10 Best English Classes for Kids and Adults in Singapore

In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to speak and write impeccably remains as important as ever. In fact, Singapore ranks commendably high on the EF English Proficiency Index, placing 5th on the scale and being the only Asian country in the top 10. Perhaps as a result of the Speak Good English Movement launched in 2000, Singapore’s standard of English continues to rise today.

With English being the lingua franca internationally, it is no surprise that such high emphasis is placed on developing strong fundamentals in English during a child’s formative years. It will grow to serve him/her well in the many years to come. In this article, we sourced out the 10 best English classes in Singapore, for your kid to have that head start in an ever-important language and life-skill.

1. The Learning Lab

A prestigious brand of tuition, The Learning Lab has a stellar track record in terms of producing desired results for your child. Aside from results, though, The Learning Lab’s various English programmes for different levels are guaranteed to hone reading and writing skills. The Primary and Secondary School English classes are focused on building strong fundamentals in all aspects of English, while the Junior College (JC) English classes will look towards tackling the challenging General Paper. Regardless of age, The Learning Lab’s English classes will certainly enhance critical thinking skills, develop maturity in thinking and allow your child to grow into an opinionated and thinking individual.

2. British Council

In our previous article, British Council made the cut for our selection of the top 10 tuition centres in Singapore, and for good reason. The British Council has been teaching English in Singapore since 1957, a whopping 61 years! Suffice to say, with native speakers as teachers, they have a wealth of experience and expertise in this field. Whether you are looking for classes for pre-school children or adults, the British Council has a wide range of courses and lessons for you to choose from. Every year, the British Council teaches over 20,000 students and help many others ace their entry English exams in Singapore, UK, Australia or USA.

3. Julia Gabriel Centre

Julia Gabriel Centre, unlike most other centres on this list, is not a tuition centre. They focus on developing holistic excellence in your child, through Speech and Drama lessons. Registered in 1991, Julia Gabriel Centre is a pioneer in offering innovative communication programmes in Singapore for all ages. Through drama, role playing or imagery play, they seek to build confident and expressive communication – these skills are quintessential of the 21st century individual.

4. The Write Connection

The Write Connection employs a unique teaching methodology in imparting key language and writing skills that are crucial for higher learning. Their Writing Enrichment and Prep Matters English Tuition provides comprehensive coverage of the skills needed to tackle all sections of the English examination at the PSLE level, while also developing a love for the English language. At the Secondary level, Critical Reading & Writing lessons are also available to stretch the persuasive and argumentative faculties of students.

5. LiteracyPlus

There are many perks to taking up lessons at LiteracyPlus – for one, small class sizes of up to only 10 students ensure that’s students are given more individual attention. With fun and engaging English lessons specially catered for Primary 1 to Secondary 3 students, students are bound to come out equipped with a mastery of reading, writing and speaking skills. Did you also know that the co-founder of LiteracyPlus, June Imada Lee, has 30 years of teaching experience and is a former President of the Society for Reading and Literacy (Singapore)? With such outstanding credentials, there is much to be learnt at LiteracyPlus.

6. LCentral

LCentral specialises in lower-Primary English lessons that promise to cover all aspects of the English language, in line with the MOE’s English syllabus. Through their four core programmes, Foundations, LaunchPad, LiftOff and Success, they provide comprehensive and detailed lessons that focus on the little details. Complemented by native speakers for phonics, local teachers bring along their experience to deliver fun and engaging lessons that will surely build the all-important English fundamentals of your child.

7. I Can Read

I Can Read is a powerful literacy programme for young children, developing their comprehension skills in their formative years. For pre-school children, the I Can Read Discover programme employs games, puzzles and story-telling to inculcate a love for reading. Later on, the I Can Read and I Can Read Plus programmes can build on that strong foundation developed in their nascent years, ranging from reading and decoding unfamiliar words to expanding their vocabularies. I Can Read offers a thorough syllabus directed at improving your child’s literacy when it matters the most.

8. My English School

For a simple yet effective English class, My English School offers just what your child needs. Lessons are more academically-focused, with the content taught being closely in line with MOE’s syllabus. In addition, resources such as practice and test papers will be provided to supplement the weekly lessons, gearing the child adequately for his/her examinations. If you are looking for something more practical and academic-oriented, My English School can cater to your needs.


The creative and stylistic name WR!TERS @ WORK is a testament to what they aim to impart to their students. Focusing not only on the technical aspects of English, WR!TERS @ WORK unlocks the students’ imagination and creativity, allowing them to tap on a repertoire of ideas to write rich essays. On top of that, the teachers there use real-life scenarios to inspire the children’s minds through visual aids, letting those creative juices flow freely. Looking to spice up your essay? Look no further!

10. MindChamps

One of the many enrichment programmes that MindChamps offers is the Reading & Writing programme. Led by teachers with extensive experience, this programme differentiates itself from the traditional rote learning or tutoring methods. Instead, focus is placed on developing the cognitive skills of your child, allowing them to learn how to retain information effectively, unleash their creative side and attain mastery of reading and writing skills. The end result? Your child will not only be proficient in English, he/she will also come to acquire important skills for learning that are applicable in other subjects!

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