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The pursuit of excellence never ends in the realm of chess, where tactical expertise and strategic reasoning rule supreme. Thanks to the popularization of chess with the release of Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit,” Chess is finally getting the attention it deserves. 

Chess solver sites have become indispensable resources for gamers of all skill levels, from newcomers looking to hone their skills to seasoned competitors seeking an edge. 

These modern wonders provide a unique blend of computer brilliance with human-like analysis, providing invaluable assistance in comprehending the nuances of the game. 

1. Chess.com

Chess.com offers both casual players searching for a short game and serious opponents wishing to enhance their skills. It is one of the most popular platforms for chess maniacs to spend their time in.

  • With its user-friendly interface, vast learning tools, and varied variety of playing alternatives, it attracts players from all around the world. 
  • The website has an effective matchmaking mechanism that guarantees balanced and challenging pairings. 
  • The app’s interactive videos, lectures, and puzzles offer players priceless instructional content to further their comprehension of the game. 
  • It is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. 

2. Lichess.org

At the well-known internet chess platform Lichess.org, chess players of all ability levels can utilize a number of features and tools. 

  • After being introduced in 2010, Lichess immediately established a reputation as one of the top websites for playing and studying chess online. 
  • Chess fans all around the world rely on it since it provides a rich and convenient experience.
  • Lichess.org stands out as a robust and user-driven online chess platform overall. 

3. ChessBase

A well-known website called ChessBase acts as a gathering place for amateurs, experts, and students of the game. 

  • It is an effective program that offers a wide range of chess-related resources, tools for analysis, and community features. 
  • ChessBase has developed into a go-to website for chess players of all skill levels to study, analyze, and enjoy the game, thanks to its extensive database and simple layout.

4. Stockfish

Stockfish is an open-source chess engine, and it has become very well-liked among both chess experts and amateurs. 

  • Along with the engine itself, Stockfish also has a dedicated website that offers a number of helpful tools for chess players. 
  • The Stockfish website acts as a one-stop shop for chess players, offering robust analysis tools, chances to play against a capable chess engine, opportunities to learn openings and endgames, and support for a thriving chess community. 

5. ChessTempo

Popular chess website ChessTempo offers services to players of all levels. It provides a thorough framework for players to develop their chess abilities, analyze games, and test themselves with a variety of chess exercises and challenges. 

  • ChessTempo has developed an outstanding track record in the chess community because of its interesting features and top-notch content.
  • The enormous selection of chess problems available on ChessTempo is one of its distinguishing qualities. 

6. Shredder Chess

The way chess lovers interact with the game has changed because of the acclaimed online service Shredder Chess. It offers an interactive platform that not only helps players understand complex moves but also teaches the latest developments in chess. 

  • Shredder Chess provides a challenging and immersive experience for players of all skill levels because of its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface. 
  • Shredder Chess provides a choice of difficulty levels to suit your demands, whether you’re an experienced player seeking a dangerous foe or a novice player hoping to learn and develop your skills. 

7. ChessKid

ChessKid is a fun and instructive website created especially for young chess fans. Here, young chess lovers can learn the basics of chess and compete with their friends from around the world. 

  • The dynamic and user-friendly design of ChessKid makes it possible for kids to learn and play chess online in a safe environment. 
  • The website offers features that make it the ideal learning environment for new users. 

8. Chess Assistant

Chess Assistant is a comprehensive chess data and analysis tool that includes move computation and engine integration. With this website, chess players learn how to master complex moves and defeat opponents. 

  • It provides a large variety of games, a powerful search engine, and advanced analytical tools. 
  • Chess instructors, coaches, and seasoned players commonly use Chess Assistant’s high-quality tool.

9. Komodo Chess

Thanks to its internationally renowned chess engine, Komodo, this website provides chess players with a useful tool for game analysis and skill development.

  • Komodo Chess uses modern artificial intelligence algorithms to produce exact and analytical evaluations of situations and moves. 
  • The website offers a variety of tools and materials to improve the chess experience for players of all skill levels, from beginners to grandmasters.

10. Houdini chess

The well-known online chess calculator Houdini Chess has become extremely popular among chess fans all around the world. 

  • This website, which is named after the renowned magician and escape artist Harry Houdini, lives up to its moniker by offering a very captivating and immersive chess experience. 
  • For both recreational players and serious competitions, Houdini Chess provides a wide range of features and services.


Players now study and analyze chess positions much more effectively thanks to chess solver websites and next move calculator software. These top 10 chess solver websites and move calculator programs provide vital resources for players of all skill levels, whether they are beginners wishing to sharpen their tactical abilities or seasoned players exploring more complex plans.


1. What is a chess solver website? What are some of the best chess websites?

A chess solver website is a platform that allows chess lovers to be better at the game and have fun playing chess with peers from around the world. Here are some of the best chess player websites-

  • Chess.com
  • Lichess.org
  • Chessbase.com 
  • Chess tempo 

2. What purposes serve chess solver websites?

Chess solver websites frequently employ potent chess engines and algorithms to assess positions and provide the best moves in accordance with the game’s rules.

3. Can chess solver websites help me get better at chess?

Indeed, chess solver websites can be helpful resources for enhancing chess abilities. Users can improve their knowledge of tactics, methods, and the game as a whole by examining various positions and studying the proposed movements.

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