Top 50 Bloggers & Influencers From Delhi, India (Fashion, Food, Health & Travel)

We at Blogging Ideas bring you such delhi bloggers whose blogs are being followed to those ends of the world which some people might have never even seen or heard about!

Top Bloggers of Delhi Who are Making Passive Income Online

Stunning beaches, ancient temples, awesome foods, Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, India has always been one of the most enthralling destinations. These are the amazing Delhi travel bloggers, who have set an example for all of us that, nothing can stop us from exploring the vast world and find new adventures.

Travel Bloggers of Delhi, India

1. Siddhartha Joshi – The wandering history-buff

Siddhartha’s blog offers a truckload of information about the places you typically travel to without knowing its significance. If you’re tired of visiting well-worn places that you’ve seen a million times on social feeds, explore some of Sid’s temple suggestions such as Alandi by the Indrayani river or Jyotirlinga at Bhimashankar. They’re a feast to the eyes and fresh spots for avid travelers to visit.

2. Ajay Sood – The camera-wielding wanderer

Ajay Sood’s blog posts are travel stories narrated in photogenic frames. From wildlife photography to culture photography, Ajay’s travels capture diverse delights that travellers typically seek. With destinations such as Europe, Indonesia and local cities in India, Ajay’s blog documents marvels that every sightseer would appreciate seeing when travelling.

3. Brinda and Poorna – The wanderlust couple

Brind and Poorna’s beautiful photography of its enchanting grounds and surroundings will convince visitors to go out of the way to pay a visit. With categories dedicated to diverse terrain such as mountains, beaches and waterfalls, travel Twosome has travel destination suggestions for any type of vacation you’d want to experience in India.

4. Ankita Sinha – The adventure-seeking fashionista

Ankita Sinha has tons of travel advice to present to her readers. If you’re a fan of hiking, camping in the woods or wildlife spotting, Ankita’s blog has stories and experiences for you to enjoy. A relentless adventure-seeker, Ankita’s blog describes travel escapades with activities such as road trips, skydiving, hot air ballooning, paragliding, cliff jumping, scuba diving, skiing, canyoning, ziplining, zorbing, wildlife safaris, bubble soccer, shooting, surfing, sae planes and segways and more.

5. Sudha Ganapathi – The travelling bookworm

From stories of The silk paper factory at Konigil to Uzbekistan: The food & markets special, you’ll find rare, less-mainstream destinations and experiences elucidated on Sudha’s charming blog. Her background of being a bookworm and mythology enthusiast weaves its way into her travels as she visits Harry Potter haunts, and 3 forts and a dakhma while “exploring a bygone era”.

Delhi’s travel bloggers have been globetrotting and documenting their experiences for years now. This active community of travel experts are creating content vying with international standards, helping aspiring travellers plan their vacations efficiently.

Delhi Fashion Bloggers

Delhi may not be thought of as a fashion capital compared to greats like Paris and New York, but these fashion bloggers prove the Chi knows its way around an epaulet. You won’t see many body-con dresses or cowboy boots over here. Over here, we slay (all day)! (Photos: All photos taken from the apropos Instagram account or blog.)

1. Rosie Clayton – RClayton

Rosie isn’t just the ruler of colors, shapes, and KILLER fashion on Insta. This girl comes with receipts. Her boutique, Roslyn, was a Bucktown favorite for almost a decade. Currently, she has her sights set on opening a craft cocktail bar because… well, why not do it all?

2. Hayet – Hayet.Rida

With nearly 20k followers and only a little over 500 photos, it’s easy to see where Hayet is heading — (fashion) world domination! Ladylike silhouettes is what she’s known for. Get into it.

3. Blake Von D – BlakeVonD

This law grad only recently started calling Chicago home. With her she brings a modeling background and high fashion influences, making people watching in our town just a tad more pleasurable.

4. Nancy – FancyNancista

Chicago shares Nancy with the West Coast, but we don’t mind. Her approachable vibe and true-to-herself aesthetic provides enough fashion fodder to go around.

