7 Blogging skills to Master Blogging for a New blogger

Blogging is a word that used to existed for a very long time, but people or we can say the majority of the people were unaware of the word blogging. But in recent times, this word has become known to many and acknowledged by many, too; now people have started to understand the world of blogging and how much its flourishing and growing day by day. Blogging has not only become recognized to the world, but it’s like now a separate field or profession through which people are earning a good amount and making their names prominent in the world of blogging. After the recognition of the word blogging, it has become one medium to advertise the products too and to influence a large amount of audience too. Blogs really do influence hundreds of readers or the viewers who come across it.

Blogging an emerging field 

However, as it’s a newly emerging field, so many people are inspired by it and stepping into it to become the blogger, but the issue is that the people are confused and inexperienced and don’t know what to do in the world of blogging and from where to start. It’s obvious that initially whosoever steps in any kind of field are naïve and don’t know anything at first but after some time and after making mistakes, learn from them and then is able to move further to accomplish their aim set in blogging.

So the new bloggers or blogger to be, or those people who are thinking to step in the world of blogging and don’t know much what to do and how to master in the field of blogging so here is like a little guide for them through which they can have clear idea and direction that what they should do and how they should start the blogging and what things they have to keep in their mind in order to master the field of blogging. 

Passion and interest goes a long way 

Firstly, a thing to keep in mind is the passion and interest in being a blogger writing down the blog. People have a misconception that they can be a blogger even if they have no interest in this field, no that’s wrong, people who are motivated and interested in being blogger have such urge to accomplish their passion and to work on their passion those can only become successful in the world of blogging. But on the other hand, if the people think that they should step in the blogging in order to just earn money, then they might be having the wrong perception as everything can’t be about making money out of it. Sometimes you do follow your passion.


Then comes the content, it’s the most important thing in the world of blogging because in the end blogging is all about the creativity and the content which you are presenting to your large or small number of audience. So the thing is that the content which you are writing and posting should be interesting and attention-grabbing that the viewer won’t even get distracted by any other thought when reading your blog, yes it’s difficult to create such content, but the thing is this is how blogging should go, and this is how you can master in the field of blogging. Because when the content is interesting, then only the viewers will be waiting for your next blog to be up. Adding up to the content another factor which new bloggers or beginners should keep in mind is the originality of the content because original content is something which can attract the most of the audience because, in the world of blogging it’s now very easy that either the idea of the content is copied from other or the content itself and, copy-pasting or plagiarizing fellow bloggers idea is not a good thing, it won’t go a long way as the viewers or the audience will start losing their interest in your blog as after some time they will get to know that your content of ideas is plagiarized. So it’s good and essential to be original and create original content too, because that’s how you will outstand in the field of blogging, and soon you will be able to make the right name in the field of blogging.

Consistency is the key

Consistency in providing the content to your readers and viewers, because being consistent in any field is the key to be successful. So the same applies to the field of blogging. Try to be consistent, it’s very understandable that there are some days that bloggers don’t have any motivation to write down the blog and sometimes bloggers feel like they have no idea or topic to write down the blog, but the thing is that little push or forcing yourself to write the blog goes a long way. So when you as a blogger commit to publishing your content on specific days or on a daily basis, so as a blogger it’s your duty to fulfill the commitment whether you are feeling to write or not feeling too because being a blogger and writing down the blog is a big responsibility. And one main thing to remember is that the successful blogger doesn’t wait for feeling inspired and then write the content and then publish it. As there are many bloggers in the field, if you won’t fulfill the commitment of publishing the content, then your audience will divert to other bloggers, which I am really sure no one wants to lose their audience specifically when you are a beginner.

Engaging your audience 

Try to address what the audience wants from you. Try to come up with an interesting topic, and after some time, you will be well aware of what your audience wants to read or what kind of content they want from you to come up with. When you start writing such blogs, which are actually what your audience wants, they feel engaged because in blogging, engaging with your audience is very necessary to keep the communication with them is very necessary; that’s how they feel like they are included, and your blog is talking about them. And even try to engage with your audience through various media such as social media such as Twitter or Facebook, before posting the content or writing the content try to ask your audience what they think this is how you can master the skill of being a blogger.

Make it interesting 

The length of the blog, make sure that your blog doesn’t contain 1500 or 2000 words because it will be really hard for you to write this amount of words and secondly peoples span of attention is very less as the audience won’t be liking to read such long blogs, so it’s better to keep the blog interesting and short like around of 500 to 600 words. 


Marketing strategy, it’s like something which comes in a later stage when you are like have gained a good amount of audience, and now you can approach to the brands so that you can advertise their product through your blog and that’s how you can start earning money, but the thing is don’t only keep the aim of earning money through a blog but keep in mind that you will reach the stage of earning money after a lot of hard work and time. Never use your blog for any other purpose; you should only post that content for which you have started the blog; moreover, try to keep the communication with your fellow bloggers as it will help you to grow in the field of blogging. 

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