5 Proven Customer Retention Strategies for Your Ecommerce Business

If you need a continuous success in any online business especially in a E-commerce business then it is very essential to follow some strategies to retain back your customers. It is always as easy as to retain your customers than finding new customers. There are more benefits in concentrating on satisfying your current customers rather than new ones. If you build a strong relationship with your customer than that customer might do several purchases from you and finally he/she supports many products or services you release in your site. If a customer is happy then he or she might come back to your site and make purchases and makes you happy. Below are the several tips to retain customers for your E-commerce site.

Essential Tips To Retain Your Customer For Your
E-commerce Site

1) Provide Valuable customer support for any issues he/she has

If a customer makes a purchase in your site than after that make sure that you have a customer support team ready to handle the customer for any issues he/she has related to the product. You should always have a live chat and 24/7 voice support service to help customers. The staffs whom you recruited for customer support should be very clear about your products or services. The customer support agents should be very proactive in responding the customer query and assisting the customer.

2)Maintain the Email List and send regular Newsletter Emails

One of the top converting channels for E-commerce is Email. You should maintain a good Email campaign by sending a proper and variety of newsletters and also send notifications about sales and promotions you offer in your site. Your Newsletter should campaign should make the customer understand that your business is expanding . If you have added any new products then make sure that your customer knows about it. Include some thankyou or auto responder mails to send the customer who have subscribed at your newsletter.

3) Reward your customer with loyalty program

Also make sure that you reward your customers by implementing loyalty program such as offering incentives if they sign up for a membership. If you offer a loyalty program then it might initiate the customer to sign up for a customer account. You can try to introduce programs like free shipping or free samples etc.

4) Make a usage of social media to connect with your customer

Use Social Media sites like twitter and Facebook to connect with your customers. Create a brand page in massively used social media sites so that your customers will like them and comment on your postings about new product launch, deals etc., You can appoint a social media specialist who explicitly look over your social media functionality.

5) Give a splendid surprise to your customer

Surprise is been loved by all. Just develop a habit of surprising your customer with gifts and that need not be a expensive gift. Make the customer to feel that they are important and you are respecting your customers with a simple gift. You can also add some notes for a personal touch
Final Words:
These are really effective tips on customer retention for your E-commerce site. Making more conversions is really a big task in E-commerce site. More than that you need to retain back your customers for a continued success. Hope you got some ideas to retain your valuable customer back through my post. If you follow any other ideas for customer retention then please feel to share.

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