Top 50 Australian Bloggers You Need to Follow

If you prefer consuming content online and love to keep yourself abreast of all the latest trends in different spheres of life, then reading blogs should definitely be your thing. There are multiple top-rated bloggers around the world who have so much to share with their followers and viewers in terms of advice, inspiration, hacks and tips. 

With an umpteen number of bloggers competing for your attention, choosing only a handful of them to squeeze into your reading time can be tricky. 

Over the past few years, some Australian bloggers have managed to lead the industry with their thought-provoking and value-laden blogs. So, if you have been looking for the best bloggers to follow, your search will definitely end here. 

Read on to know about the top 50 Australian bloggers who are creating ripples in the blogosphere with their content.

Top 50 Australian Bloggers You Must Follow Today

  1. Yaro StarakIf you do not want to grow your online business, then Yaro Starak is the blogger you need to follow. A millionaire blogger, he helps online entrepreneurs with his innovative laptop lifestyle tips and hacks. 
  2. Tim DenningAn unconventional blogger, Tim helps others with his enriching experience in the sphere of personal development and entrepreneurship through his work at and platforms like LinkedIn and Medium.
  3. Melissa HowA professional marketing consultant and digital marketing expert, Melissa has been inspiring her fans and followers with an innate understanding of technological intricacies and deep knowledge of consumer behaviour, entrepreneurial marketing and strategic planning. 
  4. Joshua SmithBecome a part of Joshua’s 1 million organic visitors. He writes about e-commerce, positive mindset and business. His blogs serve as a learning platform for all budding entrepreneurs.
  5. Donna MoritzAn Australian blogger who is passionate about visual storytelling, Donna helps fellow visual content creators with her informative blogs. 
  6. Jeff BullasRead his phenomenal blogs on popular platforms like Forbes, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times. If you wish to commence your virtual business and propel it towards success using effective digital marketing strategies, then Jeff Bullas is the man to follow. 
  7. Jessica SteinJessica is a famous travel and fashion blogger based in Australia. In her blog Tuula Vintage, she writes and creates awareness about rare chromosome disorders as well. 
  8. Amanda ShadforthAmanda is an extremely talented fashion blogger and is known for her out-of-the-box styling hacks and techniques. Amanda’s blogs have been inspiring global fashionistas quite for some time now.
  9. Rebecca JuddOne of the most prominent Australian bloggers, Rebecca Judd is a Melbourne-based lifestyle and fashion blogger. Bec, as she is popularly known, always shares her experiences through her blogs.
  10. Katrina ChambersKatrina was awarded as the “Top Blogger of the Year” back in 2012. Follow her if you have a knack for interior design and décor. Also, she loves to write about life in general. 
  11. Kayla ItsinesA fitness enthusiast and top-rated blogger, Kayla has motivated uncountable women to embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle. She is the one to follow if you are fed up with your unhealthy lifestyle.
  12. Micah GianneliA fashion Goddess for all the budding fashion influencers out there, Micah brings in aesthetically appealing and quality content through her blogs. Follow her today if you wish to witness her association with the biggies of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. 
  13. Brooke TestoniWant simple yet straightforward fashion inspiration? Follow Brooke, who loves to pour out her knowledge and experience through her words. 
  14. Rob Kiernan: Planning to move to the city of “Down Unders?” Then you must have a look at Rob’s blogs. He offers practical, efficient and crisp tips and advice that will help you shift to any Australian city seamlessly.
  15. Kaitlyn HamKaitlyn Ham is a huge advocate of monochromatic and classic fashion but with a contemporary touch. If you are in search of a similar fashion blogger, then Kaitlyn’s Modern Legacy can definitely keep you sorted.
  16. Nadia BartelAnother popular Australian blogger, Nadia shares her knowledge and experience about different topics like fashion and lifestyle. Her blog-Chronicles of Nadia is dedicated to all those lovely ladies who want to feel confident and look stylish in their personal as well as professional lives.
  17. Katrina SpringerIf you are a homemaker and are in dire need of expert tips on organisational skills, then go follow Katrina’s work – The Organised Housewife. She shares highly practical and life-saving hacks and tips to keep your home organised, all the while managing other responsibilities and chores.
  18. Jessica LaHave a look at Jessica’s blogs if topics like AI, business and tech excite you. Her reviews on productivity tools will help you intensify your productivity manifolds.
  19. Ruchika GuptaOne of the best Australian bloggers, Ruchika educates her followers through her blog – Eyanki Media, to earn money virtually through legit platforms. 
