10 Tips to Prevent Google Adsense account get Disabled

Google Adsense is the one of best ads network . it is  easiest way to make money by blogging or YouTube. But Its have certain terms and conditions  which has to strictly followed by all the publisher. If publisher don’t follow  terms and conditions might run into the risk of Google Adsense getting banned or Disable from blog. Publisher account Disable rate increases in Bangladesh , India and Pakistan since March 2016.Most of Disable Account are new.So it’s clear that new publisher don’t follow adsense terms and conditions .
If you little bit violates Google’s terms and conditions, than Google Adsense account may be suspended for 30 days .When account had been suspend, find the reason behind that and solve them within 30 days.Otherwise your account may be permanently disabled. The publisher who violates strictly prohibited  terms and conditions, Google close or disabled AdSense account  without any notices or warnings.
These are the simple mistake are enough to banned adsense account. Every publisher avoid following mistake.

Adsense TOS and Stop violating Google Adsense Policies

1. Invalid Click and Ads Impression

Google don’t allow to publisher to  click on the ads on their site or YouTube Channel. Most of new publisher , who start adsense are want to earn lot of money within day. They start to click on own ads or ask their friend to click on Ads. If google adsense detect these type of activity , They can suspend your adsense account.
If Publisher want to click the ads to check the landing pages or view more details about the ads , do this activity without violating Google  term and condition .Publisher Toolbar. The Toolbar will allow you to check the destination of ads on your page without the risk of invalid clicks. You can Install  Publisher Toolbar In Chrome Browser. Google Publisher Toolbar will allow you to check the destination of ads on your page or YouTube Channel without the risk of invalid clicks.

2. Advertisement label

Many Publisher start using Label on ads like Click Here , Recommended for you , etc this also to helped to encourage the click. Some are use  pop up Script to show adsense ads in Pop up to get click on ads. This type of activity totally prohibited by Google. You should avoid this  to secure your account from getting block.

3. Low Quality Websites

Google has become too smart in penalizing your accounts on the basis of each sites.  I had seen in Many causes  Adsense account was disabled from particular site .while Ad serving  was Continued on another site from same  Account. So it’s clear that If A websites have low quality content,  single keyword focused sites, then confirm your AdSense suspense .This occurs with Most Affiliate marketers, as they create websites using single keyword phrases like earn money, health tips etc.

4. Changing the Adsense code

Google has set a limit  to  change Ad code for make change in colour , border and text font . These type modification you can do while you are creating a Ads unit. But some Publisher are Placing  Adsense Image ad unit with the adjacent image. Google TOS doesn’t allow to use of shading  AdSense image ads with the adjacent image.

5. Traffic exchange or Paid Traffic

Many publisher are getting ads click or Impression through Traffic exchange or Paid Traffic. They should know  Google is against using third-party tools or services to increase traffic on site or YouTube channel. Adsense program policies strictly prohibit to artificially generating ad impressions or clicks, including third-party services such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, and click-exchange programs.

6. Copyright infringement

If your content is content protected by copyright law, Google does not allow to place Ad code . If you want to display Ads on these site, you have necessary legal rights to display or direct traffic to that content. Some common examples of copyright content such as  mp3 and video files, television shows and movies, software or crack key .

7. Illegal and Adult Content

You don’t place ad code that site which have link with Illegal content .You may know Publishers  are also not allowed to place ad on sites which contain pornography, adult, or mature content. These content are not allow for Ads :

  • Pornography and  Adult material .
  • Violent content and Racial content.
  • Hacking/Cracking and pirate software
  • Gambling/Casino
  • Selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
  • Pages Related to Weapons and ammunition

8. Place Adsense on unsupported language blog

Your  account may be disable if your are using adsense  to show  ad on the blog whose language don’t supported by Google . If your site support multi language ad serving will be continued in the appropriate language. Here list language support to Google ad.

9. Maximum Ads unit on a single page

Google offer publisher to create 3 different types of ad unit . publisher can place maximum of three content units,  maximum of three link units and two search units  ad on a page .

10. Sending ads on Email

Some publisher start to ads in email . I may be smart and easy task generate click on ad . But these type of activity against the  policies.

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