100+ Good Home Decor Blog Name Ideas

Are you pumped with choosing the best name for your home decor blog? Every blogger has an endless list of blog name ideas. It is undeniable that looking for the best blog name is overwhelming and challenging. 

There are things you need to take note of before you list the possible home decor blog names ideas. It is critical to have a vital blog name to your content, or not do any good. You need a perfect name for your home decor blog!

Questions and Considerations for Blog Naming

Take time to ask yourself and remember the following considerations:

  • What is the niche of your blog? Well, as you have decided to create a home decor blog, then you have to be straightforward. Do not come up with a name that is unrelated to the content. You are doing a good start. You have chosen a niche.
  • Who is your target audience? It is essential to consider your target audience. Knowing them would lead you to have a suitable blog name.
  • What is the tone of your blog? You have to determine how you present and approach your target audience through your contact. 
  • Consider the domain URL format of the blog name. Do not overlook this consideration. Your perfect blog name could turn into a disaster if they are not correctly placed. Make sure that your domain name format is intended for your blog.
  • Make your blog name easy to spell. You have to consider that there could an ambiguity when you say your blog name. The target audience could spell it wrong and may not reach your website.

Methods to Create a Blog Name and Ideas

Play with words– It could be daunting to come up with the perfect blog name and having to find out that it is already registered. At some point, it could be incredibly frustrating to create another one again.

Get ready with your pen and paper. Let’s get some methods and ideas of home decor blog names. List the name inspirations or ideas you have.

Follow these methods to help you create original home decor blog name ideas. We also provided a hundred suggestions that you could take inspiration from.

Blog Name Formula

There are two formulas you can use for creating a blog name:

  1. Blogging Wizard Magic Blog Name Formula – It is simply the topic or audience group combined with the end goal. For example, home diversification, which dissected it, would mean the home and diverse decorations. 
  1. Create a Portmanteau – You need the words or phrases to blend their sound and create a meaning out of two others. You can take the word podcast as an exmaple. Podcast means iPod and broadcast. Try combining two words to create a new word and put meaning into it.

Use Thesaurus

Thesaurus is a writer and blogger’s best friend. It could be their source of inspiration when they try to create a blog name. There are several synonyms that can have a similar meaning to your keyword.

Let’s take for example. The word “decoration” have several synonyms, which depends on the context they are used:

  • Home Ornaments
  • Lovely Home Trinkets
  • Home Gewgaw

We cannot deny that flipping through thesaurus is a powerful move. You can come up with interesting words. 

Mix it With Humor

Most target audience would easily remember a witty and humorous blog name. Boost their happy hormones by creating a blog name that gives off a sense of humor. Although, it could not work for professional blogs. It would be uplifting to have a fun, witty, and new blog name for home decor.

I saw some laundry services blog that uses the words, phrases, or relates the niche with expressions or popular movies.

  • A Nation of Home Enthusiasts
  • Home Decoration X
  • The Daily Decors
  • Home Decors Section

Use Own Name

Several bloggers use their name on their blog. But, it is only preferable for personal brand services. It is not suitable for blogs that are selling or promoting products or services. But, if you think self-named blog is suitable for your home decor blog, then take inspiration in these ideas:

  • [Name]’s Secret Diary
  • [Name]’s Not-So-Secret Diary
  • Home Decortaions [Name]
  • The K Word – Take K as the first initial of your name.

If your blog introduces products or services, then do not use a self-named blog name.

Consider Using Different Language

It is also exciting to create blog names with different language. There’s an incredible twist for words and syllables when using another language. As they flow together, it gives off different meaning which makes the blog more memorable.

If you are looking for a way to stand out from a saturated market, then this method could be for you. You can choose an abstract word or phrase that can catch the attention of the target readers. Draw their attention to the meaning of the words.

Use a simple online translator to have you started. Use words with fewer syllables to help your target audience remember and pronounce your blog name.

Use a Blog Name Generator

You can use a blog name generator tool to help you develop fun and attention-grabbing word combinations. You are allowed to set your own limits to the words related to the content. By then, the blog name generato tool will give you a list of suggestions.

We used a blog name generator and these are some of the suggested home decor blog name ideas:

  • Antidote Home
  • Fad Home
  • Decoratsio
  • Madras Decoration
  • Packers Home
  • Homeverse
  • Dapper Decoration
  • Classics Home
  • Nibble Decoration
  • Homeopolis
  • Drip House
  • Stacked Decoration
  • Aces House
  • Comply Home
  • Decor Ambrosial
  • Decor Chase
  • Decorque
  • Home Ally
  • Decor Secret
  • Homestion
  • Decor Slick
  • Homestical
  • Decor Kin
  • Homester
  • Decortastic
  • Homethod
  • Decor Wayfarer
  • Home Decoratify
  • Home Prominent
  • Decor Factory
  • Home Baron

The best thing about using blog name generator is it does not only provide unique blog names, but some of the tools can detect whether the blog name is already registered. With that feature, it removes the hassle and stress of crafting the perfect name only to find out it is registered.

Check Competitor’s Blog Name

Although this could not be the best idea to take inspiration, but competitors could help you have inspiration. If it works for them, it might for you too. 

Take a look at some popular laundry blogs:

  • LaundrynRelax
  • Laundry Talk
  • Laundry Project

They use the word “laundry” and another distinguishing word. These blogs cover tips and tricks related to laundry, but each one has a different emphasis that could truly help their target audience.

Did you have an endless list of blog name ideas? Invite friends and family to help you brainstorm. They might help you pick the perfect blog name for you.

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of brainwork to finalize the perfect blog name. It much depends on the niche, audience, and the products or services you offer.

As the article focused on the home decor blog name ideas, we have included the considerations and methods you could follow to create a list of blog name ideas. Try a few tools and techniques to help you develop a blog name perfect for your niche.

Be creative. Do not be afraid to play around with words and phrases.

Lastly, do not be shy to ask for suggestions and opinions from people close to you. They might help you improve your ideas.

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