How to Motivate YourSelf for Blogging When Your Blog is Dying

How to Stay Motivated as a Blogger?
Bored from Blogging?
Not Able to Find a Solution for staying motivated to do blogging?
Then it is the perfect time for you to get some motivation to do blogging with the same passion that you had before.
Recently I heard one of my friends posting on a social network that he is bored with blogging even if he has got good profits from his different blogs in the last few years.
I felt disappointed seeing a passionate blogger becoming bored with blogging and losing the motivation to continue as a full time blogger.
This is the reason I decided to write this post to make every blogger understand that a blogger can always stay motivated as that is a must for becoming a successful blogger.

Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself In Blogging

1. Make a Change in Your Blogging Schedule

It is quite possible that you’re spending more hours just doing blogging or sitting more in front of your computer just because you’re addicted to social media networking.
The main reason which may make you disinterested from blogging is that you may not be time for your personal life and other important things that you need to do in your life.
By making a change in your blogging schedule, you’ll again get the interest to do blogging daily and it may bring a complete change in your life as an entrepreneur.
You may decide to give 8 hours of your day continuously for blogging or decide to not work for more than 3 to 4 hours at a stretch. When you’re making such a change in your blogging schedule, you should always choose the schedule which is flexible and totally suits the requirements of your personal life.

2. Hire a Content Writer

Quality content is always valuable, and it is quite possible that you may be going through writer’s block.
If you’re bored writing content, then it may be the right time to hire a content writer.
You may find out that there are many good content writers in your Facebook’s friends list, and if you don’t find any writers then you also have the option of contacting me. I offer content writing service at an affordable price and over the years I have only worked for clients who give importance to quality content.

3. Try Out a New Hobby

One of the things I have seen recently is that many bloggers are trying out new hobbies.
These bloggers now think of blogging as their full time work and are persuading new hobbies which makes them happy.
Photography is one of the hobbies that many bloggers are choosing. By becoming a good photographer, a blogger also gets the advantage of adding good pictures to his or her blog.
If you’ve got bored doing the same thing daily, then the stress will definitely reduce if you try out new things that interest you and makes you happy.

4. Travel to a New City or Other Country

If you’re blogging from years and mostly staying at your home for doing blogging, then it may be the perfect time to plan a tour.
Many bloggers don’t go to office and get bored staying at home. That’s the reason going for a tour in every six months can be the best option.
You should always choose the travel destination as per your choice as then only you’ll feel relax over there and will be able to get back to blogging with full motivation.

5. Enroll for a New Course

One of the best things you can do for meeting new people and learning something new is that you can enroll for a new course.
By going for further studies or a course, you may be able to get an interesting job in future or start a new business.
When you’ll start going to the institute for learning something new, you’ll also get the opportunity to meet new people.

6. Think About New Niches

If you’re a tech or business blogger, and bored because of the increasing number of tech and business blogs, then it may be the perfect time to try out a new niche.
Fashion blogging or food blogging can be a perfect option as you’ll get the chance to learn many new things and it will be almost like a totally new thing that you’ll be doing.

7. Switch to Part Time Blogging

Once you’ve decided that you want to go out daily and spend full day outside your home doing something other than blogging, then it may be the right time to switch to part time blogging.
You may try to get a job as per your qualification and at the same time continue doing blogging whenever you get time.
There are many bloggers who’re doing blogging as a part time activity and still able to earn good amount of money.
At the start of a new job, managing job and blogging together may become little difficult, but later on you’ll get habituated to it.

8. Take Complete Break from Blogging

After doing blogging for years and not doing anything else, you may become totally bored from blogging.
You may take a break from blogging for few days or even months.
Just make sure that you do all the amazing things that you want to do while you’re on a break so that you’ll return back to blogging with complete motivation.
While you’re on break, you can tell someone you trust to handle your blogs, and if you’re earning good profits you can employee someone to look after your blogs.
Taking a complete break from blogging may not be easy as you may think that the profits may reduce, but your mental health is more important and sometimes you’ve to rely on someone else for accomplishing your goals.
I hope that this post will make you find the perfect way for getting the motivation to do blogging. If you’re someone who has lost the motivation to do blogging, then comment below and I shall definitely get back to you.

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