Top 10 Fake Twitter Followers Audit Websites

Social media platforms like Twitter are a great place to explore and express. It is also an important marketing tool for brands, influencers, and marketers. It is a place where you can engage directly with your audience and the right group of people who can become your potential customers. However, as much as there are people, Twitter is flooded with fake accounts that follow people randomly to do nothing but to increase the follower count. This is why it is important to find out how many fake followers that are following your account or the person you are going to work with.

Fake followers can be dormant, they are just for the sake of numbers and they don’t engage with your people at all. It is also true that some followers are just bots impersonating people. Both of them do not help with increasing your Twitter presence at all. They just decrease your engagement rate and affect your reach. It is also a shameful thing if people find out about them.

To identify and audit fake Twitter followers, here is a list of trustworthy and working follower audit websites that you can use anytime you need. 

10 Best Fake Twitter Follower Audit Websites

1. FollowerAudit

FollowerAudit is a fake follower audit tool that allows you to evaluate the credibility of any public Twitter account followers. It can also identify the growth rate and notify if there is a follower gain or loss. It can also give an analysis of your Twitter target audience. This can allow you to come up with efficient marketing strategies for your Twitter audience.

It is based on thorough market research and also gives insight into followers that are worth retaining and can be essential for your follower base.

  • It can analyze Twitter followers
  • It can identify follower gain or loss
  • Identifies unfollowers
  • Both free and paid versions are available

2. Sparktoro

Sparktoro is a Twitter audience research tool that provides data about your public Twitter account. It also gives you data about the percentage of the audience which have interacted with the page the most and which’s not at all. There are both free and paid versions to use the audit tool.

  • It is reliable auditing too
  • It can also analyze your competitors
  • It is based on thorough market research.

3. Twitteraudit

Twitteraudit is a famous tool that can help you with your fake Twitter follower problem, it can provide you with factual information about your Twitter follower demographic. It can also provide you with graphical information about your competitors’ Twitter followers quickly.

  • Checks Twitter followers
  • Performs a Twitter audit about your followers
  • It can also block fake followers in your following feed
  • Has both free and paid version

4. Fedica

Fedica is an AI-based Twitter follower audit system that can help extract meaningful analysis and data from any public Twitter account. This can also track Twitter growth and engagement rates and proves quite helpful in kicking out fake and dormant Twitter followers. This could be useful to keep your target follow base in check.

  • It can search Twitter bios
  • It uses AI to track and also sort your Twitter follow base
  • It can analyze and compare your Twitter followers
  • You can use this website to kick out dormant Twitter followers that affect your engagement rate
  • This website has a very low-cost premium version

5. Circleboom

Circleboom is an easy-to-use social media analytics platform that gives out performance metrics and tracks the follower growth of any public Twitter account. It provides analytics and insights and allows users to run fake follower audits and identify fake Twitter followers of any user or competitor. This website has affordable premium plans and a very intuitive user interface.

  • It can track real-time followers
  • It can extract audience insights to track fake followers
  • It has an affordable premium plan
  • It has powerful and advanced search filters to help you with your data
  • Has an interactive and easy-to-use interface

6. Emplifi

Emplifi is a powerful fake follower auditing tool that allows you to get performance metrics and follower analysis of your account. The analysis system has been trained over several neural networks that analyze and extract actionable insights to keep your follower base in check and provide data about fake and dormant followers in your competitor’s account as well.

  • Analyzing and tracking fake followers
  • Performing audits
  • Detailed insight reports, such as active vs inactive followers
  • Ability to spot suspicious and fake profiles, such as impersonations
  • Advanced AI features, such as sentiment analysis

7. Tweepi

Tweepi is a Twitter analytic tool that focuses on audience databases on advanced AI models. You can find users to engage with, such as industry leaders or influencers, and also take care of unnecessary fake followers in your feed. Tweepi is an amazing tool for marketing and related functions.

  • Provides follower demographics
  • Identifies fake followers easily
  • Provides you analysis of your target audience 
  • Gives data about your interaction with your followers

8. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is different from other Twitter analytics tools because instead of showing your analysis, it shows your account and those of your competitors. Twitonomy will show you details on Twitter lists you’re both part of, popular Tweets, statistics, and much more. Twitonomy allows you to see ways you can create a Twitter strategy to outdo your competitors.

It is also a handy tool when It comes to tracking your dormant and inactive Twitter followers.

  • Provides data about your account and competitors’ accounts
  • Allows you to sort out your fake followers
  • Helps in managing your Twitter account effectively

9. Twitter Analytics

Don’t forget Twitter’s own analytics tool. It’s available to all users and can be a great first step to understanding how your tweets perform.

At first, you’re greeted with a 28-day summary, including data on your tweet count, impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers. You can then scroll down and get a month-by-month summary.

There’s also an audiences tab that gives you data on people following you. This includes demographics, consumer behavior, and lifestyle information.

  • You can use this data to sort out your fake followers and find out your target audience.
  • Easy to use
  • Twitter’s own analytics tool

10. Social Bearing

Social Bearing is a tool that helps to analyze Twitter profiles and tweets around specific topics. Moreover, it also allows us to find popular Twitter hashtags and friends or followers.

  • It sorts tweets by engagement, reache, and region.
  • Provides excellent insights, analytics, and Twitter search.
  • Filters your engagements, timeline, and mentions. 


When choosing a tool, it’s essential to consider your specific needs. What works for someone else may not have the necessary features to help your brand succeed on Twitter. It’s crucial to remove fake followers as they can harm your social media presence. By utilizing the above-mentioned tools, you can improve your audience demographics and logistics and enhance your social media efforts.


1. What are the top 10 Twitter Fake Follower Auditing Tools?

  • Sparktoro
  • FollowerAudit
  • TwitterAudit
  • Socialbakers
  • Circleboom
  • Emplifi
  • Tweepi
  • Twitonomy
  • Twitter Analytics

2. Why is a Fake follower audit tool necessary?

A fake follower audit tool is necessary because it lets you find out those inactive or bot followers that don’t engage and mess up with your analytics and engagement.

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