50+ Blog Post Title Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

Hello fashion bloggers! There are probably times when your mind just goes blank and you have no ideas for your blog. For emergencies like this, we came up with a solution. We made a list of fashion blog post ideas. With these blogging tips, you can easily get through your writer’s block. While there are some suggestions which are more common, we have included an exhaustive list of ideas that could be applicable to new bloggers as well as bloggers been doing this for a long time. In any case, the list also gives you some direction on how you would like to categorize your blog posts. Well, fashion bloggers this is for you. Afterall, the importance of fashion in your life is immense.

Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

 1. Create Wish Lists

Wish lists are such an easy and quick way to get back to posting. You only have to write about the things you want or need at the moment. Put a collage of all the pieces, makeup and jewelry you are dying to have. Very simple and your followers will love it.

 2. Recreate a Specific Look

Pick a random famous person, a singer, actor or even a character from a book or a play, and recreate one of their looks. Try to find the same clothes or you can even find clothes that are very similar but cheaper.

3. Introduce New Brands & Designers

Write about designers that are not so famous but still good. It could be your friend or someone you have heard about. More so, if you have seen some of their work, or tried some of their designs, flaunt them. If you could share their website / store location, even better.

4. Get Inspired from the Past

Every fashion designer gets inspiration from the past. Fashion bloggers can do the same. You can use a dress from the 20s and update it with current trends. This would be so useful for the readers, as all of them do have something traditional from their moms and could not use them with the changing trends. Having emotional attachment, your readers would always keep dresses of their mom. Showing them how you could do something modern from traditional, could be a great way to connect and get more readership.

5. More for Less – Deals

We are all fascinated by the red carpet and all those stunning dresses, but most of us don’t have the budget for them. This is a great blog post idea where you can show your readers where to find similar pieces for less. Share your picks or something that you found on the internet. Work with small business to give discounts especially to your blog readers.

6. Share Outfit of the Day

When you don’t have idea for a blog, ‘outfit of the day’ is something that should be an every day thing. And by posting these photos of you, you let the reader see what your personal style is, and at the same time they will get to know you better.

7. New Colors for Season

Show what color is hot for the season. You can also try to style some outfits using that color and also different ways to wear the latest hue. Show them in your dress and if you have limited resources, create a color palette or pick pictures from the internet on what could be a great color scheme.

8. Review a Book

Informative book review. Something your followers can read. Give a summary of the book and your perspective of what you liked or did not like. Share with them, what in your opinion could be a better ending or plot.

9. Show Something New : Trend-Setter

You have fashion knowledge. Share it with your followers. It is not important what it is, just pass it on. most people think that fashion is what the trend is. Remember, someone like you created the trend for the reason. You do not have to follow the trend, you could as well be the trend-setter. Do fashion and style what you are comfortable with.

10. Do it Yourself Tutorial

If you are making your own clothes, redesigning them, making jewelry or other accessories, why not write a tutorial how to do it. Give your followers a project to make something that is one of a kind. Show ample pictures on the steps and better so, upload a video that describes it all.

11. Cover a Celebrity

We are obsessed with celebrities. We can never get bored of just looking at pictures of them. Chose your favourite celebrity, put some pictures of him or her and you have your blog post. You could also do a collage of them from the time they become a known face till date and show how they matured in style and fashion over the ages. You could also pick a set of celebrities from a decade and illustrate the fashion in that decade. It would be the style of pants, prints, shoes, hair or handbags. There is so much to play with.

12. Share Unbeatable Sales

This is probably one of the best blog post ideas. Tell your readers where the best sales are for clothes, shoes, jewelry etc. Most blog post readers are fashion followers. And it is always a great idea to get something for less. Your readers would definitely enjoy this.

13. Choose a Store

Review a certain store and take pictures of their best items. You could also write about your experience in that store be it in-store or online. If you had any experience on the customer service side, talk about it. Say how one of the representatives or stylists help you pick stuff and guided you based on your body type. We all need fashion advice and second opinion.

14. Choose a Style

Talk about a certain style, let’s say vintage or street style. Do some research and how that originated and was followed by someone in the era. Talk about the uniqueness of that style and how that is still present in someway in the modern life. You could also talk about, how you would like to revive the style.

15. Share Nail Art

Choose a nail polish of the week and write about it.
Be creative with how you apply the color. If you find it difficult to do the art work on your nails, ask help from a friend. There is nothing that can resist a girl from a nail job.

16. Call Out Style Mistakes

Point out that, for instance, if you are not good at art you cannot draw your eyebrows. Post pictures of celebrities who perhaps did a very incorrect pairing of jewelry with dress or pants and tops or dress with shoes. There is no end to this and keep in mind – Celebs DO make style blunders. At times they want to be creative and original, but that does not work all the time.

17. Share Quotes

Write about your favorite quotes. Don’t just copy a quote, but also you can tell your opinion about it. You can start do quote of the week or month and have your daily posts around that. Create a theme and stick to that for the week or month.

18. Compare Products

You can compare different products, styles, even companies. Talk about what is good in a brand compared to other. Talk about the quality, price, output, customer reviews, customer service for a brand.

19. Brag about Something

You can brag about some of your accomplishments and write about how you did it. Tell you readers how you got the idea and how you researched on it. Talk about the various obstacles you faced in the process and how you overcame that. This could be one of the inspiring fashion blog topics to write about.

