7 Best Online File Sharing Websites to Send Large Files Online

Sharing large files via gmail or any other email service is very common. But the problem arises when the file is bigger than 50MB or in GB. some of the people try to share 50 MB file via email and they may even succeed but not always. So here is the way to share large files online.
There are thousands of websites offering services to share large files online that too in a simple and secure way. Some of the websites offer free service while others paid one. Now we are providing you the ones which offer free services.

1.  Filemail :

Filemail is the simplest way to send files. You don’t have to signup or register just add your and your file receiver’s email id. Apart from that you can track whether your file receiver downloaded the file or not.
There are some limitations –

  • Can send only 30 GB file.
  • Within 7 days the receiver can download the file and after the file itself gets deleted from the server.

2. Wetransfer :

Wetransfer provide service to share maximum 2 GB file for free. You can add at most 20 email addresses for sharing file in one go.

3. DropBox :

Dropbox provides both the individual and businesses with many features. Here you get to share 2GB file size for free.

4. Send Anywhere :

this one is very simple too. And the main thing here is 6 digits code system. You just have to upload the files you want to send then you receive 6 digits code. If the receiver has already installed the app then after inserting the code files can be downloaded. Or the other option is to give the page link to download.

5. Pcloud :

Pcloud provides instant service to send files upto 5GB. Here is the best way to upload files i.e. drag and drop. Upto 10 email addresses can be added. And then you deliver it within one click on ‘send files’. It keep your data secure by encrypting them.

6. Google drive :

In Google drive sign in is required. It has 15GB file free storage. For which they can change privacy setting if they want to share files or folders with others. There is a backup data option also.

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