14 Ways to Build Audience Trust with Appealing Website Design

If you are running an online business, you will be familiar with the importance of audience trust. If you are going to ask your user about credit card information, email address, name or phone number then you need to develop trust first. In short, to get conversions, trust is the key to achieve the desired results.

Why is a website design significant for a business? If this is the question in your mind, then we are here to give you the answer. Today we will be discussing the things to build audience trust by having attractive web design. Furthermore, if you are planning to make the design of your website better. You can get in touch with the professional companies to avail Boston web design service from the expert designers.

How can I make my website more trustworthy? The answer to this question is listed below:

1. Devise a Plan

You might have a question in your mind, how to create an effective website? Well, for this you need to have a proper plan before you start the work. You just can’t start the work without any specific direction. You need to focus on your audience and focus on the buyer’s journey to construct the website effectively.

When you will be building the website keeping the audience as the center of your focus only then you will be able to win the trust of your audience. As your website will be fulfilling their requirements of an audience and they can easily search the desired products on your website. This ease will attract them to your website and they will trust your website.

2. Say No To Long Content and Stocky Images

Thinking how to do I make my website more user-friendly? Providing the best experience to the customer and proper structure it can help you to attract the audience along with building trust on an audience. You need to arrange your content in small paragraphs or build points to make it readable and easy to understand. If your content is long and not arranged then your audience is not able to read the information properly.

On the other hand, complex animation and stock images are also on the list that you don’t need to add on your website. You should prefer to add cool and attract animations along with the use of real images because audience like to see originality and this builds trust among them as well.

3. Focus on your Audience

To design your website in the best way, first knows about your audience. When you know for whom you are designing your website, you can do it properly. Knowing your audience will help you in building trust online as you will be focusing on the things that are liked by your audience.

Furthermore, you will add those things to your website content that will act as a solution for your audience problems.

Identify their needs and outline the things that can motivate them to buy from you as compared to other companies. You should know what your audience doesn’t like so that you should avoid it to eliminate the chances of not being hired.

4. Communication with Custom Typography

Communication is the key to gain the attention of a person. You need to communicate with your user through proper typography. We recommend you to go for custom typography instead of Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia etc.

Give your brand an identity by using typeface personalities. Serif typefaces having little face are classy and traditional whereas Sans serif typefaces are sleek and contemporary. Implementing this will give a new look to your content and your words will possess personality.

5. Right Selection of a Color That Makes Sense

When you are doing research for your market you also need to outline the colors that will go best with your market. It is recommended to choose two colors that will be representing your brand.

The selection of color will be beneficial for you and your audience. When it comes to you, you will get a short list to pick two colors. Whereas, for your audience it will be easier to remember your brand due to the specific two colors.

How can you choose the color? Well, you can simply look at your market and see what is liked by the audience and implement it. Keep your eyes open to see the combination of colors that are used to sell the items related to your product.

6. Narrate Story with Engaging Images

It’s a fact that finding a proper and attractive image according to your content is not an easy task. You may get tired when looking for the right picture but trust us, it is worthy in the long run. Adding attractive images is one of the tips for designing a website layout properly.

Your images are also telling a story when you select the right ones. Your image acts as a cover for the content you are going to share with your audience. Your image will engage your audience and they will love to read your content, which will result in conversion and more traffic.

7. Arrange your Information

What if you got all the good things but they are not arranged? Well, in this case, you are still losing your audience. When your audience is not able to search for the desired information they will not like to visit your website again.

How to increase website trust? For this, you need to arrange your information hierarchically. Thinking of how to do it? Start with the things you want your audience to notice first, like your company name. Place those in the start or on top. Then comes your catchy headline or image so place it properly. Now, they will start viewing your content, so your content should be aligned well.

When we talk about visual hierarchy, bold and bright word grab the attention of a reader. Make sure that your important content is bold, bright and easy to read. You should make the right use of white space as it draws attention. As we are talking about hierarchy so important information should be on top and less important information should be at the end.

8. Go for Instinctive Navigation

A proper flow is needed when we are creating a website. So, keeping your navigation smooth is the important thing to consider. If you have a WordPress website, you can install plugins and templates to enhance your site navigation.

Furthermore, to improve it you can also take feedback from your customers and user. It is worth investing time in this practice as you will be aware of their point of view.

9. Embed Follow and Social Share Button

As discussed above regarding the navigation of the website now, adding follow and social share button also makes the navigation and experience better on the website. It is one of the website design tips that can make your website worthy. When you are creating good content on your website, then sharing on it different platforms will extend your reach to new wider audience. Furthermore, when content regarding the product and services will be read by the audience they will trust and follow you to read more about your product in the future.

If your website is lacking in addition of share and follows button, then you are losing the chance of engagement with your audience.

10. Add Call-to-Action

When designing your website, you need to ensure that your user should know what to do next when he reaches on your website. Your user is blind until you provide him with some direction to navigate across the website. So, calls-to-action is one of website layout tips to consider when designing the website.

Calls-to-action button can be the helping element in this regard. They can guide your user about the next step to be taken on the page. Once you are done completing and arranging your content, check that either you haveplaced the button properly or not. You need to do this for proper guidance of your user. Some of the calls-to-action can be download now, sign up now, free consultation, and more.

11. Right Use of White Space

If you are looking to increase the readability, then you should consider using the white space as one of the website design tips and tricks.  White space is often referred to as negative space. It is the space that is without visual items and content. The negative space will increase the readability and will increase the content prioritization.

If some of the pages in your website are not having white space, then review the pages and see where you can add the spaces as this will help you to break your content making it easy for the reader to read and see partition.

12. Mobile Optimization is Essential

How to make a website attractive and professional? Well, mobile scalable website is the answer! Today, mobile usage has increased to many folds. According to statistics, 80% of the internet users are having smartphones so you need to optimize your website according to mobile.

Further, according to Google 61% of the user will not visit a mobile website if they face any trouble accessing it and 40% will go to a competitor website. So, this is a concern you need to keep in mind.

You should make your website scalable to mobile so that

your user can view on their smartphone. This will increase the effectiveness of your website and your audience can access through the mobile platform as well.

13. Increase Your Visibility

Your online presence is the key to uplift your brand and builds trust with your audience. This will happen only when your audience can access you easily. To enhance your visibility, you need to build an effective SEO strategy.

Your strategy will include the creation of content according to the need of your audience. Some of the content that you can create are the articles, blogs, video, and e-books. Remember one thing before you create the content you need to properly identify the keywords that your audience will use to search the products or services you are offering.

14. Provide Unique Offerings

Converting the audience into your potential customers is a goal of every business owner and for this, the website can play a significant role if designed well. One of the best way to attract user and convert them to customers by give aways exciting offers regarding the product or services that will attract the customers.

The online competition is very tough as there are many brands that are trying to reach potential customers. So, you need to come up with some exciting and unique offers that can attract the audience. Moreover, you need to offer quality products and services to build trust with your audience.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know all the essential points that need to be added to your website design to make it compelling. Now, think about what you are going to give your audience, except for the products. How to make your website trustworthy? To achieve this grab attention and engage your audience. You can share some bonus tips, extra information regarding your industry, products, share some stories of your clients, and much more. It’s all about giving. When you are doing it all for your audience you will definitely build trust and a good relation.

How to improve your website? If you are in search of this answer, then you can contact professional companies that are offering web design services; the companies that offer services through capable hands of skilled and experienced website designers.

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