100 Blog Post Writing, Ideas, Topics & Tips for Authors and Writers

Writing a blog is not a difficult task. People write millions of blogs daily and publish them on social media and search engines.

The main thing is to write a perfect blog that can increase the value of your page and attract readers to your site.

The purpose of writing a blog is not to talk about yourself. Instead, you have to tell the audience about your ideas and what they can learn from your thoughts.

Try to convince the audience with your words and write for them what they want to read.

Some people have an issue that they can’t find any topic to share with the public. That means they are unable to get a niche on which they can write.

Before diving deep, let’s talk about why blogs are essential for writers.

Importance of Blogs for Writers & Authors

To get into the top writers, it is necessary to publish your blogs that can help you to compete with the big fishes.

Here are some points that will tell you the importance of blogs.

  • Get connections

A blog is the best way to connect an author and a reader directly. When you publish your views on social media through blogs, it is easy to communicate with the author.

  • Bring traffic on the page

Writing an influential blog will help to bring more traffic to your page. In addition, it makes you more visible on social media and search engines.

  • Increase the worth of page

When you get more traffic on your page and readers will like your content, it will automatically increase the value of your page.

These are some crucial factors that a writer should follow to increase readers on his page.

Blog Post Ideas For Creative Writers

We will give you 100 blog post tips and ideas to quickly write on these topics and engage the audience.

  1. Always write unique content

While writing an article, always make it unique. Take the ideas from everyone but write them in your own words.

If you are short of time, try to use any article rewriter that can help to make your content different from others.

  1. Make your title strong

A powerful title will always attract an audience. Try to make your article catchier that can seek the attention of readers

  1. Talk about your topic

After getting started, stay on your topic. Don’t discuss the things that can distract the reader.

  1. Avoid copied content

Don’t use the lines that are already used by someone earlier. Make your content plagiarism-free.

To be attentive, use a plagiarism checker so you can detect duplicate text in the article.

  1. Make the intro striking

The introduction of anything can tell the entire context. So make your overview more powerful that can arrest the audience’s attention.

  1. Write short and authentic

Readers will love it if they get their answers in short lines. So, try to make it simpler and robust.

  1. Be honest to your audience

Make sure that the information you are providing to the readers is all true. Provide them factual information to build your trust.

  1. Use related keywords

If you are using the exact words constantly in your blog, it will bore the reader. Instead, use alternative keywords to engage them.

  1. Make outlines

If you are writing content without any outlines, you are wasting your time. Make the content catchy and easier to read.

  1. Make your idea clear

Never try to confuse your readers. Give them a simple material that can be easy for them to understand.

  1. Tips for growing traffic on a social media platform

It is the best blog you can give to your readers to please them. It is the era of social media, and everyone is trying to seek attention on social media platforms.

Try to give valuable tips to the readers on how they can generate traffic on their social media pages.

  1. Relate the fictional topics with your field

If you find it hard to convince your audience with words, try to make your topic fictional.

It will increase your readers’ interest, and they can easily understand your point of view.

  1. What can people learn on social media?

Every one of us is addicted to social media. So, make people aware of it and tell them how they can learn something new from it.

  1. Ask questions from the reader

To generate more traffic on your page, write such blogs to ask questions from the readers.

They will go to search for it and again come to your page. This is one of the best ideas to write a blog.

  1. Share the writing tips with them

Most of the audience visiting your page will write something new for them in their articles or other posts.

Give them tips about how they can increase their writing skills.

  1. Talk on current affairs

“Current affairs” is the best topic to discuss with anyone, and everyone will likely take an interest in this matter.

Write blogs on this topic, and it will improve traffic on your page.

  1. Discussion on movies and shows

Every age of person likes movies and dramas. So, write on this topic and give your reviews on any specific show.

  1. Write blogs on research papers

Research papers are needed for every student. Give them tips on this topic that how they can quickly get over this hurdle.

  1. Cryptocurrency 

No doubt, every one of us is looking for shortcuts to get rich overnight. Cryptocurrency can help us in this term. 

Have a discussion with your readers on this topic. There is no chance that any of the readers will ignore this important topic.

  1. Make your own—

People spend money on buying products from outside. So, give tips to the readers on any product that how they can make it at home.