Best Food Bloggers from Delhi, India

Food Bloggers in Delhi are the hot topics of the town because after all, food is bae. To satisfy your food cravings and give your hunger worms a treat, we have prepared a list of some amazing food bloggers in Delhi who not have explore every nook and corner of Delhi in terms of food but are also giving you yummy ideas to gift your taste buds a delicious experience.

1. Yishu Katiyal – Runawayonmyplate

The @runwayonmyplate food blogging Delhi page belongs to Yishu Katiyal who is a fashion blogger by profession. Here You can find the review of every place in Delhi which is known for its good food and ambience with @runwayonmyplate as well. Also, for your benefit they give genuine reviews on Zomato as well which you can completely rely upon whenever you are confused with the venue for an outing and thus end up with magnificent options to treat your buds with.

2. Nikita Verma – Iamdatingfood

Another Delhi based food blogger, Nikita Verma is the person behind @iamdatingfood. Nikita Verma is a firm believer that each dish comes along a historic connection which leads to the cross connection of people with various cultures. I must say, this belief is definitely unique and very beautiful. Also, Nikita feels that food is her companion for life and results in a very light and free mood of hers which is total love.

3. @desifoodswag

The National Capital is popularly known as ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’ the man behind @desifoodswag is an Investment Banker by profession but also is a dedicated foodie by heart and you can feel the same by visiting his Instagram page. You’ll find everything from the desi street food options all the fancy and decorated food items listed with @desifoodswag. All spots in and around Delhi have made their way on the page of this food blogger in Delhi so that you have tremendous food options to explore in and around Delhi.

4. @agirlwithfork

@agirlwithfork is the love for food portrayed by yet another food blogger in Delhi. An IT Consultant by profession, @agirlwithfood is the perfect epitome of a girl’s love for food as well as travel. So following her would be of dual benefit for you in terms of yummy food items to try as well as visit certain places which offer the best quality of food.

5. @f_for_foodie

Down the lane of the food bloggers in Delhi, you’ll find some amazing food bloggers apart from the list to follow as well. But let me remind you that you should follow them on your own risk as once you follow them, your Instagram feed will be filled with tempting pictures on an everyday basis and end up screwing your diet plans to some extent as well.

Personal Finance Bloggers

1. SafalNiveshak

This blog aims at long term investments, for those who look over short term investment schemes will be disappointed, it majorly focuses on achieving 100% profit and successful investment. The long duration investment offers they provide are being planned in such a manner to provide the client more and more durable offer with long term fidelity.

2. My Investment Ideas

This blog provides a platform to all finance experts and other investors to share their experienced ideas and acknowledge the different sort of investment schemes, their procedure, and the norms and all kind of ideas which needs to be modified for the sake of learning from demolished investments and then rectifying over successful appraisals.

3. Freefincal

This is one of the best personal finance blogs in India in which the customer is being told the best solution for investing, whether to invest in mutual funds or in providential funds or gilt funds. Proper guidance is provided for the client preparation on proper investment over schemes for the best for him.

4. The Financial Liberates (TFL)

This blog focuses over teaching various norms and tactics of investing money in the finance market and dealing with proper planning over schemes and strategies such that you go with proper guidance and support over the advised data of financial plans, proper money investment.

5. Good Moneying Financial Solutions

It is a financial planning firm founded and led under the mentorship of Mr. ManikaranSingal who a certified financial planner and SEBI registered investment advisor. The main aim of Good Moneying is that it makes you disciplined in money matters and helps you in taking informed decisions after studying your financial situation.


Who are the top 5 Instagram Influencers and bloggers from Delhi, India?

The top 5 Instagram Influencer And Bloggers from Delhi, India, are

  • Aashna Malani
  • Sanjana Sanghi
  • Shivaditya Barjatya
  • Mridul Madhok
  • Kritika Khurana

Do Fashion bloggers and influencers from Delhi get paid?

Yes, fashion bloggers and influencers get paid through collaboration with top brands, advertising brand products in their channels or official accounts, and by sponsorships. 

What is the most famous niche of blogging and vlogging in India?

Some of the most famous niches of blogging in India are

  • Technology 
  • Health and Fitness
  • Fashion and Style
  • Education 
  • Lifestyle

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