10 Best Online Sources To Buy Used Textbooks

Textbooks are storehouses of knowledge. They come in handy and give verified knowledge on anything and everything. They are not just for school students and college students but for everybody who wants to know something. 

In today’s world, you can get really cheap books if you know where to find them. There are websites where you can go and buy used books and use them for life. In this article, you will find the 10 best online sources to buy used textbooks and books. 

Top 10 Online websites to buy used books

1. Amazon

Amazon has topped this list as it is a legitimate website with cheap and refurbished books. You can buy all sorts of books from different genres and get them for basically no cost. 

It is a great website to buy your premier second-hand book. 

Used books do the work of giving you the knowledge you need. Moreover, the quality of used books isn’t that bad. 

Just visit Amazon.com and find second-hand books at cheaper prices. Also, if you are a student, you can use the Amazon Student deal to save some money on shipping as well.

2. eBay

eBay is the place where you can buy all sorts of used stuff, including used books. Especially in the United States, you can use eBay to buy your college books at half the price. 

The only thing you need to do is compare the used books from different sellers and buy from the cheapest ones. You can get as much as 70-90% discount on used books.

This is why many students use eBay as their source to buy course books. Moreover, you can also discover your favorites from fiction, non-fiction, comics, biographies, etc.

One downside of using eBay is the quality of used books. Since anyone can become a seller on eBay, you have to be careful while examining the product or reading the description. 

3. Chegg

When it comes to second-hand study material, Chegg is the go-to option for college students. You can also rent books from Chegg and use them for your upcoming semester. 

You can either buy used books online from Chegg or just rent them. It offers you to rent books for free for 21 days.

If you want to save up some money, Chegg allows you to save as much as 90% of your college allowance. 

If you are a college student residing in the United States, then Chegg is a must-try for buying used books online.

4. Textbooks.com

Textbooks.com is a dedicated website for buying and selling used textbooks online. It allows students to find the best deals on second-hand textbooks online. 

On the home page, you can see options like buy and sell textbooks. You can also use the eTextbooks option to go paperless. At the same time, if you have used textbooks, you can also sell books as well. 

At Textbooks.com, you can get 90% off on textbooks and if you buy books worth more than $25, you also get free shipping. 

5. Campus books

CampusBooks is a nice place for book nerds who want to get hold of the latest books for half the price. 

You can visit CampusNerds to buy and rent your college books at the same time. If you want, you can use the platform to sell books as well. 

It is also possible to compare books from different popular websites like Chegg, Amazon, and others, and buy from the cheapest source. 

If you don’t have time and have way too many options, you can use CampusBooks to find the best deal for used books online. 

6. Book Depository

Book Depository is an Amazon-owned website that gives cheap books to its customers at lower prices. You can find new and old books here at decent prices. It is always possible to find some discounts on books, especially college textbooks. 

7. Half Price Books

As the name suggests, Half Price Books is a haven for book lovers who want cheap textbooks. Here, you will get practically free books. 

On the website, you can get books for as low as 99 cents. You can filter books based on their prices and get a lot of books under $5. It is also possible to get your hands on first editions and signed copies. 

You can also find your high school, middle school, and college textbooks at a discounted price.

8. eCampus

eCampus is a place where you will find all sorts of textbooks for as low as 90%. You will also get free shipping for all orders above $35. The users can use the eCampus website as a platform to buy, rent, or sell textbooks. 

You can save a lot more money by using the points they give you when you do simple tasks like following their social media or signing up. 

9. Thrift Books

Thrift Books is a treasure chest of used books that you can get for a very low price. There’s an inventory of around 13 million used books. You can choose from different genres including manga and non-fiction as well. 

It is possible to choose the textbook’s condition and pay the price according to the condition it is in. books in the ‘acceptable’ condition as usually the cheapest. Some of them might have torn pages or chipped covers as well. 

10. Alibris

Alibris is a place where you can get new and old books. From recent publishes to classics, it has everything. You will be surprised to know that Alibris has more than 176 million books, therefore, there’s a high chance that you might end up finding the book of your choice here. 

To find heavily discounted books, visit the bargains section where you will get books for as low as 99 cents!


1. Which site is best for buying second-hand books?

Here are the top websites where you can buy second-hand books online-

  • Amazon
  • Chegg
  • eBay
  • ThriftBooks
  • Better World Books
  • Alibris

2. What is the best website for textbooks?

Here are some of the websites with the cheapest used books for sale online-

  • CheapTextBooks.com
  • eCampus
  • Chegg
  • Valore Books
  • CheapestTextbooks
  • CampusBooks.com

3. Where is the best place to buy online books?

Do you want to buy books online? Here are some of the best places to start with-

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • And more.

4. Where can I buy college textbooks online?

If you are a college student and want to buy books for your college, you can use your alumni groups and community groups to find people who can sell used books to you. However, you can also use these platforms-

  • SchoolChamp
  • eCampus
  • CampusBooks.com
  • CheapTextBooks.com, etc.

5. Is ThriftBooks owned by Amazon?

No. ThriftBooks isn’t owned by Amazon.

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