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Sometimes we feel that life is dragging us to nowhere with life just becoming a daily routine of working in the office and coming back home to get ready for working again tomorrow. In spite of doing everything we are not able to bring the desired changes in our lives to incorporate our hobbies and desires along with fulfilling our responsibilities. Everyone is not able to discover the exact opportunity, or they tend to lack certain steps in their life which pulls them into this cycle of a 9-hour job. Ultimately we realize that having money at our disposal is the only way in which we can fulfil our liabilities and live life to the fullest by realizing our desires and hobbies. Some jobs don’t pay well; and people are often left pondering over the thought that even after so much of studies and talent, we don’t get the proper opportunity to live our lives ideally.

Making money online

Nevertheless, the digital age is changing this scenario, for sure. There are many platforms through which we can follow our passion and make money as well. Many people are doing myriads of things and although their journey is not so easy since this too takes a lot of efforts; it surely provides a way to materialise things we expect from our life by proper planning and a systematic approach. Out of several options of adding weight to your pocket through digital world affiliated accessorial career options, Blogging has emerged as one of the most lucrative options. In fact, blogging has now evolved into a full-fledged career with people often found exploring the career paths of top bloggers in Bangladesh and all around the world. To follow our passion, we need to analyse the exact platform on which we can commence our blogging journey with a practical approach of implementing our plans.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

As compared to other digital domain endeavors, Blogging is one of the easier options to access for anyone for a start and serves good dividends too, as vouched by many top Bangladeshi bloggers. Many people like working professionals, homemakers, students, teenagers are following their passion through blogging, and they are also earning through it. There are several advantages of choosing to blog as the first step in the efforts to make it big in the digital world:

  • We can do this work from anywhere and all that is required is a device, desktop or laptop, and a good network connection.
  • It can be done as per our own convenience of time and space.
  • Blogging doesn’t specifically require a lot of investments, studying or certification from any institute or university. This becomes a big positive for people across different age groups and educational background.
  • It requires only some basic knowledge of technical aspects and one can focus on their content.
  • Anyone can write or do blog related to own field of interest, expertise or hobbies.
  • Through blogging we can inspire many people and gain popularity among them. The increase in the followers starts the money rolling in through advertisements accompanied alongside blogs.
  • There is no risk factor involved in blogging like it happens in any other conventional business or startups since it is devoid of huge monetary initial investment.
  • Through blogging we can be our own boss, we don’t require following orders of any company or a person.

How Do Bloggers Makes Money, and How Can You

Now that you understand the fact that anyone can do blogging if they have passion for doing something different in their life rather than continuing with their cumbersome daily office work centric jobs. Many bangladeshi bloggers have made it big through their blogs. There are certain steps involved to start with blogging before getting into money making phenomena. We have to consider these steps and also choose the field or topics covered in our Blog accordingly.
Advertisements are the major source of income for bloggers. These advertisements are fetched over a substantial period of continuous following up of a blog content by users. This is when the bloggers are highlighted by the AdTech and MarTech companies which handle promotional campaigns for brands in the digital domain. In order to acquire the attention of such advertisements which can become a continuous source of income for bloggers, it is very necessary to identify an established base of followers for the blog content. It is for this reason that popular bloggers in bangladesh would highlight the fact that it is imperative to identify which domain of users one is intending to target with their blog contents. It seems attractive to make blog contents which are aimed at general crowd; however, it does not help in establishing a fixed follower base which is achieved through targeted content like fashion blogs, travel blogs, food blogs, etc.

How to Make More Money Blogging: Niche Ideas & Strategies

Be it blogging or any other business activity or self-employment endeavor, the uniqueness of the content which is reaching the users is the most decisive factor for how popular it will be. Many bangladesh bloggers would highlight the fact that blogging universe has expanded leaps and bounds since its early days. Hence, in order to understand the effectiveness of the content, one needs to have a complete understanding of all the aspects concerned with blogging. This not only helps a naïve blogger to slot the blog content in accordance with its targeted audience, but also helps the blogger to fine tune the content to evoke optimum effectiveness.
Many forms of Bloggings have grown and evolved as different established genres of this field. Those approaching this field might be well aware of personal blogs and genre-specific blogs like those providing travel information, tech updates, fashion tips, cooking prowess, etc. However, top Bangladeshi bloggers would identify several more types of blogs. Nowadays, Collaborative Blogs have become wildly popular since it has more than one writer and provides information across different domains; thus catering to the need of readers who yearn multi-dimensional info on a single platform which is not accomplished by a single genre specific blog.

TOP 10 Bangladeshi Bloggers (RANKED) + Blogging Earnings

1. Istiak Rayhan

  • Road To Blogging

2. MSI Sakib

  • Tech Masi

3. Al Amin Kabir

  • Marketever

To conclude…

A testimony to the fast-evolving fast-paced urban life is the popularity of microblogs that involves small content being posted regularly. There are corporate blogs which are focused at only a closed-loop of audience in a particular organization wherein that organization is the biggest sponsor for the writer. Another trend which is fast catching up among several bangladesh bloggers is that of Reverse Blogging, wherein the users of the blogs provide collective input for the blog through a filter of data authenticator.

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