  1.  Give your views on a product

Giving reviews on any product can make your blog post very attractive. So, try this in your blog posts.

  1.  Body maintenance

People spend a lot of money to make their bodies fit. Give tips to them in your blogs on how they can maintain their body.

  1. Diet plans

People who want to maintain their health and are diet conscious will love such articles and blogs. So, write on this topic to make them happy.

  1. Video games

Children and adults love to play video games. Tell them about the best games and their features.

  1. Small business

Write for the readers who are searching to get ideas about small businesses. Give them valuable business tips. 

  1. How to get success in life?

Tell people about setting their daily routines and how they can get success in life. It will be one of the favorite topics of a reader.

  1. Tell them the best hobbies

Some people can’t determine that what they should do in their leisure time. So, give them tips on this topic and tell them the best works they can do in extra time.

  1. The worst book you ever read

If you are already a good author, people will love to know about your life. So, tell them the worst book you ever read.

  1. Share the morning routines

State the readers what they can do in the morning. Provide them best tips by which they can set their morning routines.

  1. Write about a person who influenced you

People won’t mind if you tell them your success story. Express them as influential people in your life.

  1. Technology talk

As it is the time of technology, write about the best gadgets that readers can use to make their lifestyle comfortable.

  1. Personal development

Give your ideas on how people can improve themselves and overcome their fears.

  1. Give opinions on traveling

Everyone loves traveling and wants to know how they can manage traveling and office work at one time. Guide them in this field.

  1. YouTube channels

YouTubers are earning a lot of money from videos. Tell your audience the best tips for it that how they can make it on YouTube.

  1.  House decoration

Write blogs for people about how they can make they can make their house dashing through looks.

  1. Speaking at big stages

Some students are afraid of speaking in public. Guide them that they can easily defeat their fear.

  1. Sports 

Sports is one of the ideal topics to write a blog. A writer can write several things on a single topic and attract an audience.

  1. Money savings

Give your opinions on how people can save money and maintain their monthly budgets.

  1. Mobile applications

There are hundreds of mobile applications on a single topic. Give your opinions on the best applications.

  1. Automobiles

Every one of us is fond of luxury cars. So you can write blogs on the best cars and their features.

  1. Car’s maintenance 

You can give tips to the readers from your blog on maintaining and modifying their cars.

  1. Photography skills

Write articles for readers with which they can improve their photography skills.

  1. Best destinations

People who love to travel will look for such articles. Publish articles for them and tell them the best destinations they can travel to.

  1. Musical instruments

Publish the blogs on the music-related instruments and the best places from where people can get them.

  1. iPhone applications

Often, you may have noted that people buy iPhone but can’t use it properly. Give them guidelines on this topic.

  1. Tips for the cardiac patients

Try to give guide the patients who have problems with heart. Write beneficial tips for them.

  1. Write on the upcoming movies

One of the best things one can do while writing a blog is to discuss the upcoming movies. It can create suspense in the audience.

  1. Talk about the best…

Give your readers the list of best things on any niche to use that specific thing with a good idea.

  1. Yoga 

You can also write on the yoga tips that the writers will love and apply to fit themselves.

  1. Talk on politics

Make sure to add some crackers to your blogs. Politic talk can be best in this regard.

  1. Give views about best personalities

In the blog, you can talk about the best personalities who have motivated you the most.

  1. Share summary of any book

People who don’t have time to read books will like it if anybody tells them the summary of the entire book. Try this idea for such people.

  1. Funny blogs

To make your reader glad, write a blog on any funny thing that can make his day.

  1. Tell readers best websites

In your blogs, you can guide the readers on which website they can use for a specific purpose. 

  1. Talk about fast food

As every one of us likes to eat fast food. Give your audience an idea about the best fast food around them.

  1. Career counseling

Every person needs career counseling at every stage. Guide them in the best way that how they can improve themselves.

  1. Entrepreneurship 

Give your readers an idea of how they can generate new ideas.

  1. Cricket

Cricket is a hot topic to discuss. Everyone likes to talk on this topic, so publish blogs on this subject.

  1. How to make new friends

Although it is a strange topic, some readers want this topic. So, write for that particular audience.

  1. Cybersecurity

With the increase in online work, cyberbullying is also growing everywhere. Guide your audience on how they can avoid online mishappens.

