5 Helpful Tips for Choosing and Using Fonts

If you are designing your own blog, tweaking an existing theme or want some tips on where to begin with design, here are some great tips about how to use fonts on your blog in the most effective way.
You only have a few seconds to grab someones attention when they land on your blog page so first impressions count significantly.
The key aim in using fonts is to convey the theme and message of your blog and allow readers to be able to scan through your blog with ease and quickly identify key messages. To do this you need to keep things clean and create a good visual structure for your reader.
Here are a few key tips to get you started –


Choose a font that supports the visual style of your blog. With your header use a bold font or one that stands out so that your brand name and blog tagline can be clearly identified. Fonts come in a variety of styles so choosing an elegant font for a tech blog or a western style font for a wedding blog is not a cohesive choice. Choose wisely.


Look around for good quality fonts and make sure that you have the correct license to use them if you are doing so commercially. Using a unique font can help your blog stand out. There are many free fonts on offer but often thousands of other people will also be using them on their blogs.


Choose Sans Serif fonts for your body text as they have a more readable and cleaner appearance. Arial, Helvetica and Tahoma are some popular choices. A fancy Serif font can become hard to read and look messy. Make sure the body font isn’t too big so it looks childish or too small so it is hard to read, 9pt-11pt is perfect.


Only use two to three different types of fonts within your blog eg: heading, sub heading and body text. This keeps things clean and creates a good visual structure for a reader. You want your readers to be able to scan through your blog with ease and quickly identify key messages, so use headings and subheadings effectively.


Font colour is important. Make sure it’s readable especially within your body text, black or grey works best and if you want your blog to stand out a little more then choose an eye-pleasing colour for headings. Avoid neon colours, yellows or bright greens.

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