Top 10 Best Electric Car Companies In The World

Electric cars are not just a luxury commodity, but they are also contributing towards improving the environment. 

Though electric cars are expensive, it is a one-time investment as they do not require much handling fee.

Moreover, the advanced features make the driving experience rich and luxurious. Also, Electric Cars do not run on any gasoline engine.

They rather run through a motor and thus are eco-friendly, contributing 0% to GHG emissions. There is a wide variety of Electric vehicles available in the market, and some of them are listed below.  

1. Tesla

Tesla is the best electric car company in the world. By the year 2020, Tesla was contributing around 28% to the global market. Tesla provides the latest technology in its automobiles, and hence the demand is rising at the highest pace. Moreover, the appearance of the Tesla automobiles is top-notch and attracts many customers.

  • Tesla automobiles are loved by the majority of the population all over the world.
  • With the best appearances, Tesla automobiles are also rich in their amazing performances.

2. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance

Another brand leading the market of electric cars is the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. The brand is leading the market with more than 7 lakh electric vehicles and hence is doing great in the business of electric automobiles. The brand offers three famous electric automobiles, out of which Nissan LEAF was launched in the year 2010, and since then, there have been as many as 5 lakh units sold all over the world. 

  • The demand for the company has been rising ever since the brand is launched in the market.
  • The company provides electric cars with the latest technology, features, and great appearances. 

3. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a German-based company selling great quality electric cars and hence made the list of the top electric car companies. The company was launched in the year 1937, and since then, it has contributed amazingly in the field of automobiles. Recently, their electric cars are also launched in the market and are contributing to the success of the company. 

  • Volkswagen crossed the sales of Toyota in the year 2016-17 and became the top automaker globally. 
  • The e-up and e-Golf are the two models that Volkswagen offers as electric cars, and both models are equally loved by customers. 

4. BYD

BYD can be considered the best electric car company in the world. The brand offers great-looking electric cars with unique features and the latest technologies. Hence, it is another most loved electric car brands all over the world. The company was formed during the mid-90s but has recently introduced its electric car range. 

  • The BYD launched its range of electric cars in 2014, and the demand has only risen since then. 
  • The company is flourishing in the field of automobiles and comes with a wide range of options for customers to choose from.

5. Kia

Kia is a sub-company under Hyundai Motors and is the largest automobile firm in South Korea. Both companies are now looking forward to ruling the Indian market by launching great varieties of electric cars in India. India has had as many as six launches in the last three years, and all the varieties have contributed to great sales. Hence, the demand for Kia automobiles is reaching heights.

  • The quality that the customers love Kia automobiles offer and hence the rising popularity. 
  • Both companies contribute to the international market and are amongst the leading electric car companies.

6. BMW

BMW  is another great name in the electric car industry. It is one of the most famous as well as luxurious brands and offers excellent quality automobiles. The brand was launched in 2011 and has been on the top list ever since. Although the BMW automobiles are expensive, it is again a one-time investment.

  • With an electric car, you are not just living a luxurious life but also contributing towards the betterment of the environment.
  • The company started by selling only two models, but now as many as 5 lakh units are already sold.

7. General Motors Corporation

The corporation is an American-based firm operating worldwide and delivering one of the best qualities of electric cars in the world. Moreover, the brand also has a range of reasonable prices starting from USD 37,500; hence, you will always have great choices with General Motors Corporation. 

  • The company’s divisions are known for receiving awards for their eco-friendly yet advanced features. 
  • The company has been receiving awards since 2009, and they have only done better afterward.
  •  Hence, you can always consider General Motors Corporation when in search of an electric car.

8. Ford

Ford is a great name when it comes to automobiles. It is an American-based company offering top-quality automobiles, especially electric cars. Ford’s electric vehicle is among the most reasonable range that looks and feels convenient. 

  • The battery of the electric cars, if once charged, is enough for a distance of approximately 100 miles.
  • There are other varieties of electric cars that Ford offers. 

9. Toyota

Toyota made its name in the world of electric cars back in the 1990s itself. The company launched the first-ever bulk-produced electric cars and hence gained popularity all over the world. 

  • Having gained so much popularity by delivering the best quality automobiles, Toyota is now focused on contributing to the environment by producing electric cars that emit the least amount of carbon traces.
  • The company has been growing and intends to launch as many as 70 models of electric vehicles in the coming years.

10. Mercedes-Benz AG

The company is the oldest and one of the most experienced firms in the field of automobiles and thus delivers great quality electric vehicles. It is a German-based firm that has been working since 1926. 

  • The company is making electric vehicles infused with the latest technologies and contributing to the environment. 
  • you will never run out of options when it comes to the variety of electric cars with the Mercedes-Benz AG. 


1. What is the best electric car brand in the world?

Here is a list of the best electric cars in the world!

  • Tesla
  • Chevrolet
  • Kia
  • Porsche
  • Volkswagen
  • BMW

2. Who is the No. 1 EV car maker?

At the moment, the no. 1 EV maker is Tesla by Elon Musk.

3. Which company has the best EV technology?

Speaking of technology, the topmost company is Testa, and Toyota follows it.

4. Who is the king of electric cars?

Tesla Model Y is the most purchased electric car and is considered the king of EVs.

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