Top 10 Cricket Blogs For The Latest Updates

The fact that cricket is not just limited to any single country but is spread worldwide makes it one of the most loved sports globally. There are millions of cricket fans all across the world wanting the latest updates as soon as they are out. Hence the sport is among the most popular category.

You will find so many cricket blogs all over the internet. however, only a handful of them give the right information, without showing annoying ads all over the page. Therefore, it is best to find your cricket information from the best blogs out there.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 cricket blogs that provide all the information regarding cricket, including the latest scores and updates. 

Top 10 Best Cricket Blogs

1. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is a huge and powerful space for the latest cricket reports. The blog also has a large list of social media followers. It has more than 4 million followers on Twitter. Hence, Cricbuzz is one of the most popular blogging sites for cricket. 

  • The blog updates you regarding the latest scores and reports related to cricket. 
  • In addition to it, you will also find interesting features that only Cricbuzz offers out of all other cricket blogging sites.

2. Full Toss

Another popular and leading blogging site in the field of cricket is Full Toss. The site has been on the top list for over a decade now. Not many sites compare to Full Toss regarding the content they offer. Hence, the site is among the top Cricket Blogs. 

  • The famous vocalist and debater James Morgan has been a prominent part of the blog for a long time now.
  • He never failed to take the blog to the next level.
  • But recently, Morgan announced his retirement from the blog.
  • Therefore, the site might not be active for a while but it has contributed a lot to the world of cricket. 

3. Cricket Web

A well-known Australia-based website, providing a unique experience in the cricket blogging world. Essentially, the site is more of a forum that reviews articles on the sideshow. But the site is enjoyed and visited by majority of the cricket fans. 

  • Some of the recent articles reviewed on the website are focused on the psychological side of the sport.
  • Moreover, Cricket Web is one of the most appealing sites to visit.
  • The site is famous among cricket fans from all across the world.

4. Cric Blog

Cric Blog is an Australian-based website famous for the latest cricket updates. The site was founded by Charbel Coorey with the aim of covering majority of the cricket updates from all across the world and he has been winning at his aim ever since.

  • The site does not just offer the latest cricket updates, but you can also engage yourselves in the interesting cricket-related quizzes offered by the site.
  • The blog is mainly focused on IPL and writes interesting articles based on IPL.

5. Dennis Does Cricket

Another interesting yet unique cricket blog hosted by Dennis Freedman. If you follow Twitter updates related to cricket religiously, you must have come across many of Dennis’s blogs talking about the latest happenings in the world of cricket.

  • He not just blogs about cricket but also releases podcasts and other innovative things related to the same. 
  • Dennis has gained an enormous amount of popularity because of his interesting cricket blogs. 

6. Women’s Cricket Blog

Though the blog has only been published after 2020, it still has maintained immense popularity among fans. It is obviously because of the quality content they post as well as the popular Twitter account they have been running even before starting the official blog. 

  • The blog is well-known for updating with the latest news and information related to women’s cricket from all over the world.
  • This blog has been helpful in raising the popularity of the game. 

7. Inside Edge Cricket

The blog is more inclined toward English cricket. Inside Edge Cricket has been one of the best cricket blogs providing updates and analysis about the game. You will find many articles talking about recent happenings and covering the latest news about cricket in the blog. 

  • There are many interesting articles in the blog like, The Player Leader, England stars in the IPL, etc.
  • You can always visit the website for the latest updates about the game.


Wisden is among the best cricket blogs that post the latest updates regarding the sport. Moreover, they also publish their magazines that are released on a monthly basis and it is one of the most loved services of the blog. 

  • Not just articles but there are many interviews, news, and quizzes that are posted on the site.
  • Not only this, but Wisden also releases their podcast each week that takes you to the world of cricket.

9. Cric Viz

The blog is the best place to rely on while taking betting decisions. You will find a lot of useful data on the blog that will help you understand the game better and thus improve your analysis of the game. Moreover, the articles that they write are among the best in the sports world. 

  • Cric Viz also releases podcasts that are worth listening to.
  • Cric Viz is undoubtedly the most popular cricket blog and the work that they do is remarkably deserving of the fame they receive. 

10. The Cricket Blog 

The Cricket Blog is yet another famous blog in the cricket world. You will come across many interesting and useful blogs while going through their content. They talk about IPL, village cricket, and whatnot. 

  • The Cricket Blog has a unique range of articles that they post which are very different from the usual content that other cricket blogging sites post.
  • Though they are not regular with their article, the content that they post often is worth the wait.


What are the top cricket blogs in India?

If you are looking for the best cricket blogs to get cricket info, here are a few of them-

  • Cricbuzz
  • Sportskeeda
  • Wisden
  • ESPN cric info
  • Full toss, etc.

Where should I go to find live cricket updates?

You can find the latest scores and live scoreboards on several platforms, including-

  • Cricbuzz
  • Cricketweb 
  • Cric viz, and more.

How can I make a cricket blog of my own?

There are the following steps you need to follow to have your own cricket blog

  • Give your blog a name
  • Setup your website with a relevant domain and hosting
  • Write engaging content and publish your blogs.
  • Collaborate with sports bloggers and feature exclusive information that drives traffic. 

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