10 Best Websites to Help You Create a Fake Identity

You probably don’t want websites to use your personal information while signing up because they are highly likely to sell it to earn a hefty amount and breach your privacy. As a result, you put yourselves at risk every time you enter your information online. 

You can save yourself from serious inconveniences such as spam, theft, personal information leaking, and security breaches by creating a fake account by using that fake account on different websites. It is really important to protect your email and passwords as it is the most at risk.

This article consists of the 10 best websites that will help you create or generate a disposable, fake identity to protect your security and privacy on the internet.

Websites that will help you create a fake identity

1. Fake Person Generator

      Fake Person Generator is kind of similar to Fake Name Generator, but it offers more identity 


  • It works best when a website demands extensive information about you.
  • This website generates data like license/passport information, interests, biography, quote, security questions, and your favorite movie, colors, songs, etc.
  • It also provides a photo of every generated identity with neat consideration. For example, you can create your unique smiley by choosing eyes, a mouth, and a head by using the smiley generator.

2. Spin XO

Spin XO is a username generator that you can use for different websites at zero cost.

  • The website takes some information to provide your desired username. 
  • They’ll ask you to put your nickname, anime, hobbies, favorite words, or numbers to generate the username of your interest.
  • It allows you to create YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Kik Names.
  • You get 30 or more username ideas once you complete all the required information.
  • You can click again on the SPIN button if you want to generate more names.

3. Fake Name Generator

Fake Name Generator is one of the best and most used websites to generate fake names to use online.

  • This website is ad-free and provides a user-friendly interface to its users.
  • The website offers the Address, Name and Mother’s maiden name, Geo coordinates, Country code, SSN, BIRTHDAY, PHONE Information, etc.
  • You must select a name, gender, and country to create a fake identity. After selecting, click the generate option to generate your identity.
  • You can also sign in with google plus to view social security numbers and save fake names for later.
  • It also offers a smiley generator and some more free tools.

4. Online Name Generator

Online Name Generator is one of the best fake name generator websites that provides various names online to create a fake identity.

  • Online name generator offers many generators at zero cost. It includes a codename generator, company generator, product name generator, brand name generator, nickname generator, clan name generator, etc.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and provides no other information except different names.
  • It creates fake names, which you can use to make fake accounts on other websites.
  • This website doesn’t offer any other information except for names.

5. Faux ID 

Faux ID is another website that helps you create a fake identity. And it is one of the most used websites to generate fake identities.

  • This website will provide you with an SSN, phone number, address, age, ethnicity, bank details, credit card details, employee details, internet details, phone numbers, and cryptocurrency address.
  • It also displays the credit card provider, random avatar, country flags, and a QR code linked to the identity.
  • You can bookmark and share your information with others by generating a permalink that it provides at the bottom of the page.

6. Fakena.me

Fakena.me is an excellent fake name generator website with many unique and exciting features.

  • This website securely generates a random address, username, name, and email address with securely encrypted traffic.
  • It lets you save the random fake identity for 30 days; after 30 days, it will be deleted.
  • Fakena.me provides a user-friendly interface; you just have to click the generate fake name button to get a fake identity like gender, name, date of birth, street information, and social security number.
  • It also provides three more tools random fake social security numbers, Valid US addresses, and Radom English words.

7. User INFO Generator

User INFO Generator is also one of the most popular websites that helps you generate a lot of fake info.

  • You can create fake email addresses, complete contact information, phony identity, people’s names, credit card information, North American addresses, North American cities, etc.
  • This website is enough for fake identity generation. All you need to do is to choose an option from the sidebar and click on the build to generate a fake identity.

8. Uinames

Uinames is a simple tool that generates names for mockups and designs. Also, it is an ad-free site that provides a variety of usernames.

  • This website has a user-friendly interface with an excellent website layout.
  • You have to choose region, gender, and mode and click on a spacebar key to get randomly generated fake names by the site.
  • Uinames offer minimal features as compared to other websites.

9. Name Generators

Name generators is a fake name generator website that provides many surprising and exciting fake names.

  • You can get the desired information by choosing a name from the sidebar of the generator tool as per your preference and clicking on the name generator button.
  • This website offers a variety of names, such as a boy name, domain name, business name, brand name, and username.
  • It can sometimes redirect you to another website when you press the generate option.

10. Homepage Fake Name Generators

Homepage, Fake Name Generators, is a website that generates over 400 unique and realistic names at one time that you can use for various purposes.

  • It offers minimal features as it doesn’t provide other information like phone number, address, etc.
  • The website offers and provides a large number of first names, last names, and fake email addresses.


1. Is it okay to fake your identity?

It is okay to fake your ID online if you are doing it to protect yourself from being harrased or bullying online. However, it is notokay to create a fake ID when you’re doing it for malicious reasons.

2. How do you come up with a fake name for yourself?

It is super easy to create a fake name. It has to be unique and no one should be able to associate it with you. It can be your favorite anime character, favorite place, or anything that you like.

3. What is the name for people who create fake profiles online?

The term used to describe people who fake their identity online is ‘catfish’.

Catfishing is when people fool other people online via their fake ID. There have been instances of people luring innocent people and asking for marriage or bank account details.

4. Is faking identity online legal?

There aren’t any criminal charges against people who fake their identity online unless they harass other people on any social platform.

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