Top 10 Most Important Google Ranking Factors

If you are wondering the most important  Google ranking factors that will boost your page rank on Google search results? Then look no further because here you will find the lists which are proven to be most relevant ranking factors Google looks at before giving web page higher position on the search results.
There are more than 200 ranking SEO factors that Google Based on when ranking web pages but not all of them carries higher height.Most of them don’t have much impact on the position of your page on search results and there is no way you can be able to optimize all of the factors on one web page. The best thing you can do is to ensure your page comes out with the must have factors.
So if you wish to improve your ranking signal then the below confirmed Google ranking  factors are what you need to get started.

  1. Backlinks :

Backlinks  are the first major off-page  Google ranking factor and Other major search engines look  for before they can give importance to your web page in the search result. Search engines make use of links to crawl the content of web pages. The crawlers used by the search result. search engines click on every link on a page, whether internal or external links and uses some elements to determine if the links on that page is worth assigning importance.
In order for search engines to count your links as votes, they have to be quality ones that originate from authoritative sites which are higher than yours. And also the links has to be topically related or relevant to your page content.

  1. Quality Content:

Quality content is one of the most important ranking factors that can boost your ranking signal. if you  can’t offer quality content that can impact value in the lives of online users then Google will find it difficult ranking your page. Ensure  your content is of high quality and unique from content on hundreds of other sites that discuss the same topic as yours. Google are more concern about online user’s interest and so for your page achieve higher rank, it must offer real value to the readers.
It must provide useful information which online users are searching for before Google can attach importance to it. Content that’s copied from another site definitely won’t rank on the search result pages.

  1. Internal Links:

These are links that point to another page on the same website. The links are directed from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. Internal Links are very useful because they allow search engines and online users to easily navigate your website. If you really want to establish good site architecture and distribute link juice around your pages then internal links practice is a must for you.
The way you link the pages on your site has a big impact on how search engines crawl, index and rank your pages. That’s the more reason you should ensure that your pages has at least one internal link and if they are more than one, then organize them correctly.

  1. Page Load Speed:

Google and other major   Search engines uses page loading speed as a ranking factor. Page load speed is just a measurement of how fast the content on your page displays on desktop and mobile browsers. A page that loads faster rank high and convert better than page that takes longer time to load.  Google has stated that page speed is one of the signals its algorithm uses to rank pages on the search result.
Optimizing your page to load faster is very important if you really want to have higher bounce rates. No online user will be comfortable waiting for a page that takes almost forever to open. You can use page speed insights to analyze the content of your web page and then find suggestions that will make it load faster.

  1. Keyword Usage:

Keywords play a very important role in the position of web pages on Google Search result. Google uses keywords to categorize your page and the more a particular word appear on your page the more it will be easier for google to understand the direction of your content. Ensure you optimize keywords on your content so as to boost the page ranking signals.

  1. Keywords Distribution:

You have read how optimizing for a particular keyword on a page increases page increases page rank on Google search result. Keywords distribution involves placing the keyword you used on a page at the locations that matters to google. In order to increase the ranking signals of your web pages then ensure to start your title tag with keyword, place keyword  in the description, and most especially have keyword appears in H1 or H2. Google attaches more value to these locations and having your keyword on them will definitely move your page to a good position.

  1. Having Identical Content:

Having two different page url  with exact identical content on them will affect your ranking signal. When  Google discover identical content on your site, it will just pick one page to display and hides the other one or even move that page to the bottom of search result. Having identical content can be a barrier to your site performance and decreases your page ranking signals.

  1. Content Updates :

If you think publishing content once in a month is going to make Google Consider your site as authoritative one then you better think again. Google tends to rank recently updated pages more on the search result than the old ones.This also ensure its own Google Ranking Factors. Internet is evolving every day and there it’s Important to keep up with the update. New content actually means current news in this case. How often you update your page have an impact in your ranking signal.

  1. Broken Links:

A broken link can have negative impact on the ranking signals of your page. It’s bad not only to search engines but also bad for site’s user experience. A site that has too many broken links on a page will not rank well for that particular page. Broken links can halt search engine crawlers in their tracks. Broken links doesn’t make it easier for Google to freely grab everything on your page.

  1. Site Navigation:

And here is the most important Google Ranking factor.Is Your navigation intuitive and easy to understand? Google gives votes to website that makes it super easy for visitors to find the content they want. Ensure you structure your site so that Google can be able to understand the weight each of your page play. Make it simple for your readers to move from a general page to a page that will contain more specific or related content.
With the use of these most important Google Ranking factors your pages will definitely increase in rank on Google search results.

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