Top 7 CDN Services For Your WordPress Blog To Speed up Load Time

Are you using CDN (content delivery network) services for your blog?

If not, you landed on the right post to know what is CDN? why should we use it for our blog? and what are different CDN networks available for WordPress.

When I started my blogging career I don’t know anything about CDN, even after knowing the information I was hesitant to implement this service because so many reviews on this services cautioned not to try this procedure without any expert help because it involves technical knowledge to change the DNS settings and so on.

Later I did some research on CloudFlare CDN to know how it works and how to activate that service for my blog, fortunately, I came to know that BlueHost is integrated this service to their customers with simple activation method, after that I gone through their activation process and started using it.

Now every web hosting company is integrating CDN feature to attract the customers and became mandatory to use it to improve the page load time.

Today I thought of sharing some good content delivery networks which are available for WordPress.

Let’s jump into our Topic

What You Will Learn

  • What Is CDN?
  • Why should we use it?
  • How to activate this service?
  • Available CDN Network companies

Top 7 CDN Services For Your WordPress Blog

What Is CDN?

We can call this as content distribution network where they have different data centres at different locations around the world when we activate this service for our blog these data centres will collect and store all our static files like images, content, graphics, scripts in their servers at all the places.

When a visitor requests to access our website through the browser it delivers the content from the nearest data centre to improve the page load speed.

Why Should We Use Content Delivery Network Services

CDN is not only useful for improving the WordPress speed it also helps to safeguard our website from brutal attacks like DDOS, SQL injection, bad bot crawlings, spamming, and so on.

These are very important to every website owner to optimize the website faster loading and to increase the security standards for his blog from threats.

So let’s start exploring top 7 CDN services.

1. CloudFlare

CloudFlare is the first choice of mine because I am using it from last one year and I am very happy with their services because my web hosting server is in the USA but CloudFlare has its data servers in India at 3 places so my Indian visitors can easily get static content on their browsers, CloudFlare is continuously increasing the data centers around the world.

I wrote a complete review article on CloudFlare which gives you all the information you need to know about CloudFlare, go through that article to learn things.

We can use CloudFlare at free of cost with limited functionalities which are sufficient for bloggers, as said before many web hosting companies are integrating this service for easy activation, if you are using BlueHost here is the video which shows how to activate CloudFlare.

2. MaxCDN

MaxCDN is the premium service with great advanced features which is useful for professional bloggers and organizations and their starter plans start at 15$ per month.

Some big brands like BuySellAds, TheNextWeb, TheWashingtonTimes websites are using their premium services.

Here is the list of some features

  • Purge and provision content
  • SSL Integration
  • Two step authentication for security
  • Edge rules to control the MaxCDN server
  • Works as caching layer to reduce the overload of main server.

3. JetPack Photon

Every WordPress user knows and uses JetPack Akismet plugin to control the spam comments and we do know that it offers other features but we never show interest to know about them, Photon is another feature provided by JetPack which works as CDN for images but it doesn’t have so many features like CloudFlare.

If you have a lot of images on your blog and not interested in using other CDN services then you can activate this plugin to improve image load time.

4. RankSpace CDN

RankSpace is another popular premium CDN service like MaxCDN with so many advanced features if you want premium security and fast delivery of your static files then we should go for this premium service which starts at $0.10/GB per month.

RankSpace set up and activation is very easy with few clicks and it goes live within minutes, once we activate the RankSpace it automatically fetches the content from the original server and stores the static data, you can have to access to control your website viewers by blocking the IP addresses and referring domains.

5. CacheFly

CacheFly is famous CDN service compared to the other competitors because they have super huge clients in their hands like Microsoft, Bank of America, Adobe, LG, Honda and so on.

We can easily estimate its power when we access some of the above sites like MSN and Adobe to know how static files loads in those websites.

  • 40+ data servers around the world
  • Easy integration and activation
  • Real time reporting
  • Instant purgin
  • 24/7 customer support

6. Incapsula CDN

Incapsula is another premium CDN service which has its own proprietary technology to cache the dynamic content which reduces a lot of bandwidth load on the origin server.

Incapsula minimizes page rendering time to improve user experience, along with this  it fetches the commonly used files from RAM for blazing speed of page load time.

  • Machine Learning Cache Technology
  • Self healing mesh network topology
  • Best Security Features
  • Rapid Cache rule propagation and cache purging

7. Swarmify

Swarmify is good CDN service if you use a lot of HD videos on your blog, it is useful to those users who have private e-course videos which are accessed to members only sites because you can not place these videos on YouTube and share it with your members.

Swarmify is also concentrating video segment website owners and they are charging $4.99 f0r 100GB HD video.


I hope this CDN services for Your WordPress blog article will help you to understand about this services and companies available.

If you are new or medium size blogger choose CloudFlare and Jetpack Photon to improve the page load time, if you are a professional blogger and ready invest money on CDN then choose one among the premium CDN services as per your need.

I request you to kindly share your opinions and experiences about this topic in the comments section.

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