20. Give Advice

You can advise your readers how to deal with bullying, hair loss etc. Talk about home made or organic products. Organic is so popular these days and everyone wants to use it as much as possible.

21. Share Experiences

Share experiences from your personal life. You can admit that you had acne while you were teenager and tell your readers how you treated them. Write about how you felt when you saw them in the mirror everyday and how you used a variety of products until they disappeared.

22. How to Do Something

Avid fashion readers are always on a lookout for something interesting to learn. In your fashion blog you can show how to tie a scarf or how to cut a shirt. You can have images or videos to do it.
Like you can make a video like Jenna Mac did on ‘How to braid a scarf?’

23. Discuss Current Events

Your readers would love to hear news about celebrities. If someone is having a baby, if someone is getting married or getting divorced, write about it. This would give them some spicy juice.

24. Share Hobbies

Write about what you currently love, or what you currently hate. It can be a song, a show, a style. Talk about any new thing that you are pursuing, like zumba, aerial yoga etc.

25. Share Inspiring Places from where you Blog

Talk about the places that inspire you to blog. It could be your kitchen, your backyard or the sea. Share how the location inspires you to blog and keep a regular schedule.

26. Share Deals at a Thrift Shop

Encourage your readers to visit a thrift shop and that they can find treasures there. A lot of blog readers are stay at home mom’s. They are definitely looking for a sales event information, freebies or treasure finds. Telling them about a thrift shop that you visited and sharing the unique items that you saw there would be very inspiring for them to make a trip. Your stories should give the readers information that they so desperately are looking for. Put the pictures of some your unique finds. Share items that you purchased with the price. It would be inspiring to see pictures of the items decorated in your home or being styled by you.

27. Cover Local Events

Talk about the current events in your area. Art gallery shows, movies, fashion shows. You can also tell your readers about international events and where they can follow the updates.

28. How to do a Hairstyle

Just put bunch of pictures of a different hairstyles.
This would also be an opportunity to have a girl’s night out. You can encourage your friends to come in unique hair styles.
Have some fun prizes and make sure you have a theme like 80’s, hiphop, celebrity etc to make it more competitive.
Click pictures and have your friend’s permission to publish their pictures on your blog.

29. Share Makeup Tips

If you are one of those fashion bloggers who try different products, let makeup me one of the ideas to blog on. Reach out to companies and ask them for sample makeup. You can try the same and share reviews with your readers. Also share makeup styles and beauty tips.

30. Critique Something

You can at times be a critique of other blogs. You have freedom to express your opinion. Make sure you do not cross the thin line between expressing your opinions an hurting others feelings.

31. Make Videos

You can shoot your own videos. It can simply be about something you have just bought. Shoot a video to showcase how you can use the product and talk about the pros and cons.

32. Do an Introduction

Write about yourself. Your regular visitors would probably know you a lot more. At times, share something your readers don’t know about you. It could be about your passion, your family, a holiday etc.

33. Ask Something

Ask your readers about something specific. This way you show them that you care what they think. Ask them for their opinion on a specific product or service.

34. Introduce Other Fashion Bloggers

Make a list of fashion blogs you follow. When you read a great post on their blog, take the extra step and talk about that in your blog. This way you would also give a little more traffic to the other blog. Don’t worry, most fashion bloggers return the favor.

35. Make a List

List your best and your worst blog posts. Tell your readers why you think that the post was great or worse.

36. Write an Article

Write an article about a recent post you have read. Give your personal touch and opinion.

37. Share How to Monetize your Blog

You can have a blog post on how much you make in whatever you are doing. You can showcase how your blog is a source of income from advertising, pay per click or affiliate.
This would definitely inspire other bloggers.

38. Use Your Imagination

Write how your life would be if you lived in, for example, in the Victorian Period.

39. Share your Learning

Write about things you have learned from magazines or other fashion blogs.

40. New and Improved Skills

Write how to improve some skills. Everyone wants to improve on the personality, or fashion sense. Some people want to look slimmer, some would like to know how they can improve their fashion style. Give them your thoughts and help them improve.

41. Share Regrets

Share your regrets in life, and your mistakes and what you have learned from them. This will help them avoid similar mistakes in their lives.

42. Make Predictions

Predict the future of a certain trend or of some product or company. Do a round up of your prediction after a few months or years. That would be a good way to engage your readers.

43. Share Future Goals

Share your goals and what you are planning to do to achieve them. You could probably talk about a new topic that you are wanting to cover every week, or how you wish to come up with an interview section in your blog in near future.

44. Pick a Problem

Find a problem and try to find a solution to the same. That way you can help your readers solve their issues, should they face similar problems.

45. Dealing with Challenges

Write about challenges you have to face while writing a blog. Every blog owner faces hardships in the beginning. Talk about what inspired you to get going and how much time it took for you to be successful.

46. About Food

When you run out of ideas for a blog, write about food. A new recipe or a great restaurant would be of interest to your readers. Take pictures of the place, click some close up of their recipes and there you have your post.

47. Ask for Feedback

Ask your readers for their opinion about your blog. This way you can improvise what you are doing and get more readership. Be open to negative criticism.

As always, I hope you enjoyed these blog post ideas! I just want to remind you that no matter what you write about, just make sure you enjoy writing about them and that you’re having fun and doing what you love. That way, you will NEVER run out of ideas and inspiration!

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