10 Ways to Start Treating Your Blog Like a Business

Are you started your blog to earn money? not able to reach your dream of quitting the job and settle as a full-time blogger.

90% of bloggers come to this profession to earn money, but very soon they get demotivated because they don’t get immediate results and they don’t earn much money which can suffice their needs.

Some of us know blogging success takes time, but nobody knows how much time we have to wait to become successful.

If we ask any professional blogger how much time it takes to earn money from blogging, he will reply back it all depends on your hard work.

There are two types of factors which can influence our success.

  • Internal Factors which are in our hands
  • External factors which are not in our hands

Internal factor examples are keyword research, blog design, content creation, blog promotion, social media engagement, influencers outreach and so on.

External factor examples are backlinks, keyword rankings, income.

So if we do all the internal factors with proper planning and strategy automatically external factors will favour us.

Today I am going to share how to treat your blog like business to reach your goal quickly with time-bounded targets, plans and strategies.

How To Treat Your Blog Like Business?

1. Set Goals

In any business setting goals are mandatory to evaluate business at the end of the year, they keep one number which they have to achieve before completing the financial year, they divide the total target into months and work towards that goal.

Here in blogging, we can set different goals like, how many page views you want to get, how much income you want to generate, how many articles you want to produce, what domain authority to reach, how many followers you want to increase for each platform.

Set one goal for the year and then divide those numbers into months and weeks to simplify your goals and work according to your goals without any second thought, sometimes we may not reach our goal, it happens to everybody, even big businesses face this problem, they just change strategy not the goal.

2. Write An Action Plan

Everyone can set goals, but writing an action plan to achieve that goal is very important, an action plan is nothing but  writing a time-bound document about what you are going to do and when are you going to do.

For Example, your goal is to earn 100$ income in one month.
You should have an action plan how you are going to earn that 100$ like

Freelance writing 25$, Adsense income 20$, web design work 30$, affiliate income 25$ then you should mention a time frame for that to complete.

3. Evaluate Present strategy

Now we have a goal and an action plan to achieve that goal but after completing one month, we will get results data in our hand whether it is good results or bad results we should evaluate the evaluate the present strategy to find out which steps or actions given you good results and which are not.

If you know the strategies or actions which are helping you to grow then you can expand those actions further to grow your brand quickly without wasting time on other strategies.

Evaluation process helps us to rectify the problems in our action plan and it points out whether we are working according to our plan or not if we are not executing the action plan.

4. Build Blog Audience

Every business depends on end user(customer) blog success depends on visitors, so we should concentrate on building an audience for our blog, how you are going to builds audience depends on your strategy you follow.

If your blog is new then you are not going to get organic traffic as established blog so you should concentrate on building traffic through other mediums like social media, blogger communities, forums and email subscribers.

The email list is the best option to build blog audience if you start collecting emails from the day one then you can easily reach page views goals.

Nathalie Lussier is the super expert in building list, I have taken her 30 day list building challenge (Free Ecourse) which helped me to understand how to strategies our list building action plan, I recommend to opt for her challenge to build list.

5. Measure results

Measure results for every action you do on your blog, for example, you wrote one article about  how to choose the right keywords to get organic traffic, check how people are reacting to that post, engage with the readers to know what are other problems they are facing related to that topic.

If you don’t find any engagement on that post then choose another topic which improves engagement, test and trail every aspect of your blog to know what works and what not works.

Once you start measuring results you will come to know what people want then you can plan your strategy according to their needs.

6. Set A monthly budget To promote

No business survives without proper marketing, so many bloggers are not interested in investing on their blog including me, my initial days of blogging I neglected to pay 19$ every month to Aweber for building an email list, later I came to know what mistake I did neglecting building list.

Now I am investing all my earned money in promoting my blog to reach more audience, once we establish our brand we can easily get that investment back through blog income.

One thing we have to remember is our blog income depends on our traffic, so investing money in building blog audience not going to waste if you have started your blog recently then set a monthly budget to promote your blog based on your affordability.

7. Find out what is lacking

Evaluation process and measuring results will help us to find out what we are lacking internally, but we don’t know what we are lacking comparative to the competitors.

List out top 10 competitors of your niche, subscribe to their newsletters, closely monitor every step of theirs to know what we are lacking, it can be anything like blog design, tools they are using, affiliate products they are promoting, content they are publishing, backlinks they are getting and so on.

If you find something new or good immediately start implementing those things on your blog.

8. Be practical

Writing a plan is simple but executing that plan is difficult, so try to be practical when you are setting goals or writing an action plan.

Invest money if you are confident about yourself to get money back, it all depends on our thinking so be practical.

9. Track expenses And Income

I set my goal for two years and I am writing down all my expenses I am investing on my blog from day one, recently I started earning money I am also writing down all my income to know whether I am moving on the right direction or not, even if don’t earn money I am going to invest on my blog for this period.

I think everybody is doing it when you write down and look at these expenses you will get the desire to earn that money back and automatically you will work hard towards your goal.

10. Be Patient And Stay Focused

Patience is the success mantra for blogging success, one social media influencer can change your blog’s fate by mentioning your name on his post, or one guest post can bring lots of traffic to your blog, one keyword ranking in Google can open the floodgates for traffic.

So be patient and stay focused on your work anything can happen at any time, I am firm believer in luck, when we work hard luck automatically follows.


In this treat your blog like business article I shared my knowledge but most of you have different opinions about this topic, so I am requesting to kindly share your knowledge in the comments section so that other readers will get larger information about this topic.

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