(Updated) .Edu and .Gov Backlinks – Boosts Your website traffic

As you all know building backlinks plays most important role to boost traffic of the website. Here, we mention about Dofollow .EDU, .GOV and .Org Backlinks for free. You know that one Education, Government or Organisation backlink is very hard to get for our website. Search engine loves High PR Dofollow Backlinks. It gets Higher in google ranking.
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Top Dofollow Edu Gov and Org Backlinks

More List of .Edu and .Gov Sites

How To Find .EDU & .Gov Sites For BackLinks

site:.edu “blog”
site:.edu “forums”
site:.edu “comments”
site:.edu “log in / create account”
site:.edu inurl:blog “seo”

  • site:.edu
  • site:.gov
  • site:.edu “blog”
  • site:.gov “blog”
  • site:.edu “forums”
  • site:.gov “forums”
  • site:.edu “comments”
  • site:.gov “comments”
  • site:.edu “log in / create account”
  • site:.gov “log in / create account”
  • site:.edu inurl:blog “seo”
  • site:.gov inurl:blog “seo”

Tips to get backlinks from Edu sites

  • Site: edu “scholarships”
  • Site: edu “scholarships links”
  • Site: edu “college scholarships”
  • Site: edu “list of scholarships”
  • Site: edu “scholarship lists”

It should be kept in mind that don’t ever truly time build large amount of links quickly otherwise it will be considered as unnatural by Google bots and might predict it as paid links, so better try to build slowly and naturally looking ways.
If you have any other High PR DoFollow Edu And Gov Backlinks which belongs to same category as above, then feel free to share with us in the comments, we would love to place it in above list.

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