Top 20 Australian Food Blogs You Should Follow

Australians adore food.They enjoy talking about it, eating it, and viewing it. It follows that it is not surprising to see new food blogs on the internet.

How can you tell which are worthwhile?

Depending on your search criteria. Each food blogger provides something distinctive, whether it is recipes, information on chefs to watch, reviews of the hottest restaurants, suggestions for healthy eating, the newest culinary trends, or a schedule of foodie events.

In order to present you with our favorites, we reviewed a tonne of culinary blogs. Look at these 20 food bloggers who are knowledgeable about what’s happening in the kitchen.

  1.  RecipeTin Eats

supplying innovative new suggestions for quick meals built with simple ingredients. Recipe Tin Eats features hundreds of Nagi’s quick and simple meal recipes that are (usually) nutritious, frugal, and made using common items.

It offers dishes that don’t call for pricey or unusual kitchen supplies. Simply use the items in your refrigerator or pantry; everything else can be purchased at the nearby market. Additionally, this blog contains recipes from all over the world.

  1. Healthy Little Foodies

The blog Healthy Little Foodies is written with babies and young children in mind. All of the recipes on this site include fruits and vegetables, a small amount of salt, and absolutely no refined sugar.

Healthy Eating for Infants and Children. Amy is the voice, photographer, and recipe developer for Healthy Little Foodies. She is originally from Scotland and currently resides in Sydney, Australia, where she currently  runs a successful food blogging site, Healthy Little Foodies, which tries to accommodate the demanding schedule of being a mother.

  1. He Needs Food

He Needs Food includes a variety of food recipes, including those for salads, pasta dishes, desserts, pastries, and much more! It also takes us to various restaurants and eateries in Sydney and other locations around the globe! Recipes, new culinary discoveries, travel advice, and adventures are included in He Needs Food.

Heneedsfood features the musings of a ravenous Sydney urbanite who enjoys fast food, gourmet dining, and everything in between.

  1. A Table For Two | for forever ravenous travellers

From a personal blog to an online journal that celebrates all things food and travel worldwide, A Table For Two has developed and flowered. A Table For Two was started by Billy Law, a Masterchef Australia alumnus and cookbook author, as an intimate personal journal to chronicle Billy’s culinary journey with his life partner, Pete, also known as “The Pom” on this site. It is a compilation of travel and gastronomic exploits meant to awe, educate, and entertain.

  1. A Baking Journey

The author of the Baking Journey blog is Sylvie, who currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. She is an enthusiastic baker who enjoys sharing her go-to recipes and baking advice. Inspired Recipes for All Home Bakers can help you bake your way through life. Discover your new favorite baked products, sweets, and cakes here.

  1. Stonesoup

The benefit of Jules’ blog is that she only posts recipes with six ingredients or less. She wants to greatly simplify everyone’s lives while maintaining their flavor. She also offers advice on substitute items that can be utilized for dietary purposes in place of the “typical.”

It’s all about creating quick and simple, nutritious meals without compromising flavor or turning to processed junk. without spending hours in the kitchen, assisting you in being the healthiest cook you can be is the motive of Stonesoup blogs.

  1. My Goodness Kitchen

This blog can assist you in improving the taste and aesthetic appeal of your vegetables, whether you enjoy them or are a strict vegan. Easy to make and follow, vegan recipes may be found on My Goodness Kitchen. Even those who don’t like vegetables at all may be tempted to try these delicacies because they look so appetizing!

  1. Sugar Salt Magic

You can find everything you need at Sugar Salt Magic. You don’t need to switch between blogs for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner! The majority of the recipes on this page are intended to be “shared” by regular people. You don’t need to be an expert to follow the author of this blog’s directions, though; for the most part, she is self-taught.

Marie is the one behind Sugar Salt Magic. She loves to cook at home particularly dessert and is a food blogger, photographer, animal lover, and rainy day enthusiast. 

  1. Supercharged Food

The major objective of Supercharged Food is to assist people in enhancing their general health. It includes recipes that are meant to strengthen your body without requiring too much effort from you. Even the health-conscious and the diagnosed can eat everything because it is straightforward and simple. The recipe blogs on Supercharged Food are simply ideal for everybody.

  1. Thermo Foodie and The Chef

The foodie and the chef, who together make up Thermo Foodie and The Chef, run the blog. It has basic, wholesome foods that are good for you and are excellent for people who are picky about their diet. Additionally, it provides meal planning that can aid in maintaining a healthy diet.

  1. Nish Kitchen

The author of this site, Rose, was born and raised in India before relocating to Australia in 2006. Her interest in international food actually started when she moved in because it serves both traditional Indian meals and recipes from around the world! There are plenty of recipes on her blog if you enjoy different foods from different cultures and cuisines.

  1. Aussie Keto Queen

The Aussie Keto Queen is designed for anyone who desires to follow a ketogenic diet or simply wants to develop healthy eating habits. The writer, Rachel, has a passion for encouraging others to lead healthy lifestyles and  eat well because she has experienced weight issues in the past as well. She publishes dishes with few carbohydrates on her blog.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Romance

The blog Mr. and Mrs. Romance discusses cuisine, travel, and lifestyle. Jim and Christina, who both enjoy going on adventures, are in charge of running it. They share recipes along with information on the locations they’ve visited, restaurants, and noteworthy sights or experiences they had there.

  1. Healthy GF Asian

The “GF” is Health GF Asian, which stands for Gluten Free here. The blog is gluten-free throughout. plus Asians! Therefore, if you want to switch up your diet from burgers, crab sticks, and BBQ, you might wish to “feel” the nearby continent by preparing some Asian food at home.

  1. Whole Food Bellies

When Donna had a child, she started to become extremely particular about the ingredients she was going to use in her cooking. Therefore, you may see healthy meals in this section that your young children can consume! Additionally, you can find quick recipes here that just require a few ingredients and a limited amount of time to prepare.

  1. Kids Eat by Shanai

Shanai offers wholesome, straightforward, and entertaining dishes on her site that can be served at any event, especially ones with kids. Your family, especially your children, will adore whatever meal you find there because her main goal is to create something that her children will eat.

  1. Melanie Lionello

As a nutritionist, Melanie has a tendency to examine materials at the molecular level. She does not always include recipes for “healthy” foods made with organic or preservative-free ingredients, though. She thinks that occasionally, at least, people just want to YOLO and eat whatever delicious meal they want. Yes, she is correct.

  1. Sugar et al.

The focus of Sugar et al. is sugar! But it also includes recipes for lovely things like spices! Sonali enjoys making cakes and desserts, and despite her desire to keep things simple, she enjoys adding dramatic dripping sauces and imaginative surroundings because it allows her to express herself.

  1. Cook Republic

The majority of the family-friendly recipes on Cook Republic are plant-based, and the blog can be searched by ingredients! That would make it simple to look for a recipe that uses your favorite food or the ingredients you have on hand. 

The site’s creator, Sneh, also enjoys photography, which is clear from reading her blog, discusses food photography and styling seminars, market lovin’, weekend farmgate experiences, and easy-to-make recipes.

  1. Quirky Cooking

As a result of her own health struggles, Jo founded the blog Quirky Cooking, which offers recipes that are suited for those with allergies, intolerances , and other health conditions. There is no dairy, wheat, sugar, or processed foods in the dishes that she wrote in her food blogs

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