  1. Recipes

For kitchen lovers, such blogs will be very beneficial. You can also write content on this topic to attract the audience.

  1. Starting online business

People who are new to online business always need some guidelines. Give them tips through your blogs in this regard.

  1. Computer skills

E-commerce is increasing every new day. Teach your audience that how they can compete with other people in this field.

  1. Review on brands

Giving reviews on any brand can make it easy for the audience to choose the best one.

  1. Make a list of FAQS

Readers have thousands of questions in their minds while reading a book. Tell them the related answers to any book.

  1. How people can make themselves mentally strong

Such people who are depressed want some guidance in their life. Tell them the solutions to their problems in your blogs.

  1. The technique of attaining what one wants

Give your readers an idea of how they can achieve the best things in their life that are most important to them.

  1. Loosening weight 

Fat people want every single tip with which they can lose weight. So, give them ideas about it.

  1. What should people learn?

Guide your audience in your blogs to what is better for them according to their interest.

  1. How do you come up with distractions?

Concentration is the best thing while doing a job. Write about the things that can help people to get over the distractions during work.

  1. Frightening moments of your life

If your audience is a fan of your writing, tell them the scary moments that threatened you most in your life.

  1. Hacks of life

It is the most entertaining topic for writing a blog. You can give tips to readers about simple life hacks.

  1. Preparation for interview

Many students get confused while interviewing. Write blogs for them and guide them to get full marks in interviews.

  1. How do you set the goals for the next five years?

The readers who cannot set the goals can get help from your blog if you write for them on this topic.

  1. Concentrate on goals

Readers will pay full attention to this topic as everyone wants to get some achievements in his life.

  1. Big things take time

Some people are very eager to get success in life. Guide them with different examples that big things need considerable effort.

  1. Most powerful countries

An exciting and straightforward topic for writing an article is to make a list of the most powerful countries and provide it to the audience.

  1. Travel and work at the same time

Guide people who love traveling. Tell them how they can make travel and work at the same time.

  1. Write on the stock exchange

Take a topic of the stock exchange and write on this niche. It will give people an idea about how they can earn money.

  1. Tips for a healthy life

Write the best things in your blog that can make the life of a person happier.

  1. Best cars in the world

The young generation is very fond of cars, and they want to discuss this topic everywhere. Make a list of the best cars for them.

  1. Best fields for business

Guide your readers by telling them the best fields in which they can get success.

  1. Importance of hard work

People want to get success even without hardworking. Tell the importance of hard work for success.

  1. Technology

Have a discussion on technology with your audience and communicate with them on the best gadgets.

  1. Pets

Most of your readers will love to have pets. Talk with them on this topic and make them happy.

  1. Best skills to learn

Write a blog on the best skills in demand. Guide people on which skill they can learn.

  1. Write about rich personalities

Publish an article on how rich people get rich and what is a lesson for readers.

  1. World superpowers

Talk about the superpowers and the advanced technology they are using.

  1. Simpler livings

Guide your audience in your blogs on how they can make their life simpler and more accessible.

  1. Write on an Islamic topic

This is one of the best I can tell you for a blog. Guide people for the right things with cites.

  1. How to make your boss happy?

A person whose boss is not happy with him can get help from your blog. Tell him what he can do to make his boss glad.

  1. How to become a good person?

Give tips to people on how they should treat their fellows in a good way.

  1. How to…

Write small articles on simple life matters that how one can do them and make life easy.

  1. SEO ideas

Give ideas to people who are new to online business and improve the SEO of their pages.

  1. Best summarizing tools for students

Students who want to get their assignments quickly want such tools. Write a blog on such devices for students.

  1. Things to avoid in life

Give your ideas on the good and bad of life and guide your readers on what they should evade in their life.

  1. Healthy eating

Give ideas on healthy diets that are essential for the body.

  1. Top fashion trends

Make a list of top trends of fashion that can make people look cool.

  1. Best captions for Instagram pictures

People who are found to use social media always look for such topics. Make a list of the best captions for them.

  1. Write fictional stories

To build the interest of people, try something fictional that increases the reader’s curiosity.


People who can’t get ideas on which topic they can write a blog can get help from this article.

Writing an article is not a difficult task. But to engage your audience is a little tricky, so follow the tips and make your words worthy.

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