Top 50+ FREE Forum Posting Sites for Better Backlink

Forum posting represents an invaluable way to increase traffic to your site. Through effective forum posting, you can create a visible presence online. Plus, the more of forum posting you perform on different relevant forums the more will your site be recognized and linked back to!

What is Forum Posting

Forum posting is critical to the success of your site online simply because it offers a way to be heard on relevant forums. A forum is basically an online Forum Posting Site where people discuss various ideas and topics. Different discussion groups are formed in forums.
In your forum posting efforts, you need to select only those forums which are closely relevant to your brand and company products. For example, if your website sells auto spare parts online then you need to perform forum posting on auto-related discussion groups. Only then can you leverage maximum Benefits of Forum Posting.

Why is Forum Posting Necessary

Forum posting Necessary is a way for you to interact with other users who are interested in a similar domain as yours. For example, if your company is into providing software solutions then you can choose to perform forum posting on discussion groups which deal with various kinds of software, Maybe you could compile a list of the top 10 software online in your forum posting. Then at the end, you could list your site’s URL as a signature. Thus tactic of Forum Posting enables you to effectively place a link back to your site. If the users like what you have mentioned in your forum posting they will want to come to visit your site and see what you have to say. Thus, through forum posting, you achieve plenty of one-way links back to your site. This way forum posting facilitates bulk traffic to visit your site online!

Benefits of Forum Posting in SEO 

Forum posting also has a lot of Benefits Forum Posting in terms of an SEO perspective. Through effective forum posting, you can mention the URL of your site at the end of each forum post. This way you achieve multiple backlinks to your site through forum posting. The other good thing is that search engine spiders will be more likely to index your Forum Posting Content if you have more one-way links to your website. So, the answer to success in forum posting SEO lies in submitting to multiple relevant forums. In fact, the number of forums you submit your forum posting to the more are your chances at receiving top page rankings on popular search engines online. It is because search engine spiders are constantly on the lookout for high-density one-way links to forum posting sites.

Here Are the Complete List of Dofollow Forum Posting Sites

Forum Posting Sites List For SEO Google PageRank Alexa Rank
WebDeveloper 5 4307
WebHostingTalk 5 1175
SearchEngineWatch 4 1776
Warriorforum 4 201
DigitalPoint 5 499
SitePoint 5 1227
V7n 5 3244
SEO Chat 5 4225
Bloggeries 4 38633
WebProWorld 3 8364

If you have any question about the forum posting site list, you can ask me freely in the comment. Or if you have any new sites, you can share it. I update the list periodically with the new forum sites.

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