Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger, a social media marketing expert or anyone who works online, then you should definitely follow the latest digital marketing trends. Things have kept on changing in the digital marketing world and that’s why you need to focus upon the top digital marketing trends which will make you get success.
Nothing stays the same, and that’s why digital marketers too need to be flexible.
Any person working in the digital marketing space needs to understand that technology will keep on getting better.
By following the old trends, you may be able to make money but you may not get the success that you deserve.
Here are some of the top digital marketing trends that you need to follow in the year 2018

  1. Unique and Trending Content

Long content is definitely going to matter in the year 2018, but at the same time the value of unique content is going to keep on increasing.
People will want to read valuable content and gain knowledge by spending less time.
Content writers with unique writing skills will be in more demand in the year 2018. If you’re a content writer, then you need to improve yourself by becoming more creative.
Evergreen content will always be liked by people, but many people may prefer to spend time reading about the new and trending topics.

  1. Increased Use of Smartphones

As people will keep on getting busier, people will browse more from their smartphones.
Smartphone usage will keep on increasing and this will mean that you’ll need to focus on having a good mobile version as well as a mobile App for your blog.
As mobile internet speed will keep on improving, you may have very less visitors coming to your blog using a desktop or laptop.
It will be interesting to see the changing trends in the future and whether there will be new type of smartphones which will make working more easier.

  1. More Development of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology will keep on improving in this year 2018.
Already many amazing smartwatches got launched in the year 2017, and in this year there will be many more amazing smartwatches getting launched.
In the future, you may expect that people will even start reading blogs and ebooks using the wearable technology.
With the technology evolving more and more, people will want to make use of the latest technology to surf and browse websites  while they are traveling.

  1. Overcoming Adblocker

One of the trends which is gaining popularity is the trend of making use of adblocker.
Most of the people who regularly browse many websites and blogs daily block banner advertisements by making use of adblockers.
Bloggers and digital marketing experts who rely on banner advertisement for generating revenue will have to find strategies to overcome adblocker.
Adblockers may reduce your blog’s revenue if you rely on banner advertisement. You may need to consult experienced bloggers to know the different strategies they are using for getting a steady income and not getting affected by adblocker.

  1. Coming Up with Your Own Product

The best way to generate online income regularly in the year 2018 is by coming up with your own product.
Your product can be a very useful ebook or even an online marketing tool. It all depends on your budget and the skills that you possess.
If you have a popular blog and you also have got some creative designing skills, then you’ll always have the option of coming with a special responsive WordPress theme which other bloggers may want to use for their blog.
Before you launch a product by investing your hard earned money, try to research that whether you’ll be able to get potential buyers for your product easily.
Many bloggers have already come up with their own products and have been able to generate good revenue by getting good number of sales.

  1. Making New Social Media Marketing Plans

2018 is the year in which you’ll need to make new social media marketing plans.
Already the reach of Facebook Pages has reduced, and you can get good reach only by investing money.
You’ll need to spend more time on different social networking sites which may include Twitter, LINKEDIN etc.
Your social media marketing plan should be as per your time availability and it should target people who will be interested in reading your content.

  1. Video Marketing

Vblogging has become a very popular trend in the 2015 and 2016. In the year 2018, many bloggers are trying to give more time for vblogging. Every blogger may want to have a channel on YouTube as it will definitely increase the blog’s popularity.
If you’re thinking about having a good YouTube channel or making use of videos for marketing purpose, then you may have to do some investment. A good camera plus a high quality microphone will become a necessity for recording videos. Here is a list of best microphones for YouTube blogging which you should definitely check out.
A good combination of traditional blogging and YouTube blogging may increase your blog’s brand value giving you the success that you deserve.

  1. Try New Ways for Making Money from Your Blog

Google Adsense and Amazon Associates program are definitely good ways to make money online, but sometimes they may not be enough.
In the year 2020, you may be required to try out new ways of generating revenue from your blog or website.
Sponsored advertisement and affiliate marketing are the 2 ways that you should try out as soon as possible in 2018 as many bloggers are making lot of money just by focusing more on affiliate marketing.
The new emerging digital marketing trends in the year 2020 are a must to follow for every person working online. Bloggers and social media marketing experts will regularly need to update themselves with the new trends to stay successful in this competitive field.  These trends will be followed by digital marketers even in the year 2020. You can even check out my article regarding future blogging predictions if you’re someone who is making new plans for getting success with blogging in future.

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