Top 10 Websites & Blogs Every Data Analyst Should Follow

In recent years, the fast-paced growth of data science has caused every tech enthusiast to want to flow with the wave. This is evident in the rate at which StartUps are emerging all over the world. And the timing couldn’t be better, bearing in mind that data science is still in the mushrooming stages, thus providing numerous opportunities. 

The good news is that even if you’re starting, you can catch up quickly with such resources as Youtube tutorials, data science books, PDFs, etc. Besides honing your skills, you also want to keep updated with the latest data science topics, trends, opportunities, and so on. And what could be a better place to access such invaluable information than from data science blogs and websites?

In this post, we focus on the top 10 websites and blogs that will enlighten you on data science. Stay tuned to learn what they offer, how they operate, and their relevance to the development of data science.

1. Data Science Central (DSC)

DSC is, without a doubt, one of the best independent blogs that contains every data science and significant data resource on the web. For novice data science enthusiasts, this is the right place to improve your knowledge-base and skillset. You’ll receive frequent insightful information and updates from industry experts who are always ready to engage and help you through discussions. 

What’s more, the site covers a wide array of critical topics including but not limited to coding, data visualization, technology, and analytics. Data Science Central also offers information about industry job opportunities, and they have a professional technical support system to help you with anything. Last but not least, the online resource provides at least four posts per week as well as a community forum for questions and discussions. 

2. Datafloq

Are you considering pursuing a career in data science? If the answer is yes, then Datafloq is one of the best online resources that will lay the foundation and make you eager to chase your dreams. Aside from data science, it also provides information and insights about trendy topics like big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence. 

The blog tries to connect the dots between data science and how to monetize it, i.e., making data work for organizations from a business perspective. The best part about Datafloq, other than the information and insights, is that it enlightens its users in matters like career opportunities, training, tech vendors, events, and more. Also, if you want to learn more about Cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT), Datafloq has all the resources. 

3. insideBigData

Are you ready to get to the inside of big data? This data science website has topics on big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, information technology, and business. It has news and editorial segments that provide information and insights about the clear strategies, products, and trends of the industry. 

There’s also a special guest feature where you can learn how to design data analytics solutions from the greatest minds. Some frequent contributors include IT and business marketing specialists, enterprise search specialists, data architects, academicians, and many more. Basically, if you’re interested in machine learning and AI, you better use this online platform. 

4. SmartData Collective

SmartData Collective is an online community resource that provides news and insights about such technical content as AI, business intelligence, analytics, big data, and data science. If you want to learn how artificial intelligence has revolutionized the online gaming sector and facelifted major gaming sites like the Book of ra, this site has all the information. 

The site contains insights on how data science can be incorporated in almost every field, including marketing and SEO strategies. Search engines like Google are already using data analytics and algorithms to influence local SEO successes. In essence, SmartData Collective looks at the entire tech field and aims to create a link between data science and business. 

5. Data Science 101

Data Science 101 addresses several topics related to data analysis, with in-depth resources to learn from. The blog contains countless papers, projects, and every data science discussion you can think of. They also have a Youtube channel and a Facebook group where learners and professionals interact to exchange ideas and extend learning. 

Apart from feeding readers with insightful information, the blog also provides job interview tips as well as heads-up on top companies to work for. If you want to learn and later start a career in statistics, data mining, analytics, machine learning, or programming, this blog lays the right foundation of data science for beginners. 

6. R-bloggers

If you’re an R language fan, then you probably have heard about R-bloggers. But for starters, R language is a standard used by statisticians and data analysts for statistical software development and data analysis. So, R-bloggers is a community of bloggers who write about the R language. The site acts as an intermediary between bloggers and users by aggregating feeds from participating R-blogs. 

As a user, you can discover R blogs you didn’t know existed, receive fresh content via email, and connect with other Facebook users. If you own an R blog, you can increase its visibility by adding it to R-bloggers. You can also improve your blog’s traffic via email digests and remaining active on the primary page with posts. 

7. No Free Hunch

The data science website, Kaggle, owns the No Free Hunch blog whose purpose is providing news and tutorials about the latest developments in the industry. The website is also a hub for data science projects, competitions, and discussions. It organizes forums where data scientists compete to create the best-featured data sets models. Moreover, big organizations usually post their data science problems and allow the gurus to solve in exchange for a prize. 

The blog also has notebooks, tutorials, and news features to help you learn data science from the elementary level. And the best part is that you can engage the competition winners one-on-one and pick their minds on how they solved the data science problems. 

8. Simply Statistics

As the name suggests, this blog writes about the statistics of big data, data science, and more. Three biostatistics locked heads to come up with this online resource to enlighten upcoming and established statisticians and data scientists. They post exciting ideas, contribute to discussions, and share advice.

If you’re in for the idea of using simple statistics to solve data science problems, this blog is for you. Simply Statistics also provides the perfect atmosphere of new statisticians looking to stick their feet into the industry. They arrange interviews with data scientists to discuss the career and the industry roles that come with data science. They also offer training for courses like Computing for Data Analysis through Coursera (a worldwide online learning platform). 

9. Reddit

If you’re enthusiastic about data analysis, data science, or machine learning, Reddit is the perfect place to hone your skills. This is a site where people can post news, relevant content, and contribute to other people’s posts. Being that Reddit is an enormous forum, it’s further broken down into subreddits that cover diverse topics. 

Some of the greatest subreddits in the field of data science include machine learning subreddit and the data science subreddit. They provide a chance for interacting with other like-minded data scientists and inquire and contribute to the topics in question. Besides connecting with other people and having unlimited access to news and content, Reddit also gives career and job search information, projects, tooling, and fun activities. 

10. Dataconomy

Dataconomy takes pride in being one of the few data science blogs with comprehensive resources. It’s rich in information and news about big data, data science, tech trends, and expert-based editorials. But that’s not all, this blog stands out among other online resources, given its commitment to helping starters build a data science career. How so? 

The site has numerous guides and an IT library to help newbies kickstart their research and education journey. As for the established data scientists who may not be contented with their current position or knowledge-base, Dataconomy provides regular updates on industry jobs and interviews. 

Bottom Line

If data science is something you’d like to pursue as a career, you have no choice but to be a regular visitor to these websites and blogs. Taking this step will give you unprecedented access to resource-based training, courses, job opportunities, explainer videos, competitions, etc. For data analysts and scientists aiming to improve their skills in order to handle their companies’ data better, these online resources will also help you. 

We hope that this post was an eye-opener, and it helped you unearth useful resources on data science. What’s your take on organizations’ future given the fast-paced evolution of data science and tech in general? Please share your thoughts below. 


What are some of the most leading blogs sites for Data Analysts?

Some of the most leading blogs sites for Data Analyst are

  • Forrester Big Data Blog
  • KD nuggets
  • Inside Big Data
  • Data Floq
  • Dataversity

Who are the most famous Data Analysing Bloggers to follow?

Checkout the list of most famous Data Analysing Bloggers

  • Kirk Borne
  • Ben Lorica
  • Andrew NG
  • Carla Gentry
  • Avinash Kaushik 

What are the ways of monetizing Data analysis Blogs?

Here are the ways of monetizing Data Analysis Blogs

  • Sponsoring content
  • Selling Products Digitally
  • Advertising
  • Giving Training Services
  • Affiliate Marketing. 

What are some Specialised and Useful Blog Topics for Data Analysts?

Let’s look at Specialised and Useful Blog Topics for Data Analysts-

  • Data Visualization 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Simple Statistics.

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