Top 10 Best Bloggers From Chandigarh That You Must Follow

The energetic world of Chandigarh has always fascinated people by their works on all the fields, whether it’s about food, health or blogs. They have been on top in everything. Chandigarh bloggers always try to bring the most up to date data to their readers.

Blogging is a skill which has the potentiality to convert any basic thing to extraordinary material and bring trendiest information to the followers.  

Here we have presented the top 10 best bloggers hailing from Chandigarh and helping people in many ways

Ruby Singh

When we look up to the top fashion bloggers of Chandigarh, Ruby Singh is one of the famous names to vouch for. Finding her in fashion shows and store openings in and near Chandigarh is a piece of cake.

  • Being a fashion blogger she often posts some styling concepts which expresses how crucial it becomes to style outfits rather than just wearing them.
  • Her following list is rising everyday. She has been writing since the last two years about fashion and communication and even owns her personal stylist tags and shopper on her blogs which elevated her fame amongst the fashion fanatics in the town. 

Namisha Patel

Namisha Patel, very famous face of the Travel circle from Chandigarh. After visiting various places she writes about her experiences on her Travel blog.

  • Dazzling Virgo Soul is her blog name and she posts every single day on her page so that her fans don’t miss anything about her experience in a new locale.
  •  She has some useful and unique travelling hacks which often helps her in visiting different places with ease. 

Pria Beniwal

Hailing from Chandigarh, Pria is a very popular Fashion Blogger with over 200k+ followers. 

  • She has regularly appeared in many modelling shows and Fashion shows conducted in and around Chandigarh.
  • Pria Beniwal was a Philosophy Honors student and won Delhi Time Fresh Face during her college days. She endorses brands like ‘Panchamrit Energy’ an energy drink and ‘My Greens’ an organic juice brand.

Debarpan Mukherjee

A blogger and an entrepreneur based out of Chandigarh, Debarpan Mukherjee has always worked his way up for the position where he is currently at, without any connections and shortcuts. 

  • He initiated his journey as a Tech blogger a few years back, now he is one of the best tech bloggers from Chandigarh. Gaining lots of respect and audience through that. 
  • ‘TechTrickHome’ is his blog name. Where he shares Technical updates, basic digital marketing information and tips about blogging.

Taani Sharma Biker

As the name implies, Taani Sharma is a well known bike rider from Chandigarh. She travels to different places and delivers all her experiences through her Blogs to the audience.

  • With her interest towards bike commuting and visiting myriad destinations, she has always tried to make it to every location that she is fascinated by.
  • Her energetic and wild angle towards life has always motivated her to do everything that helps her in reaching the goal.  Whether it’s about writing blogs or visiting several places.

Naina (aka Ritu Khosla)

She is a famous food blogger and storyteller. Ritu Khosla loves sharing her experience and inspiration of food that she makes or eats. So she started her own blogging channel named ‘Storyteller Chef Chandigarh’.

  • Her daughter is a model and is often seen in many pageant and even won Miss India Earth 2015. So Ritu had to travel with her daughter to several countries for modelling contests. That’s how she started reviewing and posting about food from different countries on her blog.
  • She gives valuable suggestions about food that she eats at restaurants and the ways of improving the food taste, price, quantity and presentation. 

Puneet Batish

Blogging runs through his veins, that’s what he says. By profession he is a lawyer but has always been enthusiastic about blogging. That’s why he started his blogging outlet.

  • In his blog he shares his ideas on latest technology and free legal advice. Only a handful of websites in India can circulate such exceptionally good content.
  • His Blog name is ‘Geek upd8’. He is originally from Chandigarh and helps many people through his blogs.

Aman Preet Kaur

AmanPreet kaur is a certified personal trainer and highly qualified fitness enthusiast hailing from Chandigarh. She is an ex-Indian Air Force officer and now writes blogs about health and fitness.  

  • With her will power and strong personality, she has beaten all odds that came her way. She faced spinal and four right knee injuries, after all this she still aroused as a powerful health and fitness freak with all her devotion towards her work.
  • She is a realistic ideal and also a published poet.

Manpreet S

When Manpreet S was in class 12th, he initiated his journey as a food blogger and now he is one of the best food bloggers from Chandigarh.

  • His blog name is ‘Street food Chandigarh’, he often posts about the food that he makes on his blog with some tips and tricks related to the dish. 
  • This food enthusiastic blogger and instagrammer is building a buzz and adding some oomph in the blogging realms of Chandigarh.

Swati Khosla 

She identifies her blog as ‘The Phulkari Girl’. Swati Khosla’s love for food gave her an idea of commencing her own Blogging channel and writing everything about the food she eats or cooks.

  • On her blog she shares her point of view on a particular food whether it’s about Quality, Taste, or giving suggestions on food or restaurants.
  • She refers to herself as ‘Work in progress’ which means, making consistent progress and evolving little everyday.


In present scenarios bloggers play a huge role in a human life as they teach lots of things to them. Whether it’s about life, food, Health, fitness or any vital work, everything is present in blogs.

Chandigarh bloggers have fascinated whole India by their progress in different fields and teaching many peoples about the essentiality of day to day stuff. Each blogger brings unique and special content to the user with an unwavering passion in their domain. 


What are the different kinds of blogs that I can post?

Here is the list of different kinds of blogs that you can post

  • Health and fitness blog
  • Fashion and styling blog
  • Travel blog
  • Food blog
  • Tech blog
  • DIY blog, etc.

Who are the most famous bloggers from Chandigarh?

Let dive into the table of most famous food bloggers from Chandigarh

  • Swati Khosla (Food blog- The Girl in Phulkari)
  • Debarpan Mukherjee (Technology blog- Tech Trick Home)
  • Ashna Gulgani (Food blog- Bite me up)
  • Pria Beniwal (Fashion blogger)
  • Namisha Patel (Travel blog- Dazzling virgo soul)

How do food bloggers earn money?

Let’s look at the ways of earning money as food blogger

  • Advertisement in your blog
  • Sponsorship
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling food recipes
  • E-books.

Do Chandigarh bloggers promote local businesses?

Yes, Chandigarh bloggers help local businesses by collaborating and promoting their products, events or services. To attract a local audience, bloggers’ content can do valuable marketing work. 

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