Vintage Revivals

Most home decor bloggers are fond of sharing their innovativeness in their content. If you have feasible and aesthetic ideas to transform your home, you can create home decor blogs like the owner of Vintage Revivals. Mandi Gubler, the blog owner of Vintage Revivals, features her passion for home decoration through her contents. 

Vintage Revivals welcomes their readers with helpful featured content and her shop. It has a captivating web design and resources that lead to massive followers. If you want to put up your home decor blog, you can take inspiration from her.

If your purpose is to remodel your home,  reading through home decor blogs is the best way to catch and take inspiration for creative works.

  1. Today’s Homeowners

A house is not a home without its essential components– our loved ones and the serenity we feel with its pleasant home decors. Several bloggers have created a home decors blog to share several ways to make their home aesthetically adorable. The blog owner of Today’s Homeowners is a contractor and an expert in home improvement.

The blog is full of inspiration and advice to homeowners and professionals to maintain and improve homes efficiently. Today’s Homeowners is the top destination for home enthusiasts.

  1. Apartment 34

Apartment 34 was launched by its owner, Erin Hiemstra, in 2008. She intended to share her journey in renovating her first condominium in Seattle. Today, Erin is still sharing her life through blogging. But, she covers lifestyle topics that aim to inspire her readers. If you take a look at her blog, you will get home improvement inspirations, gain beauty secrets, and fashion finds.

If she has an eye for interior designs and her ideas are worth stealing. Then, might as well she has in stored tips and tricks for fashion finds? Read her blogs for more inspiration!

  1. Decorilla

If you want a full-packaged home decor blog, Decorilla is the best interior blog to get inspiration from. They cover seasonal decor trends to the latest design trends on their blog. Reading through their content feels like taking a trip to an interior designer’s head. You can imagine how designers deal with home decors through their blogs.

  1. House of Brinson

The House of Brison blog is hosted by a couple who have a passion for photography. They are enthusiastic about sharing designs, food, photography, and travel. Most of their home decor photos are from the moment when they renovated their home in Hudson Valley. 

Visiting their website would give you several categories– interior designs and styles, home renovation, cooking recipes, and adventure. 

  1. Design Hunter

If you love to have a minimalist home, you should go over to Design Hunter. It is evident how they master the work of minimalist designs right when you enter their website.

Design Hunter has simplistic and elegant web design. They only have three categories in their blogs, but they still manage to give out a practical design that amazed their readers. Their contents are categorized in lifestyle, design, and interior. They feature from transforming spaces, finishing touches, and commentaries on some works.

Moreover, they put in some comprehensive guides and reviews to help you develop a better decision when buying some accessories and aesthetics for your design. 

  1. Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar embodies their blog name in their content– they provide bright and aesthetically beautiful interiors. The blog content has a rich interior content that focuses on home offices, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and other space in your home that you could decorate. Bring out your creative skills and make vibrant interior designs. 

  1. Young House Love

Young House Love is hosted by a couple who are passionate about DIYs. Their blog features house tours, decorating tips, and inspirations. Not to mention, the blog owners have a podcast channel and a book. Both contents were home improvement-related topics; their book also became New York Times Best Seller.

Go over their blog if you are a new couple who is building their future family home.

  1. The Emerald Studio

Emerald Studio is the home decor blog that you could visit if you want to design your home for a special event or are picky with brands. They are known as the West Coast Redefined because of how they put out their style.

The team of Emerald Studio works with several brand developers, artists, graphic designers to bring a comprehensive and engaging interior design content. 

  1. Amber Interiors

If you are a home decoration expert that needs new inspiration or looking for new ideas, Amber Interiors is the home decor blogs to go to. You can observe that Amber Interiors fulfill their clients’ ideas and show the world how they did it through their home decor blogs.

Amber Interiors home decor blog brings all the architects, builders, and home enthusiasts. They help their audience put together their thoughts in remodeling their home. 

Home decor blogs help you express more of yourself and define your style. Go over these mentioned blogs to help you get the right and proper resources to remodel and redecorate your home. So, why not make a full swing by visiting these home decor blogs too:

  1. The Honeycomb Home
  2. Homey Oh My
  3. Mad About the House
  4. Domestic Imperfection
  5. Thrifty Decor Chick

Must-Do For Home Decorating

Home decors are all about simplification and neatness. That’s why when we try to redecorate our homes, we want to have it like a model home– and have it that way every day. But, how can you achieve that? That means clutters should not exist in every corner of your home. Everything should be tucked away and keep in place to give justice to your new home decors.

If you are a busy person who cannot afford to maintain your home’s cleanliness and neatness, you can hire a expert to do it for you. It is best to freshen up your home every few months to give a refreshing vibe once in a while. 

Final Thoughts

Home decorating does not need to happen right away. You need to put some thought about it as it could be daunting to re-do it all over again. If repainting and upgrading some home features is part of your home decorating plans, do it before you redecorate as they are messier and bigger projects.

Do not exhaust yourself thinking of the best way to redecorate your home. Flip through home decor magazines or visit these best home decor blogs to inspire how you could approach re-decorating your home.

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