Top 10 Side Hustles for Students

Being financially dependent on your parents as a college student is something that most of us don’t want to be. On the one hand, you are juggling between classes, while on the other, you are looking for ways to buy essentials.

Luckily, making money online as a college student is relatively easy nowadays. All you need is some skills and the right platform and you are good to go. 

Online tutoring can be a great option if you want to make money as a college student. All you need is a laptop, a smooth internet connection, and some free time. You can teach a variety of subjects– from English to computer science. 

Here are the 10 best apps to find online tutoring jobs for college students. You can make use of these websites by cashing in the skills you already have. 

10 best apps for side hustles for students

1. is an online tutoring website that offers tuition on 40+ subjects

  • This is exclusively for US residents who are currently residing in the US.
  • Students who are enrolled in any accredited university/college are only eligible to apply. 
  • You have to devote at least 5 hours of teaching per week. 
  • The most popular subjects on include algebra, biology, chemistry, math, and Microsoft Excel.
  • offers a flexible schedule for college students.
  • At, you can make anywhere between $10-$15 per hour. 

2. BookNook

BookNook specializes in teaching subjects to K-8 students, including math, science, and English. 

BookNook is an up-and-coming online tutoring website for college students, therefore, you can get an opportunity here if you are a newbie.

Before you can apply, here are a few requirements to be a tutor at BookNook-

1. 3+ years of tutoring experience, online or offline. 

2. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

3. Alternatively, you can have 1 year of teaching experience and are currently enrolled in a credential program for teaching. 

  • You can tutor 4 students at a time.
  • You have to give a short interview as a part of the selection procedure. 
  • BookNook pays you around $15 to $20 per hour, depending on your availability and experience. 

3. Studypool

At Studeypool, you are paid to give exclusive homework and note-making help to students.

You can sell your notes and make money as a personal tutor as well. 

Students can post their queries on the forum and you have to answer them according to your expertise. 

On StudyPool, the per-question budget is around $5 and you can bid on questions asked by students. Once they choose you, you can get the money.

StudyPool takes up 20-30% as a commission on what you make. 

4. TutorMe

TutorMe is an online platform where you can go live and teach students from around the world on any of the 300+ subjects you have expertise in. 

It requires you to have some prior teaching experience and accepts applications from around the world. 

The best part of teaching on Tutorme is that you get ready-made lesson plans and you only have to give live lessons. 

TutorMe pays tutors $16 per hour and pays via PayPal.

5. Cambly

Cambly is one of the top websites for English learners. If you are a native English speaker or have a certification in English, you can sign up as a Cambly tutor and start teaching English to learners from around the world. 

At Cambly, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to start teaching, you can start right away if you have the right credentials t teach English. 

There is no limit to the hours you spend teaching students. You can make anywhere between $10- $12 per hour on Cambly as a tutor. 

6. Fiverr

You must have heard about Fiverr. It is a place where freelancers bid on various side hustles including online tutoring. 

You can make a free account and find online tutoring jobs on the subjects of your choice. 

This is not the best but a decent option to start with, especially if you have no prior experience in online tutoring. 

7. Magic Ears

Magic Ears is similar to Cambly since it also specializes in teaching English to students from around the world.

You have to be enrolled in a university degree to be able to teach at Magic Ears. additionally, you also need to have a TEFOL and TESOL certification.

At Magic Ears, you can make as much as $20 per hour. You will also get rewards for joining the class early and taking more classes than the rest. 

8. VIPKid

VIPKid is another online English tutoring website. It is an excellent option for you if you are a native English speaker. 

At VIPKid, you get pre-made lesson plans and 30 min long classes with a maximum of 4 students. 

This is an ideal online tutoring job for college students who are residing in the US or Canada. 

You can make $8 per 30-minute class and you can teach as many classes as you want. 

9. QKids

QKids is an online tutoring platform that caters to elementary school students aged between 4 to 12 years. 

In order to work with QKids, you need to be a resident of the US or Canada. If you are planning to sign-up for Cambly, Magic Ears, or VIPKid, you can also give a shot to Qkids. 

Here, you can make as much as $1000 per month, which is great if we talk about college students. 

10. PrepNow

PrepNow is a tutoring platform that focuses on exam preparation like SAT, ACT, etc. it caters to the needs of individual students, therefore, you have to make separate plans for individual students. 

There are tight requirements for tutors. You need to have at least 2 years of teaching experience, along with a score of 650 on SAT and 28 on the ACT.

If you qualify there requirements, you can give it a shot. 

Are online tutoring gigs worth it?

In simple words, yes, online tutoring can be a great alternative for college students who want to monetize their skills. You not only get financial freedom but also become more productive and add experience to your CV as well. Therefore, if you want to make money online as a college student, try online tutoring. 

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