Top 10 Facebook Marketing Blogs That You Must Follow

Facebook marketing and advertising is an avenue that gives different entrepreneurs a chance to sell and buy their commodities and services to a large number of people who are users of facebook. It has also helped business people share their interface and posts in their facebook accounts to give an impression about their personal image. This is because it has turned out that facebook is one of the most used medium on the web, nearly 2 billion people are active users in daily basis. Thereby building a global village where entrepreneurs  learn from the top most blogs. These blogs assist in giving a hand to business people in establishing their own business planning. Some of the highly ranked blogs globally are;

Social Media Explorer

It is an active blog founded on 2009. It is a platform that offers systematic services digital commerce and giving data about products. It also deals with online broadcasted avenue for insights, views and learning aimed on social media commerce, advertising, and communication. One of the key service given by the blog are; inner communication, entire execution of services, well detailed commerce, selling, social business, building digital commerce and boosting image awareness. This blogs expounds that the largest plan is knowing how to influence your target group like use of facebook videos as you will have high socialization. Build your facebook page to become a great social media explorer to achieve your goal by building your brand on social media marketing platform 

John Haydon

He is a prime expert in aiding non-profits by use of the Facebook channel to have the online raising of financial help and involve the masses. He has assisted many non-profit entities in realizing their maximal commerce and fundraising achievements, for instance, he aided the Habitat for Humanity to boost their fundraising target during 24hr offering day as well as helping Ellie fund who won a competition in her first time activity in the web.

Social Media Examiner

An American based media House founded by Michael Stelzer which has won numerous awards such as 100 ranked small-scale business. It hosts the social media commerce global seminar annually. It broadcasts online articles and weekly podcasts which is read by about two hundred thousand people and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of the web to boost their production. It discusses different topics from how to boost client involvement to help increase their production for example tabling online meetings with customers, remarketing of goods and supplies.

Jon Loomer

He has nearly 200,000 followers on his page where he helps business individuals in optimizing their efforts through the help of grown facebook commerce plans. He is also one of the most sought speakers and teacher because he gives applicable and very insightful advice on commerce and has the welfare of business individuals at heart. He has created useful resources online such as virtual coaching like how to create Facebook competition, pixel events, internet custom communication which provides valued information for clients to understand the commerce plans and specific procedures one can take.

Mari Smith

Smith specializes in commerce systems from small-scale business to big businesses trains and consults with companies and businesses world-wide to achieve their target success, with maximum profits from using commerce skills plans. She broadcasts broad tutorials to instruct individuals on how they can make good use of facebook. Additionally she shares weekly trends on commerce articles. She has over two hundred thousand followers and her clients has testimonies that after putting in action Smith’s methodology they have achieved growth, partnering with other marketers as well as having more subscription in their accounts, and more production in their businesses. 

Sprout Social

This blog provides commerce experts with the upgraded facebook notes and instruction in the social media village. It gives attention to commerce new trends for instance usage of emoji effectively in the world of advertising and commerce and thereby creating online campaigns for smooth interactions with the customers. They assist entrepreneurs in commerce activities such as joint firms where they can monitor their detail ration, systems, findings, computing and connections with other platforms.


It deals with latest information about marketing blueprint and discussions on commerce. The blog has achieved nearly 4 million followers. It also has online business newspapers which shares motivation, inspiration, remedies to commerce and advertising challenges including content to help other entrepreneurs to grow from small businesses to large businesses. Furthermore, it gives a helping-hand to entrepreneurship beginners to smartly achieve their business aims in business through coaching them step by step. They campaign for acquisition of business skills in the commerce sector.

Razor Social

As the name suggests ‘Razor’ commonly known for sharpening. Razor Social blog has massive followers globally, this is because it gives free information on web commerce. It has sharpened many business individuals with commerce skills and tactics in all sectors of digital commerce for the success of the business. Some of the mechanisms it use for effecting commerce are; social crawlytics for showing findings shared in the social media medium it as well identifies internet errors made in business and relatively fixes the matter through their website.

Agora Pulse

It has been ranked as the most efficient data monitoring software and offers essential information on commerce blueprint. It helps business individuals and organizations in the element of supervising their and managing their facebook accounts. It has all research resources in marketing and advertising such as contester research, leverage of followers and recommendations. This is done to ensure they influence a large number of individuals and for bettering their services.


It is one of the blogs that deals with commerce, sales and successful customer satisfaction also has intuition in commerce planning. It has about half million subscribers. It ensures that the clients are satisfied and equips entrepreneurs with materials to create ideas for their marketing and advertising. Additionally, it deals with customer care in handling issues and giving solutions to the problem to promote marketing. It offers commerce and advertising hints such as guidelines to involving your target individuals on Facebook channel this can be done through use of appropriate pictures, video clips, or audios effectively.

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