Top 100 Christmas Blog Post Ideas That Boost Web Traffic

Christmas is coming soon, every blogger and online marketer seeks for the ways to boost their online growth and earn extra money. Wait for the holiday season is going to be over soon. We will have the shine of Christmas decoration in all stores, markets, and homes. 

Holiday music will be audible everywhere as well as people will start shopping for gifts. Christmas is such a big celebration across the world. To help you stay ahead of time with your audience, we have come up with this writing to assist you to know the top 100 Christmas blog post ideas that boost web traffic.

Search engines and social sites like Google and Pinterest respectively are very friendly to seasonal content because such contents are more relevant and directly tend to the users of the content. 

Creativity is not an easy job; however, with expertise and inspiration, a long journey becomes easier. It will attract a wide audience to your online platform. This writing will assist you in growing your blog during holiday times.

If you don’t have any ideas or are getting confused about blog post ideas, then stay with us and choose your favourite topic from the list given below. There are top 100 blog post ideas on numerous niches such as lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, health, gift ideas, fashion and more. Therefore, all kinds of bloggers will have enough blog post ideas to boost web traffic for the holiday season.

Lifestyle Christmas Blog Posts

Bloggers who like to write about general lifestyle, these Christmas blog post ideas will be a gold mine. These blog post titles will help you bring the spirit of lifestyle in your writing. The wait is over here. Choose the best title and start your guide.

  1. Your Christmas list.
  2. What are Christmas traditions?
  3. Your favourite Christmas decorations and their importance.
  4. Your past Christmas incidents.
  5.  Why you like or dislike Christmas.
  6.  Your lovable Christmas memories.
  7. Your desired things about Christmas.
  8. Why are Christmas decorations important to you?
  9. Why is Christmas important to you?
  10.  How did you spend your holidays with friends or family?
  11.  Top ideas to shop the sales.
  12. What you found for Christmas haul.
  13. How you celebrate Christmas on bed rest.
  14. Photos/images of pets dressed up for a holiday.
  15. How to celebrate Christmas while facing mental illness, injury, disability or illness?
  16. How you celebrate Christmas if you are introverted or shy.
  17. How does your Christmas celebration differ from others?
  18. The best ways to make Christmas special for your injured, ill or sick loved person on bed rest or in hospital.
  19. The best ways you celebrate Christmas in your lifestyle.
  20. What do you think about the importance of Santa in your life?
  21. Essential things you should keep in a Christmas emergency kit, to prepare a safe celebration and holiday.
  22. Create a challenge on Instagram to your followers and encourage them to join in.

Beauty Christmas Blog Posts

Wanting to keep your skin shiny, radiant and nice in this winter season is typical. People always find out the ways to keep their skin smooth in winter months. With these blog posts, you can keep your audience informed and capable of getting the best makeup looks for Christmas eve.

  1. What are the best Christmas fragrances?
  2. Know the top 5 lipsticks to use on this Christmas
  3. The best Christmas beauty pics of 2020
  4. Best beauty products to use for Christmas 2020
  5. Beat hairstyles for Christmas party
  6. Winter skincare products and routine to follow
  7. Hair-do tutorial on Christmas 2020
  8. Eye makeup tutorial for Christmas
  9. Your makeup bag essentials
  10. How to get ready for the Christmas party?
  11. Get ready with me for the Christmas party.
  12. Best makeup tips for this Christmas
  13. Easy and quick Christmas makeup tips
  14. Beauty tips for Christmas Eve / Christmas Party
  15. Review of beauty products for this season
  16. Unboxing the beauty advent calendar
  17. A round off on all Christmas beauty tips
  18. Choose the best nail polishes for Christmas
  19. Your favourite glitters eyeliners for this festival.
  20. What is the best beauty wish list?
  21. Your favourite candles for Christmas 2020

Entertainment Christmas Blog Posts

No one imagines Christmas or other holidays without entertainment. Check the best entertainment Christmas blog post ideas listed below:

  1. Best TV shows on Christmas
  2. Your Favourite films for the Christmas holiday
  3. Your most-liked Christmas books
  4. What are the best Christmas tunes?
  5. Your favourite Christmas songs playlist.
  6. Favourite files you can see at the Cinema at Christmas 2020
  7. Your favourite pantomimes to enjoy this Christmas.

Health Christmas Blog Post

Health and fitness are the most focused things on Christmas occasion as people consume lots of sugar in cakes, Chocolates and other sweets. However, people still want to keep themselves healthy and fit. You can help them with your blog posts.

  1. How to stay in shape during the Christmas period
  2. Have a healthy and tasty festival meal plans
  3. Keep your Christmas sugar free.
  4. Tips to stay focused on your health at the festival.
  5. Best health options to Christmas parties

Gifting Christmas Blog Post

Seeking for the best gifting and giving Christmas blog post then this conversation is for you. Here you can get lots of creative and amazing ideas on giving and giving on Christmas. Please make your gift guide simple to the audience and help them decide what they want to give to their friends and family.

  1. What is the best Christmas gift you have received from your family?
  2. The best and secret gift ideas for the Santa
  3. Favourite gifts for your friends
  4. The perfect gifts for your fashion lover friends
  5. What to put in a box for your loved one in need overseas
  6. Alternate gift ideas for the whole family
  7. What to gift to your loved one suffering from any injury at Christmas?
  8. Ways to help and gift people in need
  9. What is the best gift you can give to your pet?
  10. Gifts you can give to your loved one who has everything.
  11. What can you put in your Christmas eve box?

Travel Christmas Blog Post

Pandemic is not over yet, therefore, travel around this Christmas is very typical. But, the fun of travel should not be decreased. You can visit lots of local places to enjoy your big day.

  1. The best places you can visit at Christmas
  2. The best Christmas markets you can visit in your area.
  3. The best local places to see during Christmas
  4. How to save money on Christmas travelling
  5. Best travelling tips at Christmas time
  6. Places you would love to see in Holiday season
  7. Where to visit during Christmas 2020
  8. Best Christmas holiday destinations to visit
  9. Travelling tips while facing anxiety, disability, injury, mental illness at Christmas time
  10. Your past Christmas travel experience
  11. Your past Christmas travel nightmare and stories
  12. The best places to travel for Christmas shopping
  13. Best Christmas trip/days experiences.

Fashion Christmas Blog Post

Fashion is an ever-changing trend, and at festivals, it becomes more trendy. People go to buy the best and most adorable Christmas day outfits. Don’t forget to assist these Christmas jumpers.

  1. What to wear at the Christmas party?
  2. How to wear sequins and glitters to look more adorable?
  3. How to get ready for Christmas evening?
  4. Best and favourite slippers and shoes for Christmas eve
  5. Your favourite humpers to choose on this festival season
  6. What is your favourite Christmas jewellery collection?
  7. What’s in your Christmas festival bag?
  8. What is the essential clothing for your Christmas trip?
  9. The favourite accessories available this Christmas
  10. The best and favourite party dresses for this Christmas
  11. What’s in your Christmas jumper collection?
  12. Your favourite shoes for Christmas 2020
  13. Your favourite backless dresses for Christmas part
  14. What is your favourite party dress for special eve?
  15. How to look more stylish in your party dresses?
  16. What’s in your Christmas novelty bag collection?
  17. Your favourite Christmas jumpers for this season
  18. How to buy your Christmas dresses?
  19. Finding the best Christmas outfit without spending a lot of money?
  20. The best dresses to choose this Christmas
  21. Best outfit ideas for Christmas Day/ Christmas Party

Final Words

Hope this writing is helpful for you to get the top 100 Christmas blog post ideas. About blog posts around Christmas will make your festival season easier.

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