Top 100 Free Forum Posting Sites for Better Backlinks

Forum posting websites are the type of sites where you can discuss topics online by posting topics, exchanging links, and engaging or gathering with the community. These sites help in sharing views with people and allow reaching to the audience. The information shared here is informative and genuine. There are several niches of forums like Educational, Health, Technology, Fitness, Lifestyle, Sports, etc. People generally interact through links and text to talk about the topics.

These platforms help in growing the audience and getting huge traffic on the site by the mode of backlinks. High domain authority on this site can support the ranking of your page and helps you to turn your new user into a regular customer. The forum posting websites come along with huge benefits like you get to know people from the same industrial background and advertising business without giving money. 

Factors to keep in mind before submitting a forum

Before submitting anything on the forum, you should familiarize yourself with some unspoken yet significant ground rules, like the ones mentioned below-

Be respectful to your community 

Always be respectful to other writers and stay away from threats, online attacks and any kind of insult. A person with knowledge and intelligence will never use any of these words. Some words or phrases can be offensive to others, avoid such sentences and be sensible of your language. 

Go through the guidelines and rules of forum postings

Guidelines and rules help you in knowing what is necessary and not allowed on the sites of the forum. 

Focus on the quality of the content 

Always Focus on the quality of the content; it can help you in increasing the traffic on your site. Make your post simpler and easier to understand. 

Review your content by yourself before posting it online

Be aware of the spelling and grammar of the post and avoid them. Before posting your content, go through it once and make sure no unnecessary words are used in the post and it looks more professional. 

Avoid off-topic posts

Always keep your content on topic and post it in the right manner; focusing majorly on the subject of the topic will help you grow. 

Motivation and Positivity

While interacting with people, be positive and be yourself. Avoid negative statements and be more focused on the right and positive characteristics of the forums. It may take time to get approval from the moderator but be patient.

List of top 100 free Forum Posting sites for better links

Here is the list of the top 100 free Forum Posting sites for better links that help you connect with various people and share your views and get to know theirs. 

1Word reference
3Ultimate Guitar
7Software community
8XDA developer
9VN Express
10Retail menotṣ
11World of Warcraft
14Site point
15Community xat
16Gallery project
18Math forum
19Ad block plus
21Community site point
22Xat point
23Bit defender
24Community xat
26Bit defender
27City data
29Site point
30Digital Ocean
31Math forum
32Bleeping computer
33Ad block plus
34Bitcoin talk
35My bb
36Tech smith
37Site point
38File Zilla project
39Gallery project
40Ad block plus
41Word reference
42Bleeping computer
44Bit defender
45Piri form
46Wine HQ
47Digital Ocean
48CK Editor
49Bitcoin talk
50Tech republic
51Digital point
52What is my IP
53Online conversion
54Digital photography school
55Money saving expert
56The fashion spot
57World of Warcraft
58Comic book resources
59Audacity team
60Black night
61Digital point
62Fox it software
63Cms made simple
64BB press
65Money saving expert
66Boards straight dope
67Garden web
68Comic book resources
69Linux mint
70Straight dope
71Major geeks
72Garden geek
74Garden web
75Richard Dawkins
76Digital point
78All kpop
79Nation master
80The student room
81Notebook review
82Superhero hype
83Web hosting talk
84Sound on sound
85Tech support 
86Web flow
88Fashion beans
89Paradox plaza
90Red flag deals
91Digi design
92Media monkey
        93Golden Voice
94Web host list
95Physicians practiceṣ
96Flash panorama
97Uni cyclist
98Windows Security
99Text pattern
100Photo post


There are many free forum posting sites for better backlinks which are running online for interaction with various kinds of people. These sites are popular lately, and the Google ranking of forum posting sites are pretty good. Before choosing any websites to post your content, just make sure the site is good and will help you in future aspects like improving the authority of the website, attracting backlinks, and enhancing your ranking in search engines.

Backlinks of forum posting sites are temporary; they can be taken down by the forum owner at any time. Make sure you get enough knowledge from the sites that you visit, and positively help you. Share your thoughts, take knowledge from others, and build a whole community. Just try to avoid or be aware of negative people, trolls, and wrong information.  

Always try to pick the forum site which links with the type of content you write. Obey the guidelines of forum sites and the rules of the websites.


Do Forum posting sites help local businesses? 

Yes, forum listing sites help local businesses through brand awareness, improve SEO and build bonds. It is a useful platform to stand business and promote its products.

Are backlinks of forum posting permanent? 

Backlinks of forum postings are not permanent. The forum owner can delete that anytime. Moreover, the importance of backlinks in forum posting can fall over time if the forum starts becoming unpopular and the content of the post expires or becomes outdated.

What are the tips for an effective forum posting?

  1. Highlight keywords throughout the post. 
  2. Your topic of the post should be relevant, and write a nicely structured post with significant information. 
  3. The title needs to be precise and concise.
  4. The quality of the content should be high and appropriate to your niche.
  5. Be respectful to others, stay away from spam, and don’t post off-topic content.

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