100 Bloggers and Influencers In Dubai 

Dubai is a sparkling and beautiful place where life is a luxury, and Social Media influencers and bloggers play a vital role in society. Research has shown that every 4 out of 5 purchases are influenced by what they have seen online or heard online. Keeping up with trends is always on everyone’s mind, whether they are men, women, children, or grown-ups; everybody is staying up to date. Technological advancement is rapidly evolving, and learning and developing according to them is our responsibility. Dubai has become a major tourist destination and has become home to many national and international content creators. The bloggers guide us about good places, lifestyle, food, fashion and etc.

Different Types of Influencers and Bloggers

In this article, we will use the term ‘bloggers’ and ‘influencers’ interchangeably, as most of the popular bloggers are social media influencers as well.

Bloggers curate content related to a particular topic like fashion, travel, food, etc, while Influencers promote products or any trend on social media. But somewhere, both have the same meaning and work because they are conveying their message to the public in their own way or form.

Here are some of the most popular categories of Influencers we see today-

1. Fashion Influencer or blogger

The field of Fashion is vast and expanding day by day. Some key characteristics a fashion Influencer or blogger should have is a unique fashion idea, creative, eye-catching style and trending fashion knowledge. Increased usage of social media platforms came up with popular hashtags like #GRWM and #OOTD, which guide us when we struggle with choosing an attire or how to style it.

2. Food Blogger 

Need the inspiration to make a tasty dish? A food blogger is here to help you. They guide you to the way of food recipes, cooking tips, healthy dishes menu, food styling, and more. 

Food bloggers play an exciting role in inspiring food lovers to experiment in the kitchen, explore various dishes, and make healthy and tasty food recommendations. 

3. Travel Influencer and Bloggers

Travel Influencers and bloggers are social media or internet stars who make you aware of the places and traveling ideas to different locations. If you want to visit a new place, just search it on the internet, and you will get a whole video and reviews related to that particular location. Content made by Travelling Influencer is on the next level their mesmerizing photography, videos, tips, and tricks wakes up the wanderlust inside you and inspires you to travel and explore.

4. Beauty Influencer and Blogger 

Beauty bloggers and Influencers are known for their skincare, makeup, and beauty videos or blogs and use their social media platforms to share their tips and products.

Discovering the right beauty products becomes a very hard task in these duplicate products markets, but following the right beauty Influencer can help you in finding the right products for your skin. Beauty bloggers share their knowledge of beauty, fashion, skincare, and lifestyle through social media and help their fans with their day-to-day beauty enhancements. 

5. Health and wellness Bloggers 

Health bloggers generally make you aware of staying healthy and fit, healthy food and recipes, and above all, that healthy lifestyle for yourself. They advise you about nutrition, exercise, and a proper health routine to stay fit. Most importantly, you only need to follow those bloggers who spread positive messages because the mind is the first part that needs to be healthy. A perfect mindset leads you to the perfect health and lifestyle. 

So, these were some types of Influencers and Bloggers.


One of the most popular cities and a perfect tourist destination Dubai has become home to a high number of Influencers. Influencers of Dubai are famous because they turn unique glimpses into a beautiful luxurious lifestyle. This is not just all, Dubai influencers and Bloggers also support in increasing the City’s economy and helping in charity. 

With glamorous life, aesthetic content, and high social media followers, Dubai Influencers perform as a dominant force on social media platforms. The increasing popularity of social media influencers will remain active for the next few years. 


1. What are some of the most famous spots in Dubai for making videos?

Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Desert Safari, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Fountain, Burj Al Arab and etc, are all famous places for perfect video content.

2. Who are the top famous Influencers in Dubai?

Some of the well-known Influencers in Dubai are Casey Neistat, who makes content about his lifestyle, Dr. Ayesha Khanna, who is a futurist, Kris Fade, Lana Rose, Karen Wazen, etc.

3. How to become a famous Influencer in Dubai?

Through hard work and dedication, you can also become a famous Influencer in Dubai. 

  • Try to identify your niche. It’s crucial to know something that you are passionate about. It can be fashion, travel, food, technology and etc.
  • Once you start gaining followers, try to collaborate with other Influencers on social networking platforms by liking and commenting regularly on their posts or messaging them directly.
  • Hosting giveaways and spreading awareness about something that you are doing often leads to huge followers.

4. What are the famous domains of blogging?

Some of the most famous domains of blogging are travel, fashion, lifestyle, food, technology, health, entertainment and etc.

List of 100 Dubai bloggers and Influencer you need to watch out for

1Tosakul Anucha
2Laila Panni
4Diana Patierno
5Katerina al
6Julia ask
7Fatimaal Henyani
8Noor Star
9Elena on air
10Monika Sedki
11Saraamrani official
12Karina kapris
13Noelle Tannous
14Sandra Sahi
15Donia Lisa Zora
16Hiba Haidari
17Khati Bracha
18Pritika Arjun Kumar
19Nooral Huda Official
20Kelsey Johnson
21Larisa Costea
22Kristine Sanchez
23Arbaaz Bachne
24Kriti Jaisani Bohra
26Sania Mirza
27Adnaan shaikh
28Doctor Javier Soto
29Safa Srour
30Avital Cohen
31Zainab Al Eqabi
32Yousef Almohme
33Patry Jordan
34Renee Farah
35Deema Al Asadi
36Marilyn Solano
37Faisal Albasri
38Makeup by Fifo
39Dalida Ayach
40Kris Fade
41Victoria Lopyreva
42Taim Al falasi
43Hossam Seifelnasr
44Sami Slimani
45Melinda London Sharky
46Viki Goravskaya
47Ahmad Jaber Al Harbi
48Max Wyatt
49Devi Travel vlogger
50Mohammad khateeb
51Basil Elhaj
52Max Muench
53Haifa Beseisso
54Suhaina Binti Adnan
55Ahmad Qasim
56Simona Harbour
57Fata Hasanovic
58Usman rehman
59Kejsi Drenova
61Silvi Colombo
62Diana Al Nabulsi Official
63Hanadi Jaber
64Caroline Brookes
65Jade Katy
66Oumaima Es Sadiki
67Cheryl Besas
69Aya Faisal
70Hina Ashraf
71Stephane Clavel
72Ronaldo Santos
73Eissa reviews
74Reeman Ali
75Burkhard dietrich
76Jawaher Bin Jamhoor
77Perla Frandanisa
78Nazia Malik
79Safia Mansoor
80Ahmad Almarzooqi
81Ishita Shah
82Judy Sebastian
83Tala Soubra
84Emma Louise Carey
85Devina Divecha
86Tamanna Wahi
87Chloe Moir
88Dev j Haldar
89Rana Yassin
90Hessa Khalifa Al Khalifa
91Joelle Garabedian
92Shereen Mitwalli Butler
94Zehra Abdana
95Hagda Prata
97Asmaa Albahar
98Hassan Gabr
99Maria Taftesund
100Benyamin Jahromi

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