Top 10 Best Banks For Current Account In India

There are various banks in India, but picking the right bank for the current bank account is remarkably important for anyone. Banks are the support system of a country as it provides crucial services to individuals and businesses, help in financial systems and manage a growing economy.

There is the significant advancement and continuous evolution of banks lately. For personal use savings account is the better choice, but for people who are doing business current account is the best choice. The main factor in choosing a current account is it provides flexibility and no charges for the number of transactions. 

10 Best banks for Current Account

Banks offer various kinds of bank accounts. One of the most famous bank accounts is a current account where money deposit is easy, and you can do as many transactions as you can in a day, not like a saving account. Whenever an entrepreneur starts a small business, a current bank account opening is one of the crucial requirements. And it becomes essential to choose the right bank which can ensure the safety and security of your money. 

Some important features you should look for while choosing a bank- 

  • Charges for ATM or Account maintenance, transactions, and other services. 
  • Revenue growth 
  • Security 
  • Online as well as Offline services 
  • Lowest balance requirement
  • Customer support
  • National and International banking

So these are some important factors to consider when choosing a bank. Now let’s jump into the best banks for current accounts in India.  

1. ICICI Bank

Industrial Credit and Investment  Corporation of India (ICICI) bank is a multinational bank of Indian origin. Present approximately in 17 countries worldwide. Thousand of branches of ICICI bank are available all over India. 

• It allows cash withdrawal without a card. It provides convenient and easy transactions. 

• Internet banking, opening online accounts, and banking through mobile all features are present.

2. Axis Bank

Axis Bank is India’s third-highest private sector bank and financial service. The headquarters of Axis Bank is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

• Axis Bank introduced a digital current account, which allows customers to open accounts rapidly in just four or five steps.

• To start a digital account, a minimum of 10,000 rupees is required.

• Axis Bank offers Travel insurance, motor insurance, Health insurance, Home insurance, and many more insurance services. 

3. HDFC Bank

Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) is an Indian financial service bank. It majorly provides house and business loans for Constructing and Buying properties. 

• Various banking plans is offered by HDFC Bank, from zero balance account to any desired amount, which totally depends upon you and your preferences.

• HDFC gives various offers in different seasons. 

4. State Bank of India 

SBI is the number 1 bank in India. It offers a wide range of Banking services and the most trustworthy banks.

• More than 22000 branches are present all over India.

• Their digital banking application called YONO (You Only Need One) offers mobile banking and easy access to SBI accounts. 

• Collection of funds and Cash management is best in SBI.

5. IndusInd Bank 

Indian financial service bank IndusInd is one of the most dependable banks. 

• Bank mainly focuses on providing personalized banking and has excellent customer support.

Choosing your own account number is one of the features provided by IndusInd Bank.

• It offers zero balance account opening. 

• Defense salary account is provided by IndusInd bank.

6. Punjab National Bank

PNB is one of the oldest banks and 2nd largest public sector bank, which offers unlimited transactions. PNB is owned by the Government of India and is headquartered in New Delhi.  

• Online or mobile banking services is available. 

• Minimum deposit of around 5000, which can exceed up to 1,00,000 or more.

• Account maintenance charges are Nil; loans can pass easily.

7. Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank gives you the opportunity to open zero balance accounts and provide separate accounts for businesses and personal. 

• Regular and premium are two types of current account openings available in Kotak Mahindra Bank. The premium has more benefits than the Regular one.

• This bank upholds free cash withdrawal, deposit, and the best part, there are no maintenance charges.

• Loans for businesses are specially designed for business growth. 

8. Bank of Baroda

BOB provides a customized current account feature so that customer can fulfill their requirements, for small businesses Band of Baroda offers the best deals.

• Unlimited transactions and very few account charges is maintained by them.

• To earn rewards and benefits on their balances bank offers a unique feature called the facility of auto and reverse sweep.

• Bank of Baroda supports best customer service system.

9. Citi Bank

The global entrepreneur’s ideal choice is Citibank as it deals with around 100 countries.

• Citi bank gives you multiple features like fewer bank charges, Immediate account opening and etc.

• It supports Health insurance, Life insurance and etc.

10. RBL bank

Ratnakar Bank Limited is a private-sector bank.

• It offers various kinds of loans, like startup loans, business loans, property against loans and etc.

• Fewer branches are available across India, and they also provide doorstep services only in selected cities of India.

• Good Customer support. 


The primary requirement of startups and small businesses or any business is current account opening. It can help you to apply for loans and can acquire investors. The different banks provide a number of unique features. 

These banks help in our economic growth, generate employment, and in many other aspects. They provide us with a convenient way for day-to-day Regular transactions. 

Instant Deposits, payment, and withdrawal features make the current account flexible for an individual. Zero balance account is also supported by some bank which is a good initiative. 


Which bank offers zero-balance accounts? 

            Kotak Mahindra Bank is one of the few banks that offer zero-balance accounts. 

What are the Benefits of opening a current account?  

Current Account offers unlimited transactions, which is suitable for businesses and even individuals. 

Which are the 3 top current account banks?

Here are the top banks where you can open a current account. 

  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank 
  • Yes Banks

In which banks can I open a current account online?

You can open a new bank account in SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank, BOB and etc. 

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