Top 10 Mind Blowing Indian Hackers You Should Know

As the word hacker is heard somewhere we straightaway think that there is someone making an unauthorized access to a site or any other thing so as to get some personal benefit. But there is also one more term known as an ethical hacker who is responsible for checking the strength of a site and evaluating the security. These hackers play a very important role for organizations as they are able to identify various threats to the enterprise.
Here is the list of top 10 amazing ethical hackers of India. Have a look at them below:

1. Rajesh Babu

Rajesh Babu is a very sharp mind and an intelligent guy who handles the security of many major sites of India. He has also worked in many of the government agencies. Now, he owns a company in Kerala known as Mirox Technopark. Black hackers are one of the dangerous hacker groups of which Rajesh has been a part.
He also owns a coaching in Kerala where he trains people for ethical hacking and now has an amazing cybersecurity team.

2. Falgun Rathod

Another name in the list of top 10 hackers is Falgun Rathod. Along with being a smart hacker, Falgun is also a motivator and has always dedicatedly given superb speeches on new technologies.
He is an active part of the government organization for the protection of major security systems. This cheerful personality is a great example of the society.

3. Vivek Ramcharan

Vivek Ramcharan is famous as one of the best security technocrats of hacking world. He is a book of knowledge on this subject. Till now he has saved many companies from getting hacked. He works as a security advisor for many governments as well as the non-government organization.
He has worked for many of the big industries like Cisco, Reliance and Microsoft etc and has boosted out their security systems.

4. Sai Satish      

Sai Satish is one of the best hackers of India and of course a very talented guy in ethical hacking. He is the youngest CEO and founder of Indian Server. He also assists students in the field of ethical hacking and till now he has managed to find out lags in many of the websites.
Also, he has provided security codes to these organizations. Along with hacking, Satish is also an active web developer, author, security researcher at Microsoft, cybersecurity member, and many other related things.

5. Pranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry is a very popular name in the world of hacking. He is currently working at Samsung on the post of senior vice president in research. He has developed out many of the protection software against hacking and is an inventor as well as a scientist.
Pranav has been honored by World Economic Forum as the young global leader. He has been a part of many renowned organizations like NASA, Microsoft, UNESCO, and Google etc.

6. Rahul Tyagi

Rahul Tyagi is another big name in the hacking world. For the corporate hacking protection, he has developed the module. He is the brand ambassador of one of the reputed IT companies, TCIL.
Till now he has written many books on the subject of hacking, wireless attacks, pentesting etc. He has worked with many companies like Spike TV, HP, Intel, Sony, Forbes and many more.

7. Sangeet Chopra

Sangeet Chopra is one of the best hackers of India. Currently, he is working as technical department head of Cybercure Technologies Private Limited. He is an expert of network defense development tools and has an expertise of ethical hacking. Also, he is giving training in cybersecurity, net training, and many other related technologies.

8. Ankit Fadia

Ankit is one of the amazing ethical hackers and also a superb author along with a motivator. He is working in the area of OS based tools and proxy website. There are many books that he has written on the subject of programming hacks, computer software, and other ethical hacking tools.
Basically, he hacks the OS and Networking system and proxy websites. He was also a host of MTV India show “What The Hack”.

9. Sunny Vaghela

The next on the list is CEO of Tech Defense, Sunny Vaghela. He tracked loopholes in SMS and calls. His efforts helped Mumbai and Ahmadabad police a lot to solve the matters of terrorism. He is passionate about hacking since the age of 18 years. He is also giving coaching to the students to make them professional hackers.
Sunny Vaghela developed the speech recognition system for the governor and many other things.

10. Rishiraj Sharma

At the age of 16, Rishiraj is the youngest hacker of India. He is a cybercrime consultant and is responsible for finding loopholes in the security system of many big organizations like Nokia, Yahoo, Facebook, Blackberry, Zendesk and many such other websites. He is a brilliant security management master and an amazing hacker.
These are some of the amazing hackers who have brilliantly helped the organizations to create hack-proof security systems and have helped the companies a lot.

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