Top 10 Best Topics To Start Your Blogging Career

Blogging has become a big part of the internet. We can say, as important as clothes are to us humans, blogging is to the internet. In the present date, there are millions and millions of bloggers out there in the world. Writing on various niches, on various domains, these bloggers have become a community in themselves. But the vast ocean of niches available can also create conflict and confusion in the minds of upcoming bloggers, as they would not be able to know, that on what topics they should start writing. So here we list 10 niches on which bloggers should start writing about:


Technology undoubtedly is a very important niche that you can write about. This is so because if there is something that is being updated every day, that is growing and will always be changing, it would be technology. This gives you a lot of benefits. One, you will never run out of topics to write. Two, you will always be growing. Three, after you become a successful tech blogger, you will be called by various companies and offered devices that you can review. Isn’t it great?

Blogging Guide:

Obviously, when there are new bloggers coming up every day, they would need guidance, the reason why you are reading this article can be that you too, want to learn a great deal about how blogging can help you. In order to become a ‘blogging guide’ type of blogger, you yourself should be updated about the various ways in which you can run a successful blog. Apart from this, give the bloggers some basic knowledge about various pillars of digital marketing such as SEO SMO, SMM, SEM. This would, in turn, benefit you as you would be a reliable source of information for all those people.

Your Passion:

Your passion can be the best need that you can write about. Although most bloggers write so that they can earn well from the internet, but if you write about the very topics that you love, you are bound to eventually earn big, as it is a known fact that if one follows what their hearts truly desire, success, which here is fame and money will eventually follow them. Another feather to the cap here would be that you will never run out of topics to write about when writing for the topic you feel passionate about.


Food is something that you will never find any haters about. There are millions of food bloggers out there and you too can be one of them. Sure there is a lot of competition in this niche, but still, if you post good quality content and are regular, in time you are bound to grow.


Health is another niche by writing on which you can earn extremely well. This is so because almost no one thinks about writing on health niche, a reason because of which the competition in this niche is extremely low, this serves as a factor because of which a whole lot of bloggers who have just started writing can start earning well. Not just that, the traffic of people searching for various health-related topics is really well and AdSense also pays really well here. Some micro niches that you can choose from are newly found diseases, Yoga, training etc.

Personality Development:

Personality Development is something that will never go out. An evergreen niche that can make you earn really well and grow at the same time. This is so because every day, there are thousands and thousands of people that search for various issues related to this. It could be how to increase their confidence, it could be about how they can increase their self-esteem, various ways to have clarity in life, ways in which they can be better at their relationships. All these factors can easily help them to lead a better positive life which you can guide them to, with the help of your blog.


Travel is another niche that you can write really well about. Not does it only help you get a whole lot of money and some sweet deals on a hotel stay. Not just that, being a travel blogger also helps you explore not just a state or a country, but the whole world, and that too entirely free when you become extremely successful and famous.

Internet Marketing:

Digital Marketing or internet marking is a very powerful niche. This niche is bound to generate good profits, the reason is that digital marketing is a field, a tiny part of which is blogging, and if you give information of the entire digital marketing you are bound to have good traffic on your website. This niche is highly successful and pays well too, just one thing, you need to be updated with the changing trends of this industry.


Career is another niche on which you can write well. This will help you in a way to earn extremely well through AdSense and sponsorships. There is a lot of youth that is looking for career advice and counselling, for which consultancies charge heavily. You, on the other hand, can write articles about that in your niche and qualify for AdSense. That is not all, as in time various institutes would pay you to write about them in order to gain popularity.


Fashion is yet another thing that would help you get a field to write blogs about. In today’s world almost every girl wants to be the next Kylie Jenner, and you know what? You can make them, by writing articles on the changing trends, makeup, latest fashion ways and such topics. This would not just increase your audience but would also bring various fashion brands to advertise via your website, giving you goodies and money.
These are just some basic niches on which you can write, in order to know more about blogging or any other topic related to digital marketing, enrol at Rahul Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi and get trained by the best Digital Marketing professionals.

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