10 Bangladeshi Bloggers You Need to Follow

Bangladesh has seen its ups and down in the past centuries, and still, its economy has seen a great rise in the past decades. The Internet has opened a tap of unlimited opportunities for the youth, one such opportunity is blogging. Bangladeshi bloggers have become quite popular in recent decades in various domains like technology, travel, lifestyle, food, and much more. 

We are going to talk about 10 bloggers who are using the internet and their expertise to educate the mass and create their own businesses. 

Want to know who these revolutionaries are? Read more to find out!

Top 10 Bangladeshi Bloggers

1. Luthfar Rahman

Luthfar Rahman is one of the most famous bloggers in Bangladesh. Though by profession he is an engineer, he still is very passionate about blogging. He has been following his blogging passion for more than 7years now. You will find a variety of content in his blogs regarding marketing, technology, confidence, and whatnot. Luthfar considers blogging as a source of passive income and therefore makes a lot of money through his blogs. 

  • Rahman has been working with Bloggingadvise.com, guiding new bloggers about succeeding in their blogging careers.
  • Bloggingadvise.com is a well-known platform that promotes new bloggers and guides them with techniques and strategies that help them to grow at a faster rate. 
  • Luthfar runs many websites like Megaupdate24, Learn By Online, LRB Travel Team, etc.

2. Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is among the youngest bloggers in Bangladesh. He is well-known for his famous website RoadToBlogging.Com. He belongs to Chittagong and has been working as a full-time blogger. He also believes in sharing his experience about his journey so that he can provide guidance to emerging bloggers.

  • Istiak talks about various topics like SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Web Hosting, Social Media, etc.
  • Apart from RoadToBlogging.com, he runs many other projects like HostLater.com, WPLeaders.com, SetYourOffice.com, etc. 

3. Shahadat Hossain

Shahadat Hossain is an emerging young blogger from Bangladesh. His areas of expertise involve Link Building, Article Submission, Web 2, Blog Comments, RSS Submission, Ping, and Link wheel. Therefore, he excels in SEO work. Moreover, the services offered by him are reasonable.

  • Shahadat works on many areas involving Meta Tags, Link Strategies, SEO Techniques, Keyword selection, Link Popularity, etc.
  • He also offers strategic suggestions to help you pace up your blog’s ranking.

4.  Nadir on the Go

Nadir Nibras originally belongs to Bangladesh but has traveled a major part of the world and still continues to do so. He has spent a decade of his life in the US and refuses to reside in a single place. Nadir is among the top travel bloggers in Bangladesh. As for now, Nadir has shared his travel experience in more than 60 countries through his videos. 

  • Nadir shares a variety of content through his blogs like trying different foods and reviewing his cultural experience of the places he visits. His blogs can also be used as a travel guide. 
  • He has collaborated with famous brands and thus makes a good amount of income.
  • Nadir posts content both in Bangla and English on two different YouTube channels. 

5. Shishir Deb

Another famous travel blogger from Bangladesh who has a large list of followers on social media. With more than 600k YouTube subscribers, Shishir has been receiving love from all over the world. He has been exploring places since 2015 but started his journey as a travel vlogger in 2018. 

  • Shishir’s videos are not just entertaining but informative too. You will find details of the places he visits, like bookings, hotels, costs, etc.
  • He is very active and consistent with YouTube and posts a new video every week. 

6. Fahrin Zannat

One of the best food bloggers in Bangladesh, Farhin Zannat, started her youtube journey in 2019, and she has been reaching heights as a food blogger. Farhin has a unique way of presenting her content, and the audience loves it. Farhin receives immense love and appreciation from her followers for not just her content but also for her happy personality. 

  • Farhin Zannat has a growing list of followers, with more than 1.5 million on Facebook and over 590k on YouTube. 
  • Farhin’s husband, Salman Sadi, plays a crucial role in editing and shooting the content she posts. Therefore, they are one of the power couples from Bangladesh. 

7. Nusrat Islam Nikkita

Nusrat Islam Nikkita, aka Zoltan BD, is among the top food bloggers in Bangladesh. Nusrat is an absolute foodie who enjoys exploring different foods from different places. She has always loved exploring food but never planned on making it her career until one of her friends inspired and pushed her to do so. 

  • Nusrat has been receiving love from the audience, and the list of her followers is only growing.
  • She is a very popular Bangladeshi blogger.

8. Ratul Osman

Ratul Osman is one of the most famous tech bloggers from Bangladesh. He has been gaining popularity on his YouTube channel as the number of subscribers has only been rising, and this explains Osman’s passionate love for technology. Ratul runs two channels, one in English and the other one in Bangla. But the purpose and content of both his channels revolve around technology. 

  • He loves to explore new gadgets, and the channel can be a great guide for your decision to make the best tech purchase.
  • You will find reviews of the latest gadgets mainly in his Bangla channel, like smartwatches, ear pods, phones, laptops, etc.
  • Ratul Osman has more than 300k subscribers on YouTube.

9. Sohag Mia

Sohag360 is not just a famous YouTube channel but is also among the oldest in tech blogging. Sohag’s channel is mostly famous for his honest reviews of tech products. Thus, the audience refers to it before making an investment in any tech products. The channel was initially started with a motto only to give tutorial content on tech products. But as soon as the channel gained popularity, its audience started demanding reviews about various products. Hence, the channel now reviews the latest products.

  • Sohag Mia is also the owner of another YouTube channel named “Basic Bhai”. The channel is solely dedicated to tutorial videos.
  • Both his channels are reliable and trustworthy that give honest opinions about tech products.

10.  Velvet Veins

Velvet Veins is one of the most famous Bangladeshi fashion bloggers. She possesses great editing skills and therefore, her content is pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, you will find a wide range of engaging content on her YouTube channel too. She has been following the fashion trend and chooses to go more with neutral fashion rather than bold looks. 

  • If you have been following Velvet Veins for a while now, then you must have seen haul videos, most loved products, and a series of must-have products that she posts about.
  • Her Instagram is full of aesthetic content and she has collaborated with some of the famous brands like Skin Cafe, Noir, Urban Truth, Apex, etc.


1. Who is the famous Bangladeshi Blogger?  

Blogging has been growing as a profession worldwide and there are many famous Bangladeshi Bloggers:

  • Avijit Roy
  • Shahidul Alam
  • Ahmed Rajib Haider
  • Sunny Sanwar
  • Asif Mohiuddin 

2. What is the top travel bloggers in Bangladesh?

Here is the list of the top travel bloggers in Bangladesh:

  • Travel with Shishit Deb
  • BD Travels
  • Araf Intisar Dipto
  • Mr. Mixers world

3. Who is the best tech blogger in Bangladesh?

Some of the best tech Bangladeshi bloggers are:

  • Sohag360
  • Ami Babu
  • Ratul Osman
  • techverse

4. Who is the best lifestyle vlogger in Bangladesh?

Sunehra Tasnim is considered one of the best travel Bangladeshi blogger. He has a massive fan following and people love to watch his travel experience. 

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