  20. Gabrielle Grace EpsteinEpstein is the blogger you must follow straightaway if exotic travel destinations and fashion hauls and reviews are your things. 
  21. Helen ChikHelen shares first-hand experience in the field of travel, fashion and lifestyle. Follow her blogs to get a sneak peek into her thoughts and beliefs.
  22.  Tara WhitemanIf you love everything bright and colourful, then Tara’s blogs will definitely cheer you up. Follow her for extremely picturesque and appealing blogs that talk about places, people and, of course -food!
  23.  Melanie: Follow Melanie’s passion project- her blog, The Tia Fox, and get a glimpse into her unique and authentic life experiences.
  24.  Johanna Castro: Are you a lady in her fifties with a never-ending thirst for life? Then Castro’s Lifestyle Fifty, a blog about adventures, fashion, guilty pleasures etc., can definitely be your choice.
  25.  Cent MuruganandamCent’s blogs are appealing, skimmable and result-oriented. Follow him if infographics, images and checklists are your things. 
  26.  Chris Walker-BushFollow his blogs-Aussie on the Road, to get a sneak-peek into what an expat goes through, their lifestyle and travelling adventures.
  27. Paolo AvisIf you are planning to migrate to South Australia, do follow his blog – Hey Paolo, where he discusses the real-life issues of living here.
  28.  Jack DelosaLooking for an Australian blogger who can help you with intense coaching marketing tips and enhance sales? Then know the name – Jack Delosa!
  29. Kate WaterhouseThis Australia-based blogger covers all about travelling, fashion and lifestyle trends in Australia.
  30. Shai CogginsFollow Shai Coggins for her impeccable blog content that discusses digital marketing, social media management and blogging.
  31.  Aden HepburnA power-packed hub for all the latest trends in social media, digital marketing, industry news etc., Aden’s blog is truly a value-bomb for digital enthusiasts.
  32.  Emilia RossiFollow her blogs if you want to consume engaging, compelling and fulfilling blogs that keep you motivated and inspired.
  33.  Lisa Hamilton: A casual, fun-filled and engaging blog, See Want Shop by Lisa discusses everything cool and stylish such as smoothie recipes, fashion hacks, date ideas and so on.
  34.  Carmen HamiltonWant to learn new fashion and beauty hacks? Follow Hamilton’s blog Chronicles of Her and educate yourself about such cool stuff.
  35.  Kate Waterhouse: Her blogs not just talk about ethereal beauty, lifestyle, fashion trends but also feature heart-to-heart interviews with celebs. Go follow her if this rings a bell somewhere.
  36.  Peter FritzRead his blogs if you want no-fluff, straightforward and practical content that helps you live your entire life on your own terms, just like Peter does. 
  37.  Alejandra CerballMake your travelling experience all the more fun-filled, cost-effective and comfortable with Alejandra’s blog contents.
  38.  Brent HodgsonGet an edge over your rivals digitally, with effective tips from the eminent marketing trainer and blogger, Brent.
  39.  Max BarryFollow Max, a famous Australian author, right away if you have a knack for political blogs with a hint of humour. 
  40. Greg SavageFollow Greg’s blogs as well as his masterclasses and webinars if you want a deep insight into the world of recruitment practices, leadership guidance and business in general.
  41.  Naomi SimsonA powerful Shark figure, Naomi offers tips for budding entrepreneurs and business owners and shares her first-hand experience as well.
  42.  Kerwin RaeA leading Australian business strategist, Kerwin shares hacks and tips on business growth and development in his blogs.
  43.  Loreena WalshWant to travel with your full family? Subscribe to this blog to get elaborate guides, tips and hacks on planning family trips. 
  44.  Annabel CandyIf you are a woman in your 40s, and do not want to put an end to your funny and adventurous lifestyle, then her blog “Get in the Hot Spot” will definitely keep your passions ignited.
  45.  Brooke SawardIf you crave a picture-perfect blog to satiate your wanderlust, then Brooke’s blog Wanderlust will keep you glued to the screen.  
  46.  Helen Janneson BenseFollow Helen’s blog-GypsyLovinLight if you have a knack for inspirational, fashion-based and travel content.
  47.  Chloe MorelloLooking for an Australian blogger who shares genuine fashion and beauty hacks and tutorials? You will definitely love Morello’s content then!
  48. Alexandra CuthillStart following Cuthill’s blogs if you wish to get a glimpse of all things natural and picturesque travel destinations such as sea beaches.
  49.  Jacquii LieAnother great Australian blogger and freelance writer, Jacquii writes about lifestyle, travel, fashion content, and shares a lot of her personal experience.
  50.  Chris BournelisIf you wish to learn about e-commerce and online marketing and take inspiration from his personal experiences, then join his followers’ list straightaway.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the best Australian bloggers to follow based on your interest and preferences. Follow them, learn from their expertise, grow your business and prosper.


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